Powerpoint Codec Unavailable And Video Not Playing Issues

In the century of videos, a PowerPoint presentation with vivid videos as side dishes does seem a cut above than the old-school ones, it’s not just more impressive and more digestible as well. But you might come across “PowerPoint cannot insert a đoạn clip from the selected file” problem while adding a video to PowerPoint - & the đoạn phim is alright because you’ve checked it already. If you have no idea what gives, but would care for an easy solution, this PowerPoint video converter can be your key to insert videos easily.

Typical Symptoms

Whatever the version it is, PowerPoint supports certain types of đoạn clip formats, thus not all videos can be directly inserted into PowerPoint. Adding unsupported videos into PPTX will bring about error messages like what’s shown on the left picture. But we can still implement the video clip inserting, by changing đoạn clip format lớn a PowerPoint-friendly type, or installing the proper codec as required.

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According lớn Microsoft Office support.office.com:

Supported clip formats: .asf,.avi,.mp4,.m4v,.mov,.mpg or .mpeg,.swf,.wmv.


PowerPoint 2010: .wmv

PowerPoint of later versions: clip encoded with H.264 đoạn clip + AAC audio, wrapped in MP4 container (.mp4)


WonderFox free HD đoạn phim Converter Factory is the best video converter software for PowerPoint, with rich features. 1. Fast & losslessly convert any video to be PowerPoint compatible. 2. Compress video with original unique preserved. 3. Offer beyond 300 formats & presets for devices và platforms. 4. Well-received, clean và plug-in fre.
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Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1. Load Unsupported Videos into the PowerPoint Converter

Install and install WonderFox không lấy phí HD clip Converter Factory, xuất hiện Converter & click “Add Files” button to lớn load videos you want to convert into the program. Then define the output file thư mục at the bottom of the program (inverted triangle icon).

Step 2. Convert Videos khổng lồ PowerPoint đoạn phim Codec

Click on the đầu ra format section on the right side of the main workplace, then click the video clip section from the category box above. Now, if you’re using PowerPoint 2010, click WMV icon to convert videos lớn WMV (WMV2 video/WMAV2 audio by default); If you’re using a later version (2013/2016/etc), click “MP4” icon lớn convert videos to lớn MP4 (H.264 video/AAC audio by default). After that, hit “Run” lớn start the conversion. Once the conversion is down, the output đầu ra videos will be perfectly supported by your PowerPoint, just re-insert và proceed your works.

Installing a codec pack from a third-party source will grant your PC the compatibility to these originally unsupported videos, that compatibility includes: playing; using in programs like PowerPoint, WMP; etc. The recommended codec pack here is K-lite codec pack, it’s one of the best codec packs và its practical & reliable - completely không tính tiền and clean.

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(Compatible with: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10.)

Step 1. Navigate to lớn the safe tải về source: https://www.codecguide.com/download_kl.htm

Step 2. As you can see, four different variants of packs are provided, these packs all include 32-bit và 64-bit codecs for PowerPoint, & the later contains the more comprehensive codec sets. “Basic” pack will suffice in most scenarios, so hit “Download Basis”

Step 3. If there’s any former codec pack, remove it.

Step 4. Launch and install the K-Lite Codec Pack to lớn your Windows PC.

Step 5. Re-insert unsupported videos into PowerPoint, they should be nicely supported this time.

At last...

These two solutions are as easy as you can see, just follow the tutorial to get your problem solved! và you won’t be bothered by some “PowerPoint cannot insert a clip from the selected file” message anymore. Cheers.

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