Afd in schleswig holstein

The Alternative zum Germany (AfD) has lastly thrown the end one of its many controversial figures. Doris von Sayn-Wittgenstein was accused des supporting a gruppe accused des Holocaust denial.

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Germany"s far-right Alternative zum Germany (AfD) has expelled Doris von Sayn-Wittgenstein, the splitter linterparty leader in the north state of Schleswig-Holstein.

A splitterpartei tribunal uncovered that the 64-year-old had actually damaged the party"s reputation von supporting Gedächtnisstätte ("Memorial Site"), in organization accused von Holocaust denial.

Gedächtnisstätte zu sein on a list von organizations the AfD states are incompatible v its very own principles, und is so on die watch list von several domestic intelligence agencies an Germany. The organization was founded an 1992 by Ursula Haverbeck, one von Germany"s most notorious Holocaust deniers, who zu sein currently in prison following repeated offenses.

Sayn-Wittgenstein ausblüten enjoyed the support von Schleswig-Holstein"s regional splitter linterparty only 2 months ago, when she was re-elected splitter linterparty leader, but prominente AfD political leaders on Thursday claimed die expulsion together a sign des their stand against extremism.

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"The decision des the federal party tribunal sends an important signal both to ns AfD und to die public," said jörg Nobis, the splitterpartei parliamentary leader in Schleswig-Holstein. "For members des the AfD there zu sein a red line, crossing which always leads zu ending die membership."

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Kay Gottschalk und Georg Pazderski, both members of the AfD"s national party council, said this was "a great day weil das the AfD."

Sayn-Wittgenstein has said she möchte appeal the decision und that she still considers herself ns state"s splitterpartei leader, a claim the AfD has actually rejected. "Without ns rights of a splitter linterparty member she ist not allowed kommen sie carry out herstellung duties," splitterpartei spokesman Bastian Bafdehrens said.

The state party leader has long been thought about one of the AfD"s many controversial figures. Despite she formerly admitted kommen sie actively sustaining Gedächtnisstätte in 2014, she subsequently distanced herself from the group.

She deshalb denied ever having been a member von the group, though the AfD has said she once claimed she was at a splitterpartei meeting. Speaking kommen sie the dpa news firm on Wednesday, she indirect accused the national party von hypocrisy. "I"d like zu know exactly how the national leadership positions itself towards far-right extremism in general," she said.

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Several other prominente AfD leaders, many notably Björn Höcke, head des the parliamentaryparty an Thuringia, oase been accused des maintaining nearby ties with die far-right.