Apple"s streaming kasten gained the amazon Prime video service in late 2016, while amazonas lost access zu YouTube on its very own Fire TV platform an early 2018.

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Apple and amazon had been clashing on ns issue of amazonas Prime TV support for many years, with amazon going deshalb far as kommen sie pull the apple TV native its united state storefront in 2016, citing potential customer man as to the reason why. Now, in 2018, the launch of amazonas Prime video on the apfel TV has proved to be convenient, where subscribers tun können watch original programming such together The grand Tour.


However, amazonas still has streaming battles to fight, with google announcing an 2017 that it would certainly pull youtube support from Amazon’s Fire TV platform totally from 1 januar 2018. Google isn’t happy that amazon isn’t listing swarm (a Google/Alphabet own company) gadgets on its united state storefront, und had earlier dropped access for Amazon’s Echo show platform prior to announcing that it would eliminate access zum Fire TV owner as well.

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How kommen sie connect your sich entschuldigen TV to your amazon Prime videobilien account

Once did you do it configured your sich entschuldigen TV, you’ll want kommen sie download the amazonas Prime Video apps by selecting ns “App Store” möglichkeit from the apple TV home screen. From there, just search for amazon Prime Video und click “Install” to anfang the download.Once the montage process ist completed, start the amazon Prime videos app und select “Sign In” to affix your existing amazonas Prime video account. Alternatively, freundin can also sign up zum a new amazon Prime videobilien account v the amazonas Prime videobilien app.Once you’re logged in, sie can anfang watching amazonas Prime videos on your apfel TV.

Using in iPhone or iPad kommen sie stream amazon Prime Video

You tun können alternatively usage your iphone or iPad to connect kommen sie your sich entschuldigen TV und watch amazon Prime Video.

Download the amazonas Prime Video apps by selecting die “App Store” auswahl from her phone or iPad residence screen. Indigenous there, simply search for amazon Prime Video und click “Install” to start the download.Once the montage process is completed, beginning the amazon Prime videos app und select “Sign In” to connect your existing amazonas Prime videos account. Alternatively, freundin can also sign up for a new amazonas Prime video account v the amazon Prime videobilien app.Make certain your device ist on ns same wifi network as your apfel TV.Once you’re logged in to the amazon Prime video app, choose the movie or nur you’d like to watch and press beat on her device.Tap on die video and use ns “Airplay” button in the top right hand corner zu select your apple TV.The show or video will jetzt play on your TV.

Read more about amazonas Prime videobilien prices und plans here.

About apfel TV

The price for a new sich entschuldigen TV starts from around $199 zum the conventional 32GB 4th generation model. You kann buy it online through die official apple store, bei select sleeve stores or über calling Apple.

How kommen sie set up apfel TV (4th generation)

Connect your apple TV to your television and turn the on. Wait till your apfel TV shows the setup screen.Click the touch surface of your apfel TV remote kommen sie connect it to your new apfel TV.Follow die on-screen prompts kommen sie configure ns settings des your apple TV.Connect any extr iOS devices von following die on-screen actions (optional).Once configuration has completed, you can anfang using your apfel TV!

In what regions is amazonas Prime videobilien available on apple TV?

You kann watch amazonas Prime video on sich entschuldigen TV bei over 100 nations worldwide, including Canada.

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What’s the resolution for amazon Prime videobilien on apfel TV?

A number of factors affect what resolution you tun können stream amazon Prime Video an on apfel TV. Zuerst off, it’s essential to grad that the zuerst two generations of sich entschuldigen TV do notfall support amazon Prime Video. For sich entschuldigen TV 4K, you kann sein stream in SD, HD and UHD/HDR, while third generation sich entschuldigen TV’s support SD und HD.

Just due to the fact that the sich entschuldigen TV ist capable des streaming at a certain resolution doesn’t typical it always will. You’ll require a sufficiently fast Internet connection kommen sie stream punkt HD und UHD/HDR.

Subtitles and audio

Subtitles and captions for amazonas Prime video on apple TV room displayed bei the lower half of ns screen. Zu turn on subtitles, press play on her video and navigate to the “Menu” and select “Subtitles” in the amazonas Prime App.


Are you having trouble watching amazonas Prime video on your apfel TV? inspect these FAQs zum solutions to common problems.

If you’re having trouble connecting your apple TV to amazon Prime Video, try the following:

Reset your apfel TV. Unplug it from ns wall for fünfzehn seconds.Test the internet network from die settings food selection on your sich entschuldigen TV.Check for sich entschuldigen TV software updates.Close und reopen the amazon Prime videos application.

To change amazon Prime video accounts, you’ll first have to deregister your apple TV. To do so, login to your amazon account and navigate kommen sie Manage your Content und Devices (can be found in the footer of the page). Choose Devices > Actions > Deregister.

Once sie deregister a maker from your amazonas account, all inhalt will be gotten rid of from the device, und many damit verbundenen features will no much longer work. However, freundin can still access and download your purchases an the Cloud.

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After this, you’ll be able kommen sie register your TV utilizing a different username and password on die app’s sign-in menu.