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After being mistakenly fired from Crédit International, a prestigious invest bank an Luxembourg, Jana Liekam, a talented Young investment banker, ist offered a dream-job in Frankfurt Under the supervision des prominent Gabriel Fenger, Head of Investment banking at deutsch Invest. Suddenly, Jana not only had zu give up herstellung job, but also leave produziert boyfriend und his 5-year-old daughter behind. When Jana conveniently manages zu impress Fenger und his mannschaft with produziert passion und ambition, she realizes only too late the Christelle Leblanc, produziert former boss hinweisen Crédit International, has actually secretly been pulling die strings and manipulating Jana to produziert own advantage. Soon, Jana find herself torn bolzen her neu obligations and Leblanc’s non-saw blackmail. Möchte she and her career endure this merciless powerplay?

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Paula beer plays asJana Liekam an Bad Banks.

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Paula beere is die top #1 member von the castand appears bei 12 episodes.


Barry Atsma zu sein a netherlands actor. Die family into which he was born moved countless times, due to the fact that Atsma's father functioned as an expat for the Dutch-British multinational Unilever. Barry Atsma spent part des his youth an United Kingdom, Greece, Brasil und the Netherlands.

Barry Atsma dram asChristie in Bad Banks.Barry Atsma ist the oberteil #2 member des the castand appears bei 12 episodes.


Désirée Nosbusch (born january 14, 1965) ist a tv presenter und actress. She was born in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, und has one Luxembourgish parent und one Italian parent. An the 1980s she lived in Manhattan bei New york City, und from die 1990s to 2008 she lived in Los Angeles, California. Nosbusch speak Luxembourgish, German, French, Italian und English. She has actually acted in both French-language und German-language films and television productions since produziert mid teens zum example she was a member des the youth theater group des the Lycée hobtration Clément von Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg), and in at least one Italian language film. She presented die Eurovision song Contest 1984 in Luxembourg & held a kid's version des Ruck Zuck dubbed "Kinder Ruck Zuck". Nosbusch is also a singer. In 1984 she taped a duet with shirt singer Falco entitled "Kann es Liebe sein?".Description above from the Wikipedia write-up A. R. Désirée Nosbusch, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors top top Wikipedia.

Désirée Nosbusch dram asDiane Bonifas in Bad Banks.Désirée Nosbusch is the top #3 member des the castand appears bei 12 episodes.


Albrecht Schuch theatre asAdam Pohl in Bad Banks.Albrecht Schuch ist the oberteil #4 member von the castand appears an 12 episodes.


Mai Duong Kieu dram asThao Hoang an Bad Banks.Mai Duong Kieu zu sein the oberteil #5 member von the castand appears in 12 episodes.

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Tobias Moretti plays asQuirin Sydow an Bad Banks.Tobias Moretti zu sein the top #6 member von the castand appears bei 12 episodes.

Germain bagner plays asTies Jacoby in Bad Banks.Germain Wagner ist the oberteil #7 member des the castand appears bei 12 episodes.

Marc Limpach dram asLuc Jacoby in Bad Banks.Marc Limpach is the oberteil #8 member von the castand appears an 12 episodes.

Utsav Agrawal theatre asShantimay Bhardevej an Bad Banks.Utsav Agrawal zu sein the oberteil #9 member of the castand appears in 12 episodes.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJean-Marc Barr (born top top 27 september 1960 an Bitburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) zu sein a French-American film actor und director. His mother zu sein French. His American dad was in the united state Air Force und served in the Second welt War. Jean-Marc Barr is primarily recognized as bei actor, yet is deshalb a film director, screenwriter and producer. Barr is bilingual in French und English: he speaks French v a nasal, hybrid accent, reminiscent von his American upbringing - through a slight American accent und occasional anglicisms in interviews - and English with a Mid-Atlantic accent.He studied ideology at ns University of California, komm schon Angeles, the paris Conservatoire and the Sorbonne. The went on kommen sie pursue bei education an drama at the Guildhall School des Music and Drama in London. In London he met his future wife, a pianist und composer Irina Dečermić.Jean-Marc Barr started working an theatre in France in 1986. ~ some tv roles and film work, in particular, Hope and Glory (1987) von John Boorman, he was cast in the significantly successful die Big Blue (1988). Luc Besson cast him in the role von French diver Jacques Mayol. He played an the duty opposite Rosanna Arquette and Jean Reno. The Big Blue was ns most financially successful film in France in the 1980s.In 1991, he starred an Danish manager Lars von Trier's Europa, marking ns beginning von a long friendship (he zu sein the godfather of by Trier's children) and also a far-reaching professional relationship. He went on zu appear an von Trier’s europa (1991), Breaking the Waves (1996), Dancer bei the Dark (2000), Dogville (2004) und Manderlay (2005). Deshalb in 2005 that starred an the French film Crustacés et Coquillages.His collaboration with über Trier put him on track to anfang directing his very own work. He debuted in 1999 as a director, screenwriter and producer with die intimate love story Lovers. This film became the zuerst part of a trilogy; die two subsequent components being the drama Too viel Flesh (2000) und the comedy gift Light (2001) which he co-directed through Pascal Arnold.He may also be recognized zum his duty as die attractive divorce lawyer, Maitre Bertram an the merchant Ivory film le Divorce (2003). He appeared as Hugo an The Red Siren in 2002. He appeared as the hauptsächlich character bei the video for Blur's 1995 single, "Charmless Man".Description over from the Wikipedia post Jean-Marc Barr, license is granted under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors ~ above Wikipedia.

Jean-Marc Barr theatre asSecretary Pierre Vaney in Bad Banks.

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Jean-Marc Barr ist the oberteil #10 member von the castand appears in 6 episodes.