Beats Solo 3 Verbinden

If freundin wan to connectyour beats wireless headphones or earphones to your fenster 10 computer yet don’t understand how, don’t worry, you’ve kommen sie to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn:

How zu pair win wireless with windows 10

Make sure your win wireless headphones or earphones space turned off.Hold down ns power taste for about 5 seconds until you lakers the indicator irradiate flashes. It’ll make her Beats discoverable.On your computer keyboard, drücken sie the Windows logo design key

and Ikey at die same time zu go zu Windows Settings.


Du schaust: Beats solo 3 verbinden


Select Bluetooth & other devicesin the left pane, thentoggle on ns Bluetooth button.


Select Bluetooth.

Select her Beats wireless from die list des all found Bluetooth devices, then follow any type of other on-screen instructions.

What to do if fenstern can’t find your to win wireless

If your pc can’t find your beats wireless, below are part methods for you kommen sie solve die problem. Sie don’t schutz to try them all; nur work your means down the list until sie find ns one that works zum you.

Method 1: turn off Bluetooth in every maker your win wireless oase connected to

When freundin turn on her Beats wireless headphones or earphones, they instantly reconnect to the device you belastung used with them.If her Beats belastung connected zu a different machine than her computer, you kann sein turn turn off Bluetooth in every machine they have connected to, then repeat the steps inHow zu pair win wireless with fenstern 10to aid solve ns problem.

Method 2: organize down her Beats’ power button for a longer time

When trying to turn on her Beats wireless, you can hold down ns power taste for a longer time bei order zu connect to fenstern 10, an some instances up to 10 seconds. It worked weil das many people who had trouble connecting their Bluetooth audio devices kommen sie PC.

Method 3: enable your Bluetooth treiber via an equipment Manager

Some people can’t reconnect their Bluetooth headphones to PC because their Bluetooth treiber is disabled. Manually allowing the driver via Device manager would fix die issue:

On PC, right-click die Start button, then choose Device Manager.

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Expand ns Bluetooth entry, or Sound, video and game controllers, to find your Beats.

If a down arrow icon ist marked on her Beats, you should right-click on your device, and select Enable device.

Method 4: upgrade your Bluetooth driver

A missing or outdated Bluetooth treiber may deshalb stop your computer system from detecting your Beats wireless. Freundin should upgrade your Bluetooth driver und see if this help fix the problem.

If freundin don’t schutz the time, patience or computer skills kommen sie update her Bluetooth treiber manually, you tun können do it automatically with Driver Easy. You don’t need kommen sie know precisely what system your computer ist running, you don’t need kommen sie risk downloading and installing the wrong driver, and you nothing need kommen sie worry about making a mistake wie installing. Treiber Easy handle it all.

Run driver Easy und clickScan Now. Treiber Easy wollen then scan your computer and detect any belästigung drivers.

Hopefully this tun können help freundin out.

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