Black Sabbath Tour 2016 Deutschland

Fan-filmed video footage von BLACK SABBATH"s June 8 performance at Waldbühnein in Berlin, Germany tun können be checked out below.

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The band"s setlist was as follows:

01. Black Sabbath02. Fairies wear Boots03. ~ Forever04. Into ns Void05. Snowblind06. Zu sein Pigs07. Behind ns Wall of Sleep08. N.I.B.09. Hand Of Doom10. Kommission Salad11. Iron Man12. Dirty Women13. Children of The Grave


14. Paranoid

Nearly five years to die day that the legendary BLACK SABBATH announced they would certainly be reforming, the maßband will pat their belastung show ever in the U.S. November 12 weist AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.

This just-announced performance ist one von three headlining arena concerts the eis has included to the final phibìc American leg des their substantial 2016 "The End" world tour. The neu shows are november 8 at BOK Center an Tulsa, Oklahoma; november 10 weist Toyota Center an Houston, Texas; and November 12 at AT&T Center an San Antonio, Texas. This dates und the previously announced headlining slot hinweisen this year"s 20th anniversary celebration des Ozzfest (Saturday, september 24 at ns Ozzfest Meets Knotfest double-header music und lifestyle weekend) kommen sie at the end of the band"s phibìc American tour, i beg your pardon kicks off august 17 punkt Nikon At jones Beach Theater bei Wantagh, new York. The 2016 "The End" welt tour and the Ozzfest Meets Knotfest room both produced von Live Nation.

The biggest metal maßband of all time — Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar) and Geezer Butler (bass) — are currently on tour an Europe zum a mix des summer headlining und festival performances, prior to returning kommen sie North America in August. Instantly following the november U.S. Shows, BLACK SABBATH will head zu Mexico und then southern America wherein they möchte wrap trost their 2016 dates.

BLACK SABBATH zu sein selling a neu limited-edition CD titled "The End" at die shows top top its bye tour. Ns disc attributes four previously unheard studio monitor left off the band"s 2013 reunion album, "13", as well as direkt versions des four songs from ns world tour the eis did an support von that disc.

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The four studio cuts space "Season des The Dead", "Cry every Night", "Take Me Home" and "Isolated Man". They feature drums von Brad Wilk.

The live tracks, v drumming native Tommy Clufetos, space "God is Dead?", "Under die Sun", "End of The Beginning" und "Age des Reason". The direkte cuts to be recorded in Sydney, Australia, Auckland, neu Zealand and Hamilton, Ontario.

Wilk und Clufetos had zu get associated after founding SABBATH drummer Bill Ward withdrew from ns reunion after at first agreeing zu participate an it.

"13", the zuerst SABBATH full-length studio album bei 35 years zu feature original members Geezer Butler (bass), Tony Iommi (guitar) and Osbourne, also became SABBATH"s erste No. 1 album in the U.S. Wie it was released in June 2013. The maßband abandoned plans zum a follow-up ~ deciding that the current trek would be that last.

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