Brett Pitt Filme Liste

Brad Pitt ist one von the many iconic American actors today. At the same time revered weil das his good looks and depth as bei actor, Pitt ist at the top des his game in 2019. Bei this list, we’re going to rank die best Brad Pitt movies.

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The ranking von these films are in regards zu their quality and impact, notfall Brad Pitt’s performance. But every film on ns list functions Pitt in a substantial if notfall starring role.

Before us dive into die list von his ideal movies, let’s look at at the role he won the Academy Awards weil das Best sustaining Actor bei Once upon a Time…in Hollywood.



The intonation of Brad Pitt’s voice in the role des Aldo Raine in Inglourious Basterds(2009) zu sein nothing short von masterful. An the scene above, that pronounces numerous words through a special focus on the zuerst syllable. Like wie man he claims that Nazis need zu be DE-stroyed.

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This movie zu sein seriously elevated über Pitt’s performance. His pronunciation des Italian is also hilarious. Tell er goodbye und he’ll respond with in unconvincing a-riv-a-duhr-chee.


Inglourious Basterds

“You probably heard we ain"t bei the prisoner-takin" business, we bei the killin" nazi- business. And cousin, business is a-boomin".”

Although Brad Pitt is just one piece in the ensemble cast of The large Short(2015), it’s definitely worth including on this list. The huge Short has actually a gewächs of fun in telling die story des the 2008 financial crisis. However Pitt’s character, previous trader Ben Rickert, yes, really grounds the tragedy of the events von the film.

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In the scene above, the reminds us that also though shorting ns predatory and ignorant stocks wollen result bei huge payouts, that will blieb come at ns expense of ordinary people. By this, that reminds us that this no a victory story around overcoming ns established elite, the a cautionary story about ns pursuit of unnecessary power.