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Article über Stephanie Beck, Nils Scharff, and Sam Winebaum

Brooks Ghost 14 ($130)



Sam: ns Ghost ist one des Brooks’ most famous trainers. A neutral sub 10 oz neutral shoe through a 12mm autumn it tun können be called, offered the entwickeln of running shoes, traditional bei geometry. Quite frankly, I schutz never gained along that well v the model remembering stubborn versions, for sure versions, some v dense and suffocating uppers and in the 13 (RTR Review) getting away from die overly thick uppers but ending hoch with a an extremely soft, flexibel mushy forefoot which a firm outsole do the efforts to zurück up, und not so well as that.

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The Ghost 14 retains almost exactly the same 9.88 oz /280g us men’s 9 weight, die big 12mm drop, und as much as we know die full 35mm hoe /23m forefoot stack so remains unchanged. 


The upper is similar to die 13’s but is now a however softer an ext pliable engineered mesh with no overlays beyond ns logo und 3D published shapes towards die rear von the shoe dafür as to provide some lace up and rear collar structure.

It does see changes underfoot, part significant. Instead of doppel density midsole through softer DNA Loft on the lateral side und firmer BioGoMoDNA an ext medially, its midsole is now completely DNA Loft. I sat up when i read this dreading a yet softer mushier midsole but was curious as in 2021 Brooks has actually 2 flavors von DNA Loft in addition kommen sie regular v1: DNALoft v2 a firmer an ext responsive flavor bei the follow Cascadia 16 (RTR Review) which every our testers loved and Loft v3 a supercritical really light and energetic flavor in the Aurora-BL (RTR Review), a insanity innovative and light max cushion trainer. The 14 has the regular or probably a v1.x flavor. I say 1.x as Brooks never says viel if anything past marketing words about their foam.

More plainly seen ist that die midsole geometry changes with what appears kommen sie be a more comprehensive rear and mid fuß platform and more vertical side walls.


While die outsole appears quite similar ich immediately listed a an ext filled in less segmented medial forefoot. This was promising together it appeared this more extensive coverage might aid stabilize the forefoot und give it much more pop. 

Finally die Ghost 14 is the brand's zuerst carbon neutral shoes incorporating recycled materials, assessment of manufacturing, und using well vetted carbon offsets together part von a much more general initiative at Brooks to oase net carbon zero emissions von 2040



Sam/Nils/Steph: gains snap und response: blieb soft and now every DNA Loft, yet no longer has actually a mushy overly flexibel forefoot

Sam/Nils/Steph: Simple, comfortable upper with mostly efficient hold

Sam/Steph: well balanced, smooth täglich training ride

Sam: Brooks erste carbon neutral run shoe.


Nils/Sam: If freundin need security search what else, like ns GTS versions von Launch und Glycerin

Sam: Unstructured front of upper might use a gusset tongue for better former lockdown

Sam: young sizing issues: might run für hilfe size small zum somewhat large feet, true kommen sie size for narrow feet.

Nils: that my zuerst 12mm drop shoes - would love if die Ghost had actually less.



Approx. Weight:  9.88 oz /280g US9  / women's 9 oz / 255g

Samples: men’s 9.88 oz /280g US9; 10.72 oz / 304g US10.5

women’s 10.01oz/284g US11

Drop: 12mm 

Available July 1st, 2021. $130

Tester Profiles
Steph (Colorado) ist contributor Jeff Beck's better half, und is a former fit For Mom/Run society instructor. She splits her 20-30 weekly miles bolzen the road und treadmill, and occasionally it s okay off roadway onto die trails around Denver. If Steph largely runs weil das fun, she has run a handful of 5K, 10K, and half marathons, und her PRs room 23:03 5K, 49:28 10K, und 1:48:30 HM. She's run one Ragnar relay event, und swears it'll never take place again because of how much more she enjoys sleep than running weist 3 a.m.

Nils:  30 year old. Heilbronn, Germany. Mine young running career nur started 4 years earlier with a agency run which ich joined in addition to some colleagues bei 2017. Ich ran roughly 1000km an my first year, doubled and then tripled the number in 2018 and 2019. I've run 4 marathons zu date v a PR von 2:57 marathon. My other PRs space 17:32 zum the 5k, 37:33 zum 10k and 1:22 weil das the half.

Sam is the Editor and Founder des Road trail Run. He zu sein 64 with a 2018 3:40 boston qualifier. Sam has to be running for over 48 years and has a 2:28 marathon PR. This days he operation halves in the just sub 1:40 variety training 30-40 miles von week mostly punkt moderate paces on the roads und trails of new Hampshire and Utah. He is 5’9” tall and weighs about 164 lbs if he zu sein not enjoying to many good New england IPA.

First Impressions, Fit, and Upper


Sam: mainly two tones of lighter gray v a equivalent conservative blue weil das the logo und with a hint des red from ns outsole, the look zu sein conservative and classy with ns three colors an extremely vaguely reminding von 1970’s Tiger Cortez but with gray instead des white zum the main upper. Die functional 3D printed pattern adds intuitive depth und is fine done.

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My sample pair was a US9, deshalb half hoch from my normal. The rechts was close to true zu size zum width top top my more comprehensive left foot und a touch too roomy on my narrower right. Ns length was nur about right for both dafür they may run a touch short.


The toe box is unstructured, past a fairly high toe bumper stiffener to run past ns reflective highlights. Ns toe box has many (too much for me) over die toes room. 


The mesh is soft and very pliable if not super thin. Ns midfoot hold ist just good as ist the center padded and not too many soft tongue. 

Beyond that, the mesh zu sein softer und more pliable with ns toe kasten similar to die Ghost 13 in fit: comfort oriented, an extremely decently broad, higher volume but not exactly a performance locked under fit. 


There is no elastic gusset connecting tongue to midsole und I think one is needed to help secure ns front.


The rear host again zu sein very comfortable, an ext than adequate an hold but notfall exactly locked down as that feels zu me the fuß entry zu sein a touch auch broad at ns rear however they sure room easy kommen sie put on. First try on impressions room very, an extremely good, maybe auch good!


Brooks clearly was seeking a great step an feel, a comfortable pressure free hold, a near broad (mainly due to the materials) rather unstructured toe kasten fit, and very heavy breathability. And wides are deshalb available. 

All des the foregoing is well executed, choose a fine slipper the runs however those expecting a snugger more performance oriented rechts won’t uncover it here and so much I am seeing this upper as best suited zu easier jeden tag miles, recovery runs, und long runs, again punkt moderate paces. No tempo runs weil das me in the Ghost.


Steph: As ns only woman reviewer weil das this shoe, I have to to speak my erste impression of this shoe was, “WOW!” I schutz known a lot of frau runners who room tried-and-true Brooks fans und as a primarily new Balance gal, ich was really impressed. 

The Ghost 14 is a straightforward looking shoe, not a last of bells and whistles. However, there is something zu be claimed about black with a pop of bright warm pink that provides this shoe aesthetically pleasing. Ns Ghost 14 ist not a clunky feather shoe zu me, looking an extremely similar to my new Balance 1080. Ich received a women's dimension US11 and in hand the feels like a nice irradiate shoe. 

The fit was perfect! Plenty des room bei the toes box, the support bei the mid-foot felt fantastic, and the extra cushion bei the heel was divine! There were no issues with my bunion, no hoe slip, and no rubbing almost everywhere on my foot. I was blown away!

Nils: if Sam’s colorway is more subtle, i was happy enough kommen sie draw a much more vibrant one. Ns aquatic blue looks like summer to me and the orange applications produce a quite contrast. And the shoes feels exactly how it aussehen - nice und comfy. 


My united state 10.5 fits true kommen sie size with enough room in all areas. Die padding feels great und is possibly overdone a little. But ich get it. If you buy a Ghost freundin probably just have one to run shoe an your closet - and this one needs kommen sie feel an excellent everytime sie step in. Die upper mesh ist stretchy and for mine narrower foot a little loose roughly mid- und forefoot. Yet I can see that it should fit most feet quite well.



Sam: ns midsole is now 100% DNA Loft with the geometry said von Brooks zu be modified zum smoother transitions. Previously die lateral side von the midsole was Loft with the medial BioMoGoDNA. Mine sense is that either die DNA Loft here is a touch firmer or die outsole a touch softer in combination with its new less segmented pattern, or perhaps both, as die odd disconnect trost front in the Ghost 13 of a really soft mushy outsole und relatively firm und sharply contrasting an feel outsole ist gone.

The DNA Loft here is soft yes however it has plainly improved rebound contrasted to the Ghost 13 and for sure is more lively 보다 Saucony’s denser firmer PWRUN, Nike’s react or adidas Lightstrike. That approaches ns bounce von say PWRUN+ a TPU zutat but through a lighter feel. That does not quite obtain to the supercritical springy feel of Puma’s Nitro, Skechers Hyperburst or Brooks very own DNA Loft v3 in the Aurora-BL or Nike’s ZoomX.

All of this said it is a soft forgiving foam, a little softer than i prefer however one that has notfall left me bogged down hinweisen slower paces as die Ghost 13 clearly did.


The midsole geometry zu sein changed zum what Brooks calls out together “smoother transitions”. Again marketing meets reality.


The hoe landing on what appears zu be broader more bulbous geometry is particularly forgiving yet steady as well and this was especially provided on steep downhills.


I stated stable at die heel, und that is the case, but in its entirety this neutral shoe und its soft ride and unstructured upper will likely not be ideal zum over pronators.

Steph: die Ghost 14 absolutely go out me far on my first run bei them. The been around a decade since i last ran in Brooks, at die time they offered ns right amount von support zum my feet, yet they were way too firm zum me. 

Not dafür for the Ghost 14, yes sir plenty des cushioning and protection zum my feet. Ich actually opted zu try them without my normalerweise orthotic inserts because ns amount des stability ich felt just walking around die house an them was amazing. Over there isn’t as viel spring as my usual jeden tag trainer Nike ZoomX Invincible und it no feel quite as cushioned as the neu Balance 1080, yet I gott past all that pretty easily once ich focused on just how great die shoe felt.

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Nils: As sam describes it, the DNA Loft has a unique soft and energetic feel to it. Especially the heel with its viel more cushion (compared to the forefoot) yes, really feels bouncy. 

But as already mentioned I’m not used to this high des a drop. Und while die shoe ist relatively stable zum what the is, it’s nur not ns best choice zum me as bei overpronator. Ns soft heel, while feeling great, nur doesn’t administer enough stability for me. 

At the same time die forefoot feels virtually firm because of the substantial stack difference from heel zu toe. The isn’t in reality - but it feeling a wenig unbalanced compared to the heel. I would love to oase the precise same shoe with an 8mm autumn - that would be a killer!



Sam: ns outsole shows up to schutz 2 densities des rubber: ns lateral “L” shape is firm und very durable with all die rest des the outsole a softer rubber.