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L>13-3623 - boy or vulnerable adult abuse; emotional abuse; classification; exceptions; definitions

13-3623. Son or breakable adult abuse; bewegt abuse; classification; exceptions; definitions

A. Under circumstances likely zu produce death or significant physical injury, any person who causes a boy or delicate adult kommen sie suffer physical injury or, having die care or custody of a kid or breakable adult, who reasons or patent the personen or health of the son or vulnerable adult zu be hurt or who causes or patent a son or delicate adult to be placed an a situation where the personen or health des the son or vulnerable adult zu sein endangered zu sein guilty of bei offense together follows:

1. If done purposely or knowingly, die offense zu sein a klasse 2 felony and if the victim is under fifteen years of age it zu sein punishable pursuant zu section 13-705.

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2. If excellent recklessly, ns offense is a klasse 3 felony.

3. If excellent with criminal negligence, ns offense ist a class 4 felony.

B. Under circumstances other than those likely to produce fatality or significant physical injury to a kid or vulnerable adult, any person who reasons a boy or breakable adult to suffer physics injury or abuse or, having the care or custody of a boy or fragile adult, who causes or permits the person or health des the child or vulnerable adult zu be injured or who reasons or permits a son or fragile adult kommen sie be placed in a situation where the personen or health von the child or breakable adult is endangered zu sein guilty of in offense as follows:

1. If done purposely or knowingly, the offense zu sein a class 4 felony.

2. If done recklessly, die offense ist a klasse 5 felony.

3. If excellent with criminal negligence, the offense is a class 6 felony.

C. For the purposes of subsections A and B of this section, die terms endangered and abuse include yet are not limited to circumstances an which a child or delicate adult zu sein permitted to enter or remain bei any structure or vehicle in which volatile, toxizität or flammable chemistry are discovered or equipment ist possessed von any person weil das the purpose of manufacturing a danger drug bei violation des section 13-3407, subsection A, paragraph 3 or 4. Notwithstanding any other provision des this section, a violation committed under the circumstances described in this subsection does not require the a person have care or custody of the son or fragile adult.

D. A person who deliberately or intentional engages an emotional abuse des a breakable adult who ist a patient or resident in any setting bei which wellness care, health-related service or help with one or more des the activities of täglich living ist provided or, having die care or custody von a vulnerable adult, who deliberately or knowingly topics or permits ns vulnerable adult zu be subjected to emotional abuse ist guilty von a class 6 felony.

E. This section does notfall apply to:

1. A health treatment provider as defined in section 36-3201 who permits a patient to ns or the patient"s condition zu deteriorate von not offering health care if that die geduld refuses that care directly or indirectly v a health treatment directive as defined in section 36-3201, through a surrogate pursuant kommen sie section 36-3231 or through a court appointed guardian as provided for in title 14, thing 5, short article 3.

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2. A fragile adult who zu sein being furnished spiritual treatment with prayer alone and who would not otherwise be considered to be abused, neglected or intimidated if clinical treatment to be being furnished.

F. Weil das the purposes des this section:

1. "Abuse", wie used bei reference kommen sie a child, method abuse as defined bei section 8-201, except weil das those acts in the justiz that are declared unlawful von another statute of this location and, wie man used in reference zu a fragile adult, means:

(a) intentional infliction von physical harm.

(b) Injury caused von criminally negligent plot or omissions.

(c) Unlawful imprisonment, together described in section 13-1303.

(d) sexual abuse or sex-related assault.

2. "Child" means in individual who zu sein under eighteen years des age.

3. "Emotional abuse" method a pattern von ridiculing or demeaning a fragile adult, do derogatory remarks to a vulnerable adult, verbally harassing a breakable adult or threatening kommen sie inflict physical or bewegt harm ~ above a breakable adult.

4. "Physical injury" means the impairment des physical condition und includes any skin bruising, press sores, bleeding, failure to thrive, malnutrition, dehydration, burns, fracture von any bone, subdural hematoma, soft organization swelling, injury to any interior organ or any kind of physical problem that imperils health or welfare.

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5. "Serious physics injury" method physical injury the creates a reasonable risk von death or that causes serious or permanent disfigurement, severe impairment des health or ns or protracted impairment von the function von any bodily body organ or limb.

6. "Vulnerable adult" means in individual who zu sein eighteen years of age or older and who zu sein unable kommen sie protect himself from abuse, ignore or exploitation by others because of a psychological or physics impairment.