Corona europa aktuelle zahlen is a europe mortality security activity, aiming kommen sie detect und measure overabundance deaths related zu seasonal influenza, pandemics and other public health and wellness threats.

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Official national mortality statistics are detailed weekly from die 29 European nations or subnational regions bei the cooperation network, supported von the european Centre zum Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) und the world Health company (WHO), and hosted über Statens Serum Institut, Denmark. pooled estimates show in elevated level des excess mortality

This week’s overall pooled estimates of all-cause mortality zum the participating European countries show bei elevated level des excess mortality. This falls an line with ns continued excess mortality weist low level an the europe pooled approximates over die past few months, influence all age groups from fünfzehn years und above. An particular, Ukraine is currently suffering a an extremely substantial excess mortality and has reported high numbers of covid19 related deaths.

Data indigenous 26 European nations or subnational regions were included in this week’s pooled analysis des all-cause mortality.

Note on’s basic role in the analysis of underlying causes des excess mortalityAs collection routine data on all-cause mortality only, yet no info on certain causes of death, no one any charme on other factors that might be associated with observed mortality signals,’s outputs do not allow particular conclusions around underlying causes of changing mortality levels per se.Never die less, an the existing context von COVID-19, mortality patterns kann sein be expected kommen sie fluctuate together a consequence des changing covid19 transmission levels und the various preventive actions that schutz been installed and lifted intermittently in the participating nations during the kurse of 2020 and 2021.

Note about ns presentation of säule from GermanyNational säule representing all of Germany space part of the pooled analysis. Data from the subnational regions of Berlin und Hesse are deshalb provided and will be bezeichnen separately through their z-scores graphs, in addition kommen sie national-level charme from Germany, however they are not included an the pooled analysis.

Note about the presentation of säule from UkraineNational charme representing Ukraine are provided weekly kommen sie, however, only säule for all ages, however not zum the standard age groups presented über Therefore, charme from Ukraine cannot be included in the europe pooled analysis, but wollen be shown with their z-score graph for all ages. Work zu sein ongoing to provide ns weekly data von age kopieren, gruppe as well.

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Note ~ above interpretation of data: die number of deaths shown zum the three many recent weeks should be taken with caution, as adjustments zum delayed registrations might be imprecise. Furthermore, results of pooled analyses may vary escape on nations included in the weekly analyses. Pooled analyses are adjusted for variation between the included countries and for differences bei the regional delay bei reporting

About network dünn sharing und collaboration

During ns current covid19 pandemic, die info on that mortality impact is of major concern. Die network hub receives countless questions about the weekly mortality charme we present, and requests kommen sie share the underlying national data. While the network fully supports säule sharing, die network hub ist not mandated über the participating countries zu release any national data. If sie are interested in accessing national data, please technique countries individually.

The network welcomes participation with external partners, e.g. Around additional analyses und modelling kommen sie be performed. If you are interested in engaging with the network about any together collaboration, you re welcome forward your ideas to die hub, weil das wider sharing and dialogue with the network.

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