Cowboy E Bike Kaufen

Along ns noble road to a mindful mind, a vision zum how you move ist on die scene. Meet the shasheelamotors.com4 together it takes the connected electrical bike to neu heights. Mount up, journey 4



A an easy pshasheelamotors.comh von the pedal, und intuition gains new meaning as die motor"s torque senses your force and the speed you need. Die carbon belt spans smoothly, as does the road prior to you. A newfound freedom an a city wilder than sie once thought. 4 e-bikeBreak Free



With her phone docked in sight, your bike becomes in all-knowing companion. Connected kommen sie your every move and on the lookout for what"s ahead, now"s your wahrscheinlichkeit to wander and wonder. Your next ride is no longer a question von if or when. Rather, where to?


Go anywhere, and we"ll guide zu your favorite spots with in eye toward ns clearest route.

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You"ve named your bike, it"s yours. The embedded sensors tell freundin if something"s awry. As the tread von your tires hit ns pavement, worry escapes as resilience find its rightful place in a stadt that requirements nothing less.

Be alerted if someone attempts to snatch your bike, with real-time tracking kommen sie help you get it back.** contained with Theft security (coming Soon).

Theft Detection

Be alerted if someone attempts kommen sie snatch her bike, through real-time tracking zu help freundin get the back.** had with Theft protection (coming Soon). 4 e-bike The details


Auto Unlock

The app senses wie you"re nearby kommen sie unlock automatically.

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Hydraulic key brakes

Brakes with pistole stopping energie the second sie make contact.


Resilient Tires

All-rounder tires with flexible grip and a puncture-resistant layer.

Find mine Bike

GPS tracking so you recognize where her bike is und can monitor it anytime.

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The removable battery has up to 43.5miles autonomy and weighs jshasheelamotors.comt 5.3lb



An agile journey weighing in at jshasheelamotors.comt 41.7lb makes it versatile for stadt life.

crucial specifications 11

Early Bird price $2,490
Colors Black, Khaki, Sand
Rider"s height Optimized zum riders between 5"6"–6"4" tall
Weight 41.7lb consisting of pedal (1.3lb) and Mudguards (1.5lb)
Battery range Up kommen sie 43.5 miles autonomy
Charging time 100% recharged bei 3h20min
Assist speed 20 mph
Included in box 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm und 6 mm Allen keys, belt spanner (Spa 1), Front and Rear STVZO lights, 4x speak reflectors, behind reflector, phone call mount, bell
Warranty 2 years
Control mode Connected call with apps + battery unlock
Wireless phone charging Up kommen sie 15W
Bike 09
Frame Aluminium 6061
Fork Aluminium 6061
Belt Gates carbon belt, gear ratio 60/20 (3)
Sprockets 60 prior & 20 rear teeth
Handlebar 21.3" width, 7 deg sweep, 0 bei rise
Brakes cshasheelamotors.comtom
Brake pads tradition organic pads
Tires Size 27.5", broad 1.85" tires, puncture-resistant tires with a flexible grip und a puncture protection layer
Saddle Selle Royale
Electronics 05
Motor Cshasheelamotors.comtom designed 45 Nm / 250 w motor, integrated bei the behind wheel
Connectivity Bluetooth low Energy
Battery 9.8 Ah, 360 Wh
Charger Cshasheelamotors.comtom designed 36V/4A charger
Mobile app iOS and Android. Secure, digital-key lock and unlock via personal app e-bike compare 4 ST