Dart Wm Finale 2015

Watch all the previous nine-dart finishes in World Darts Championship history as this year's hopefuls bid to hit ns 10th at Alexandra Palace.

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It"s amazing to think ns first 15 editions des the PDC welt Darts Championship went von without a single nine-dart complete being thrown.

Dutch legend Raymond ventil Barneveld lastly ended the drought in the 2009 world Championship - virtually 19 year after paul Lim"s historical effort an 1990 - and then threw the tournament"s second 12 month later.

Here, we"ve compiled clips von all 10 perfect legs in World Darts Championship history while we"ve so thrown in the near misses from Phil Taylor and Lim last year weil das good measure!


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Paul Lim v Jack McKenna - 1990 (2nd round win v Jack McKenna)

A momente that wollen remain etched in the annals of darting background forever, paul Lim landed only die second televised nine-darter ever before (the zuerst of i m sorry was john Lowe six years earlier) bei the 2nd round des the BDO world Championship. It also earned die Singapore favourite a cool £52,000 - a prize only bettered von Lowe"s £102k in 1984 und Phil Taylor"s £100k in the 2002 welt Matchplay.

Paul Lim return tonight weil das his 23rd welt championship, almost 37 year after his first. Amazing.And this never ever gets old. Pic.twitter.com/O6U1xIhZRh

— Chris hammer (

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Raymond ventil Barneveld - 2009 (QF victory v Jelle Klaasen)

Not since paulus Lim"s nine-darter at die 1990 BDO welt Championship had a perfect foot been seen at die highest des levels, but ventil Barneveld ended the 19-year wait von hitting the first in the PDC"s version.

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