Between the iPhone XS, the samsung Galaxy S9 and the google Pixel 3, our smartphones schutz gotten much better than ever. But good hardware way almost nothing without great software kommen sie take advantage des those high-performance processors, brilliant displays and incredible cameras.

To the end, these are our favorite iPhone and Android apps des 2018, indigenous productivity kommen sie photography and everything an between.

1. Authy

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Two-factor authentication (2FA) kann sein help store your online accounts secure even if a hacker swipes your username and password. Instead of relying on much less secure authentication codes texted to your phone, Authy uses periodically-generated arbitrarily strings von numbers to make sure you’re maintained safe, and acts as in authentication password hub zum every leistungen that supports 2FA. (iOS, Android) — Patrick Lucas Austin


If you’re a cell phone shutterbug frustrated von the lack des pro-level functions on your iPhone’s default Camera app, give Halide a try. Designed v photographers an mind, it renders it much easier to manually adjust important settings like exposure compensation, while adding other goodies like emphasis peaking, much better depth-of-field control und RAW compatibility. (iOS) — Alex Fitzpatrick

3. Drafts


If you write, you should write an Drafts. The iOS app is designed kommen sie be the erste stop zum writing, whether it’s a message zu a friend, a tweet, or a full-blown novel. You can incorporate automated actions kommen sie your routine, write or convert buchstabe to ns versatile Markdown language, and customize die interface an nearly every way, appropriate down to the margins. (iOS) — Patrick Lucas Austin

4. Shortcuts


An addition that come alongside Apple’s latest large iOS update but flew mainly under the radar, Shortcuts is a subtly powerful tool that kann automate a wide range von tasks. Human being are utilizing it zu do every little thing from downloading youtube movies for angeboten viewing kommen sie checking in item’s preis history on amazonas while deal-hunting. (iOS) — Alex Fitzpatrick

5. Libby

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Public libraries space wonderful places, but it tun können be a pain zu get to one bei person every shasheelamotors.com sie want something neu to read. Put your regional library in your pocket with Libby, bei ebook- and audiobook-borrowing anwendung with a wealth des literary offerings accessible on demand. You’ll need a library card zu use it, but if you’re a bookworm, sie should probably gain one von those anyway. (iOS, Android) — Alex Fitzpatrick

6. Fitbod

Tracking your workouts or training routines can be difficult if you’re nur starting out. Fitbod helps save your gym sessions ~ above track über automatically building routines based on the equipment you oase around und the exercises you’re able zu do. It also shows which muscle groups you worked und their approximated level of fatigue after each session. Die personalized workout regimen ist accompanied von instructional videos showing you nur how to push, pull, twist, und generally gain swole. (iOS) — Patrick Lucas Austin

7. Nomorobo

Robocalls — automatically spam calls — it seems ~ to oase gotten far more frequent over the tonnage year, in spite of phone companies’ promises kommen sie clamp under on die problem. Take activity with Nomorobo, an app that promises kommen sie help block spam calls prior to they interrupt yet an additional meeting or dinner date. (iOS, Android) — Alex Fitzpatrick

8. Bobby

You’ve gott too countless subscriptions to count, dafür why not keep castle all bei one place? usage Bobby zu manage und get reminders weil das every service, keep track des when bills are due, und see how much you’re safety every day, week, or month. (iOS) — Patrick Lucas Austin

9. Huji Cam

With analog photography on die rise lately, it’s no surprise that a wealth des apps have dance up kommen sie replicate die results from shoot on film. Die best des the bunch is Huji Cam, i m sorry you tun können use zu take film-like photos v light leaks, analog-style shasheelamotors.comstamps und all. Individuals can deshalb apply ns effect kommen sie photos they’ve currently taken. (iOS) — Alex Fitzpatrick

10. Copied

The practical clipboard direktors Copied ist perfect weil das people who liebe to share, organize, or save what castle find. Sending your copied text, link, or bild to the anwendung lets sie store it zum later sharing. You can further to organize your copied content von list, glance hinweisen your clipboard durch your iOS device’s widgets, and sync lists throughout your gadgets using iCloud. (iOS) — Patrick Lucas Austin

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