You kann sein setup Yahoo! briefe to send emails from a different email address, i.e. This means you kann manage all her email in 1 central location – her Yahoo! e-mail inbox.Here are ns steps to set the up.

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Forward your alternate emails address zu Yahoo


Alternatively freundin can also set die alternate emails address as your default sending account in the Yahoo! e-mail settings.

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Publish SPF record

Sender Policy framework (SPF)records phone call receiving e-mail servers i m sorry outgoing servers are allowed kommen sie send email on her behalf. Since sie are sending email through your address, it ist good practice kommen sie publish a SPF record that indicate sie are sending e-mails through Yahoo. This helps avoid your emails being significant as spam.

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In your web hosting manage panel, develop a TXT document with the following:

v=spf1 a mx ptr:yahoo.com ~allNote to shasheelamotors.com customers: us would oase created this SPF record weil das you along with die forwarder, dafür you don’t need kommen sie worry about this step.

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