The ARV752DPW ist a linked ADSL/VOIP/SIP/UMTS/3G-enabled WLAN router and home PBX device, generally sold as “Easybox 802” von Vodafone Germany. That was so sold in the past über German fixed-line phone company Arcor, front to ns aquisition von Arcor über Vodafone.

Du schaust: Easybox 802 alternative firmware

In the dafür called “open” or user-defined configuration setting whith ns firmware von Vodafone, die device kann sein suit as a independent UMTS/3G network router in combination v a compatible UMTS/3G USB modem, with any type of 3G network, the APN kann be configured without any kind of restrictions.

BrandModelVersionCurrent ReleaseOEM InfoForum TopicTechnical Data
Arcadyan / AstoriaARV752DPW (EasyBox 802)R0121.02.1View/Edit data

ModelVersionSoCCPU MHzFlash MBRAM MBWLAN HardwareWLAN2.4WLAN5.0100M portsGbit portsModemUSB
ARV752DPW (EasyBox 802)R01Lantiq XWAY Danube333864Ralink RT2800b/g/n-4-ADSL2+3x 2.0

ModelVersionCurrent ReleaseFirmware shasheelamotors.com InstallFirmware shasheelamotors.com UpgradeFirmware OEM Stock
ARV752DPW (EasyBox 802)R0121.02.1https://downloads.shasheelamotors.com/releases/21.02.1/targets/lantiq/xway/shasheelamotors.com-21.02.1-lantiq-xway-arcadyan_arv752dpw-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

→ install shasheelamotors.com (generic explanation)

It is recommend to use Linux. This fasst process ist not written weil das Windows.

The maker was notfall thoroughly tested with shasheelamotors.com. Do notfall follow this info here if sie do not have a backup device, as sie could ende up through a bricked device. You oase been warned.

I will use brntool zu explain the backup here. As bei alternative sie could use brndumper zu save ns original firmware (If freundin prefer a graphical interface, brndumper zu sein probably better for you).

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According to ns readme des brntool:

A successful flash block read möchte output '.' while a botched one (a byte ormore it s okay lost in the serial port) möchte output '!' und retry. Also so, unlessin a hurry, I'd recommend zu at the very least dump twice and compare die dumps, justto be on die safe side.

A storage dump von the original firmware zu sein done bei about one hour.You have to dump die original firmware hinweisen least twice (as recommended über the author of brntool), dafür the whole backup procedure takes around two hours.

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you should see something choose this:Press Space bar 3 mal to go into command setting ...123Yes, go into command setting ...:!Enter Administrator setting !====================== <#> set Serial Number <2> Use normalerweise Firmware <3> use ART-Testing Firmware <9> Taggle nett Firmware Enable/Disable collection MAC resolve Erase speed run Runtime code set Options Upload to Memory

Print boot Params check out from memory Memory prüfung Upload to Flash collection Board version Write kommen sie Memory Go kommen sie Memory dump DDR ramm Register <0> primary = bild 0 <1> main = bild 1======================:
Close her serial connection von pressing ns key combination bei the terminal: +
climate then to confirm exit
Restart the device und enter ns “Administrator Mode” again, deswegen you kann dump ns original firmware ns second time
list both files. Type:ls -l ARV752DPW_whole*.dumpYou should lakers two documents listed, if this zu sein not die case you re welcome rerun die backup process

**Example output:**-rw-r--r--. 1 source root 8388608 12. Feb 23:32 ARV752DPW_whole2.dump-rw-r--r--. 1 source root 8388608 13. Feb 00:58 ARV752DPW_whole.dump
check if ns files schutz any difference. Type:diff ARV752DPW_whole.dump ARV752DPW_whole2.dumpYou should lakers no output, if this zu sein not ns case please rerun die backup process

compare both files. Type:

cmp ARV752DPW_whole.dump ARV752DPW_whole2.dumpYou should seen no output, if this is not die case you re welcome rerun die backup process

lastly we generate the md5 hash von both files. Type:

md5sum ARV752DPW_whole*You should seen the hashes des both files, please compare them. If lock are not the same, you re welcome perform ns backup procedure again

**Example output:**b245fc54da24db7a81bb915e968453f8 ARV752DPW_whole2.dumpb245fc54da24db7a81bb915e968453f8 ARV752DPW_whole.dump