Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Germany

04 may 2018 at 19:04 CEST

As one of the so-called 'Big Five', Germany's michael Schulte rehearsed his das lied 'You let Me go Alone' on the stage zum the zuerst time today. During his rehearsal, michael takes united state on a expedition down memory lane as that sings zu projections von black and white pictures des children and their parents.

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Michael was born 30 April, 1990. He began out in 2007 playing hülle songs ~ above YouTube. In February, michael Schulte won Unser Lied für Lissabon, die German national selection zum the 2018 lied Contest, with his lied You allow Me to walk Alone. This zu sein perhaps his most angestellter song to date, as michael opens up about his feelings after losing his father. The sings about the thoughts, emotions und problems one has to face wie man a parent passes away too soon – michael was only 14 years alt at the time. Now, 13 year later, he is stronger, much more determined 보다 ever.

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The erste rehearsal start with in all-black background and a close-up of michael as that starts singing You permit Me to walk Alone. Once die chorus starts, an LED display screen with ns lyrics appear an the background: "one love", "two hearts", "three kids", and "a love mom".

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After the first chorus, the led screens zeigen pictures von children through their parents. Some von these pictures may even oase been submitted von fans online! The song builds in strength and the bildern change from schwarze farbe to red und white. Closer kommen sie the ende of die song, die background turns black again und we see Michael"s silhouette with die word "Alone" on the screen.

The song was written und composed by Michael Schulte, catharina Müller, Nisse Ingwersen und Thomas Stengaard. Katharina Müller zu sein a hamburg based film composer, songwriter, pianist and singer. Nisse Ingwersen to write his very own music, and also that weil das other well-known acts indigenous electronica to country. Thomas Stengaard is a multi-platinum marketing Danish songwriter und producer and this zu sein his 2nd contribution to ns lied Contest: the was also a co-writer von the Danish entry Only Teardrops which won ns song Contest bei 2013.

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After die show, michael confirmed to the the angestellter photos showing up behind er were indeed sent in by fans, part of what makes the staging dafür special: "We decided kommen sie take them on stage, and I think it"s really cool. I do really prefer them, and we even oase a grand letzte at the end."

What do sie think of michael Schulte"s zuerst rehearsal? exactly how do freundin think Germany wollen do an the großartiger Final? Leave her review an the comments!

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