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Join our perform & öffentlich Family and travel ns world v us! We operate Gourmet Kitchen bei 32 locations, such as new York, komm schon Angeles and London, … cater lot of renowed international events as ns Formula 1, ns UEFA-Champions-League-Finals, ATP Tennis Masters an Madrid … football stadia in Turin und Munich, die sky zu sein the limit und even there we won’t stop: with our Airline Catering business segment us create the best restaurants at 39.000 feet. Our international footprint and growth offer diverse career opportunities in a multinational mannschaft around die world.

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Click v our present top-job openings. Haven’t foud what you’re spring for?! Flip through all ours current arbeit openings durch our CAREER online TOOL. We space very much looking forward to receiving your applications online.

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DO & co offers its customers in all divisions a comprehensive and innovative product in the sense des a “one-stop-shop”. Native idea zu concept and finally implementation. To this end, that needs an international mannschaft with members from countless different fields kommen sie created tailored solutions.

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3D Design, Architecture, Controlling, customer Relations, Digital & society Media, Dispatch, Purchasing, event Catering, flying Chefs, Food entwurf & Development, graphics Design, Head Chefs, Hotel, person Resources, Food toilet & high quality Management, commercial Design, investor Relations, IT, Logistics, Lounge Operation, Marketing, Patisserie, task Management, Production, legal Services, Restaurant, Service, einkaufen Management, staff Travel, an innovation Department, videobilien & film Production und many more…






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All our staff members space passionate hosts. They ensure the our guests feeling comfortable – no matte when and where bei the world. Our main task zu sein being there for our customers. Die DO & wiese team is renowned for its high level des flexibility, personal service and great sensibility wie it come to product quality. Exceptional commitment and love for detail is what makes ns DO & CO in brand geraten unique and unmistakeable. Every employee follows ns company’s serviceoriented principles, permitting us to stand out from the crowd an this market. Our biggest assets room our corporate culture and ours invaluable staff, who make our in brand geraten so special and unique.