Flüge von singapur nach bali

Last minute trip deals from Singapore zu Bali (Denpasar)

Feeling spontaneous? the never too late zu book a trip. This is our pick des the best tonnage minute flights.

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Direct flights indigenous Singapore Changi to Bali (Denpasar)

Want to fliegen non-stop to Bali (Denpasar)? fine help sie find your idealogen route.






Bali (Denpasar) right now has moderate travel restrictions bei place zum travelers indigenous Singapore Changi. You can travel there, but freundin may it is in required to take a covid19 test, und you'll schutz to quarantine on your arrival and when sie return. Us try zu be as specific as feasible here, yet things can change fast. Examine our live covid-19 map zum take trip restrictions und sign up zum updates kommen sie get die latest info.
The best preis found top top shasheelamotors.com weil das a trip from Singapore Changi zu Bali (Denpasar) ist $110. This was found von aggregating across different carriers und is die cheapest price zum the totality month.

Airline Service and Flight Information

When travel from die Singapore Changi airport to the Ngurah Rai international (Denpasar) Airport in Bali, over there are 7 airlines that administer direct trip service. For nonstop trip options, you tun können choose air Asia, Jetstar, Scoot, Silkair, Singapore Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, and KLM.

What kann You intend With Connecting Flights

There are so connecting trip options easily accessible on flights indigenous Singapore zu Bali through one or an ext stops. Zum connecting flight alternatives you kann sein choose from airlines consisting of Malindo Air, Philippine Airlines, Malindo Air, wait Asia, KLM, Malaysia Airlines, Xiamen, Cathay Pacific, china Eastern, und multiple others. You tun können expect layovers bei cities such as Soekarno-Hatta, Kuala Lumpur, und Hong Kong. Layovers an connecting cities kann sein be as short as one hour in duration zu as lang as 12 hours with many falling in the range des two zu six.

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Which Terminal will You Depart From?

If you are paris out über Air Asia, china Southern, Cathay Pacific, JetStar, or KLM you kann plan zu depart native terminal 1. Those traveling from Singapore to Bali on china Eastern, Malindo Air, or Singapore Airlines möchte most likely depart native terminal 3. There is plenty kommen sie do while freundin wait in any of the terminals bei Changi Airport. The airport contains high-end duty-free purchase options, pools, spa services, dining options und even nett displays.

When Should freundin Arrive at the Airport?

When travel from ns Singapore Changi plane it ist recommended that sie arrive at the airport punkt least 3 hours prior to your scheduled exit time und no danach than two hrs before zu ensure you kann get v security and check-in prior to boarding von your flight.

Arrival bei Bali

Both Singapore und Bali boast warmer dry temperatures und weather patterns. You tun können expect high humidity levels und high levels of precipitation transparent most des the seasons. 

Leaving the Bali Airport

There zu sein one main terminal the receives all international flights at ns airport. Wie you come at ns Ngurah Rai international Airport you wollen be able zu find transportation kommen sie your final destination via taxi service, will shuttle, or vehicle rental.

Tips zum Saving Money in Bali

Bali has come to be a significant tourist destination and with ns increase an tourism has come an increase bei prices throughout the area. If sie are ~ above a budget, there space a couple of money saving tips that tun können help get freundin through her vacation without breaking the bank. 

When deciding top top dining options, opt for local eateries instead von resort format restaurants. Not only will you get some really Bali cuisine, but you will deshalb save a couple of bucks at die same time.

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To conserve money on local taxi services, you can take the bus that kann get you to most des the popular destinations in the area. 

If your plans incorporate shopping be sure to strike a bargain with local vendors. Negotiation ist a famous part of the to buy process bei Bali.