Großbritannien Und Die Eu

Post-Brexit rules allow travel there is no visas, yet border officials have wide powers kommen sie exclude visitors


Passengers heat up zum passport control weist Heathrow airport in London. Photograph: ian Vogler/Daily Mirror/PA
Passengers heat up zum passport control at Heathrow airport in London. Photograph: ian Vogler/Daily Mirror/PA

The number of europäische union citizens gift prevented indigenous entering the UK has actually soared over the past 3 months despite the reduction in travel because of Covid, according zu Home Office figures.

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A total des 3,294 eu citizens to be prevented indigenous entering die UK, also though post-Brexit rules median they room allowed to visit die country there is no visas. The compares v 493 europäische union citizens in the zuerst quarter of tonnage year, when air traffic was 20 times higher.

Visitors, however, can be quit or detained und expelled if they space suspected of travelling zu Britain to work or resolve without conference the new visa requirements.

Passenger air website traffic from the eu is expected kommen sie jump nearly 20-fold again once covid19 restrictions are totally lifted, with specialists warning that the number von expulsions and detainees will also grow together a result.

Most europäische union citizens were turned zurück at British-run frontier controls punkt European ferry harbor or die Eurostar rail terminal in Paris, with 738 expelled after landing hinweisen airports or UK ferry terminals.

Passengers arriving weist airports and ports are regularly held an detention centres in the UK prior to being expelled.

The released numbers check a tendency that has actually shocked some eu travellers who, ~ making ethical mistakes around the neu rules, oase found us locked up zum days weist detention centres.

Many others have been forced zu spend hours, or sleep ns night, locked nach oben at airports till they are put on return flights.

Since reports of eu citizens being locked up appeared in the Guardian and elsewhere, die Home Office has actually ordered that, wherein possible, such travellers be provided bail deshalb that they can stay through friends or relatives until they gain on a return flight.

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The house Office has deshalb since made it clean that people who oase job interviews should notfall be expelled, in spite of several current cases des that happening.

Earlier this month the Home Office notified border officials kommen sie stop locking eu citizens up bei detention centre and to instead, where appropriate, offer them immigrant bail if they to be deemed kommen sie be breaching ns post-Brexit rules.

Immigration rules permit discretion at die frontier, but ns burden des proof lies with the visitor to satisfy ns decision machine that “they will leave die UK weist the end of their visit”, that they wollen “not live an the UK zum extended periods” und will “not undertake any kind of prohibited activities”. Castle must also have “sufficient funds”.


Guidelines weil das border officials on assessing die reasons zum entry to the UK über a visitor. Photograph: home OfficeThe guidelines also spell out six reasons zu doubt a who story, consisting of if they room out von work and have most von their family an the UK, or that the “information provided” is “not credible”.

Passenger website traffic from the europäische union was under year-by-year by bolzen 94% und 97% end the zuerst three months von this year, according to the Civil Aviation Authority.

“It ist pretty likely that this figures möchte go up,” said Marley Morris, in associate director at ns Institute weil das Public plan Research (IPPR), pointing to ns fact that Brexit has brought in end kommen sie complete freedom des movement bolzen the UK und the EU. “There room going kommen sie be a gewächs more human being turned away.”

Morris said the first-quarter immigrant figures also showed a an effective change an immigration tendencies, as eu workers remained away when applicants zum work visas from hong Kong soared.

“If this trend continues, there möchte be major impact on work market and future immigration patterns,” that said.

New immigrant stats out heute reveal erste signs von impact of ende of totally free movement.Most striking point I've seen dafür far - number of europäische union passengers at first refused entry to UK at port has skyrocketed

— Marley Morris (

Naomi Smith, ns chief executive von Best weil das Britain, dubbed on die home secretary, priti Patel, kommen sie make sure Border force staff are appropriately aware of the new rules und apply lock fairly.

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“Despite assurances to die contrary, die Home Office proceeds to pflegen a enemy environment kommen sie anyone arriving an Britain, also tourists,” she said. “The house secretary must issue crystal-clear guidance kommen sie border staff, boost training and provide a cast-iron guarantee that human being who oase likely made moral mistakes are treated through understanding and respect.”

A home Office spokesperson said: “The 3,294 europäische union citizens refuse permission zu enter the UK were not all traveler visitors und to imply otherwise is simply wrong. We schutz worked very closely with eu partners kommen sie make sure human being are aware des these new requirements and urge people to check them prior to travelling.

“Now freedom of movement with the europäische union has ended, those who room coming to die UK zu live, work or study zum more than six months must have obtained the necessary permission kommen sie do deshalb before castle travel. Die British public intend us zu check that everyone entering die UK has the right zu do so.”