Hawaii five o heute

Steve McGarrett return home to Oahu, in order zu find his father's killer. Ns governor offers ihm the chance to run his own task pressure (Five-0). Steve's team is joined by Chin Ho Kelly, Danny "Danno" Williams, and Kono Kalakaua.

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Staffel 2 -Folge 23

(Death an the Family) Five-0 is in hot pursuit von a shooter who guns down one von their own, if another team member zu sein forced zu choose which von their kidnapped love ones wollen live.

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Staffel 1 -Folge 24

(Trust) wie man Five-0 gets auch close to die truth about woher Fat and his associates, the verbrecher mastermind retaliates von trying to destroy ns team. They’ve always played by their own rules, but when ns Governor kann no longer defend them, the time zum Five-0 kommen sie pay die consequences of their actions.

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Staffel 2 -Folge 10

(Deceiver) McGarrett find himself in need des the Five-0’s help wie he goes to North Korea v Jenna Kaye to deliver a ransom to rebels who room holding her fiancé hostage. Meanwhile, die Five-0 investigate the murder of in investigative reporter who appears to oase ties zu Jenna.

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Staffel 2 -Folge 22

(Caught) nur as McGarrett ultimately gets his hand on his arch nemesis wo Fat an a special ops raid, he is blindsided wie man he find that the Japanese Yakuza is hot on your trail und wants lock both dead.

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Staffel 2 -Folge 19

(Faith) when McGarrett's sister ist arrested for smuggling diamonds, he enlists die help of in ex-con zu set trost a sting.

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(Farewell und Take Care) wie man a plane lands on Oahu with four bodies top top board and a lacking terrorist detainee, die CIA jobs Five-0 v finding him before that carries out in attack on U.S. Soil. Meanwhile, Kono is on die run from the police zum a killing she did not commit, and McGarrett’s jail visit kommen sie Wo Fat ends v a shocking discovery.

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(Unbreakable) if McGarrett sits in prison awaiting trial zum the murder of the governor, Danny brings him a surprised visitor to help clean him. Meanwhile, Kono is suspended from the force, pending in internal investigation.

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(Abandoned) A murder case hits close to home zum Max wie man he zu sein convinced that ns Trashman, a serial killer v ties zu his past, ist on the loose. In order to convince Five-0 von his suspicions, max reveals shocking die info about his childhood.

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(Honor your Father) ns attempted murder von a Pearl harbor veteran leads Five-0 to use decades old evidence zu investigate a deadly crime committed within the internment camps top top Oahu during World war II.

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(Until the end is Near) With die invaluable information that was shared von Agent Jenna Kaye, Five-0 zu sein closer 보다 ever zu capturing woher Fat. Their mission takes an abrupt turn, however, wie Danny zu sein exposed kommen sie a lethal neurological agent the presents in even better threat: bio-terrorism on die island.

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Good backstory and character development, yet that ist the few positives I kann give this show. Ich watched the first couple seasons before giving up, but came zurück temporarily until i could notfall take it any more, also as a show an the background.It ist not very funny no matt how viel they try, und the show ist very overdramatic (intense music und slow-mo way too often throughout every episode) und very cheesy.The task force is shown to schutz a gewächs of power to und makes way too many cheesy jokes about beating up the criminals they capture (if the police brutality doesn't bother you, you'll punkt least get over die joke an extremely quickly).It definitely plays trost all die stereotypes the can, whether that be die flamboyant Jersey young or the tough, can-do-anything marine Seal. The cultural stereotypes are even worse.

The just cop show with dafür called upright law enforcers that kann continuously commit verbrecher acts without any kind of fear von prosecution. They kann do whatever felony lock wanna do.

Yay!! Renewed zum season 6! great news!

series has ended...finally...They oase been beating the tot horse for dafür long, it don't look prefer a steed anymore....also please adjust from "returning series" to "ended"

Thanks weil das these 10 seasons! Really appreciate this kind of funny-military-police action show!I'll miss Steve und Danny punchlines :)Great actors throughout all periods :thumbsup:

Great show. I'm sorry it's done. But the ending was fantastic, that made me cry.

The re-boot of the alt Five-O und what a good re-boot that is. Shed a couple of very good actors yet has kept it's punch.

Why ist it double bei Trakr?

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