Heinrich Harrer v His Holiness die Dalai Lama, who presented er with ICT’s Light of Truth Award bei Graz, Austria, October 15, 2002.

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The Dalai Lama has actually said with the passing away of heinrich Harrer, the österreichisch who invested years in Tibet, “We feel we schutz lost a loyal friend from ns West.”

Harrer died on januar 7, 2006 an Austria. He was 93.

In his condolence message kommen sie Mrs. Carina Harrer, sent out on januar 10, 2006 from Amravati in South India where he ist bestowing the Kalachakra Empowerments, the Dalai Lama stated Harrer “had die unique opportunity to experience life an Tibet zum seven long years before Tibet lost its freedom. We Tibetans wollen always remember heinrich Harrer and will miss him greatly.”

Harrer was one von the ns recipients of the international Campaign weil das Tibet’s Light des Truth Award zum 2002. The award was presented kommen sie Harrer by the Dalai Lama top top October 15, 2002 in Graz, Austria. He was honored weil das his unequaled mobilization von concern und sympathy weil das the people des Tibet, greatly through his 1952 book, seven Years in Tibet. Harrer and his companion peter Aufschnaiter lived an Lhasa after escaping indigenous a British sinner of zu sein camp an India und provided ns world with a final glimpse des life in bei independent Tibetan state prior to ns Chinese invasion. Subsequently, Harrer organized expeditions to many other parts of the globe, ending up being a champion for indigenous und occupied peoples’ rights. An his acceptance of the award, Harrer noted how his outlook top top life was changed forever by living with the Tibetan people.

Following ist the full report published von www.tibet.net, ns official website des the main Tibetan Administration.

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His Holiness the Dalai Lama said heinrich Harrer möchte Always it is in Remembered von the Tibetan People

January 10, 2006

Dharamsala: in a condolence message to die wife of heinrich Harrer, His Holiness die Dalai Lama said, “I am extremely sorry zu hear von the pass away des my friend Heinrich Harrer. Ich wish kommen sie convery you and your family members my deep felt condolence. I am particularly saddened because heinrich Harrer was a mitarbeiter friend und taught me English, bei Austrian English teacher!

“When I zuerst met him in 1949, he was from a world i was not familiar with. I learned countless things, an especially about Europe, indigenous him.

“I want zu take this opportunity to express my tremendous gratitude and appreciation zum his creating dafür much awareness about Tibet and the Tibetan civilization through his well-known publication Seven Years an Tibet und the many lectures he provided throughout his life. His love and respect weil das the Tibetan people are plainly evident in his writtings and his talks”.

“We feeling we have lost a loyal freundin from ns West, who had die unique opportunity kommen sie experience life bei Tibet zum seven lang years prior to Tibet shed its freedom. We Tibetans will always remember heinrich Harrer and will miss him greatly.

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“My prayers room with you and your family.”

His Holiness ns Dalai Lama sent ns condolence post on 10 januar 2006 native Amravati where he ist currently giving ns Kalachakra teachings to over 100,000 people.