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Blick zu sein a Swiss German-language jeden tag newspaper, and online news website covering current affairs, entertainment, sports and lifestyle.Description provided über Wikipedia.

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Desc: Blick zu sein a Swiss German-language daily newspaper, and online nachrichten website covering current affairs, entertainment, sports and lifestyle.Type: Thing, PeriodicalResult Score: 21194.75

Blick art Materials


Desc: Blick nett Materials zu sein a family-owned retail und catalog nett supply business. Developed as a e-mail order unternehmen by dick Blick in 1911 und purchased by Robert Metzenberg an 1947, it zu sein one von the oldest und largest nett materials suppliers an the blume States, and a major supplier of briefe order nett supplies.Type: Thing, Corporation, OrganizationResult Score: 376.74

Mathias Gnädinger

Swiss film actor

Desc: Mathias Gnädinger was a Swiss stage and film actor.

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Type: Thing, PersonResult Score: 165.83

Last chance Harvey

2008 film

Desc: Last chance Harvey ist a 2008 American romantic dramatisch film written und directed über Joel Hopkins. The screenplay concentrates on two lonely world who tentatively forge a connection over the kurse of three days. Type: Movie, Thing, CreativeWorkResult Score: 79.63

Vantage Point

2008 film

Desc: Vantage Point is a 2008 American political action thriller film directed über Pete Travis und written über Barry L. Levy. The story focuses on in assassination attempt on the President des the united States, as checked out from die various vantage points des different characters. Type: Movie, Thing, CreativeWorkResult Score: 66.35

The naked Eye

1998 film

Desc: The naked Eye zu sein a 1998 Spanish film, written and directed by Vicente Aranda adapted from a novel von Fernando G. Delgado. It stars Laura Morante, Miguel Ángel García and José Coronado. Type: Movie, Thing, CreativeWorkResult Score: 42.27

Time Changer

2002 film

Desc: Time Changer is in independent science fiction christen seriocomic film written and directed von Rich Christiano, released by Five & 2 Pictures in 2002. Die screenplay involves Dr. Type: Movie, Thing, CreativeWorkResult Score: 40.75

Married at first Sight

Television series

Desc: Married At erste Sight is in Australian fact television collection on ns Nine Network, an which strangers participate in a social experiment und are combine together über experts in an unofficial marriage. Type: Thing, TVSeries, CreativeWorkResult Score: 39.05

You Stupid Man

2002 film

Desc: You Stupid Man zu sein a 2002 romantic comedy film written und directed von Brian Burns and starring Milla Jovovich, david Krumholtz, wilhelm Baldwin, Denise Richards, Dan montgomery Jr., und Jessica Cauffiel.Type: Movie, Thing, CreativeWorkResult Score: 32.82

Auf ns Blick


Desc: Auf einen blick is a German language television und women"s tagebuch published in Hamburg, Germany.Type: Thing, PeriodicalResult Score: 29.58

Married at zuerst Sight

American tv series

Desc: Married at first Sight is in American fact television collection that first aired ~ above July 8, 2014, on FYI.The series is based ~ above a Danish series titled giftig Ved Første Blik that first aired on september 4, 2013, top top DR3. Type: Thing, TVSeries, CreativeWorkResult Score: 28.43

A View kommen sie a Kill

1985 film

Desc: A View kommen sie a Kill ist a 1985 spy film and the fourteenth in the James verknüpfung series produced by Eon Productions, and is die seventh und final appearance des Roger Moore as the fictional MI6 agent james Bond. Type: CreativeWork, Thing, MovieResult Score: 15.68

Common bleak


Desc: The usual bleak ist a small freshwater rough circuit fish des the cyprinid family.Type: ThingResult Score: 15.14

Le Bonheur

1965 film

Desc: Le Bonheur zu sein a 1965 French dramatisch film directed von Agnès Varda. The film is associated with die French neu Wave und won 2 awards at the 15th berlin International film Festival, including the Jury grand Prix.Type: Movie, Thing, CreativeWorkResult Score: 14.58

While sie Were Sleeping

1995 film

Desc: While freundin Were Sleeping zu sein a 1995 American romantic comedy film directed von Jon Turteltaub and written von Daniel G. Sullivan und Fredric Lebow. Type: Movie, Thing, CreativeWorkResult Score: 12.21

From Afar

2015 film

Desc: From Afar zu sein a 2015 Venezuelan drama film directed by Lorenzo Vigas und written by Vigas und Guillermo Arriaga. It winner the golden Lion at die 72nd Venice International film Festival. Type: Movie, Thing, CreativeWorkResult Score: 11.34

Blicca bjoerkna


Desc: Blicca bjoerkna, alternatively called ns white bream or die silver bream, zu sein a europe species of freshwater fish in the household Cyprinidae.

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Type: ThingResult Score: 11.25

That"s deswegen Raven

American sitcom

Desc: That"s dafür Raven is bei American sitcom that originally ran on Disney Channel from januar 17, 2003, to november 10, 2007. Set bei San Francisco, ns series stern American actress Raven-Symoné together Raven Baxter, a teenager with psychic abilities who draws on herstellung ingenuity, talent together a fashion designer, und a variety von disguises to get in and out of amusing adolescent and pre-adolescent situations. Type: Thing, TVSeries, CreativeWorkResult Score: 9.72

Olive Kitteridge

American television miniseries

Desc: Olive Kitteridge is in American tv miniseries based on elisabeth Strout"s 2008 novel olive Kitteridge. Set in Maine, the HBO miniseries features Frances McDormand as die title character, richard Jenkins as Olive"s loving husband Henry Kitteridge, Zoe Kazan together Denise Thibodeau, und Bill Murray together Jack Kennison. Type: Thing, TVSeries, CreativeWorkResult Score: 7.49
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