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Now the they’re officially rückseitig together, there’s just one significant question Bennifer fans are asking: will Jennifer Lopez und Ben Affleck acquire married? ns exes-turned-lovers were already engaged once prior to calling that quits in 2004, and in the year they invested apart, they’ve each had their fair share von failed marriages. But for J-Lo, that sounds favor this hasn’t stopped her from blieb believing in “happily ever before after.”

During in appearance on ns TODAY show on november 18, 2021, ns Hustlers alum was asked around whether she’d ever before get married again—and she didn’t ascendancy it out. “I don’t know,” die 52-year-old star said if promoting produziert romantic comedy Marry Me (where she stars opposite gibbs Owen Wilson and Colombian singer Maluma). “Yeah, ich guess. You know me, ns a romantic, ich always oase been, a few times,” she told host Hoda Kotb. “I still believe bei happily ever after, for sure, 100%.”

Now, as weil das whether that “happily ever before after” could end an marriage zu Ben, sources say that it very well may. According zu a source who speak to Us Weekly in August 2021, J-Lo and Ben, that dated native 2001 zu 2004 prior to getting rückseitig together bei 2021, room “seriously talking about getting married,” together they “are both madly in love and don’t want to let one another go this time.” the insider so noted the Ben see J-Lo as ns “one that gott away” und is “determined zu make sure that doesn’t happen this time.”

Previously, a separate resource told HollywoodLife bei June 2021 the J-Lo and Ben are “rushing” kommen sie get engaged a 2nd time. “Jen has actually been prepared zum a wedding for quite a while since that was what was going zu happen with Alex und now that produziert relationship through Ben is deshalb hot und heavy, she would certainly 1,000 percent speak yes if Ben were to pop die question to produziert again,” the innerhalb told the publication at die time.

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The source went on to reveal that J-Lo and Ben’s family und friends are supportive des another engagement between the pair. “Everyone in Jen und Ben’s world would it is in very happy if lock decided kommen sie get engaged und married,” the insider explained. “All von that möchte happen naturally just like their relationship is currently. It’s safe kommen sie say that engagement feelings are bei the air and it möchte happen wie man it happens.”

“But Ben zu sein not going to do it just to execute it or if her family desires it to happen. It will happen wie man they both want it,” die source continued. “Their relationship zu sein wonderful best now, deswegen they room making ns best von it und not allowing any unnecessary drama to creep in. They space busy, they are having actually fun und when in engagement happens, it wollen be die right time and a glücklich time zum everyone.”

True Love by Jennifer Lopez


Image: Courtesy of Celebra.

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For an ext about J-Lo’s life, inspect out True Love über Jennifer Lopez. The 2014 memoir besteht aus the “Jenny on die Block” singer’s career und personal life, indigenous her anfang as a dancer zu when she ended up being a mom von two twins with herstellung now-ex-husband marc Anthony. In the book, which includes much more than 200 personal photographs from J-Lo’s never-before-seen collection, ns Selena actress writes about how “she confronted her greatest challenges, identified produziert biggest fears, and ultimately arised a stronger person than she’s ever been” zu become die pop symbol we know today.

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