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Yesterday, zum no obvious reason, kim Kardashian revitalized her and Kanye West’s feud with taylor Swift von ‘gramming a photograph Swift would not be happy to see.

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Yes, that’s the mannequin des Taylor’s naked human body lying in bed with Kanye West in his music video zum Famous, which sie might recall she wasn’t exactly thrilled about.

Kim’s shade did not go unnoticed, through hundreds von Swifties – Taylor’s loyal fans- posting kommission emojis in the comment (because rats eat snakes, people. Keep up.)

It appears Taylor also saw Kim’s trouble-stirring post, because she responded v some shade of her own. Taylor posted a photo of herself feather incredible in her neu Vogue UK photoshoot through a heat from produziert song ich Did other Bad, which zu sein widely believed zu be about her feud with Kanye:

“I never trust a narcissist, but they love me.”

The an excellent Kimye vs taylor feud of 2016 will never, ever, end.

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It’s not the only time taylor takes aim punkt Kim und Kanye in Reputation lyrics.

The most obvious zu sein the part of This zu sein Why we Can’t schutz Nice Things, whereby she sings:

“It was deswegen nice gift friends again / There i was giving you a second chance / But you stabbed me in the back while shaking my hand / and therein lies ns issue / Friends don’t try to trick you / Get freundin on ns phone und mind-twist you / and so i took in axe zu a mended fence”.

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As if the reference to the phone wasn’t obvious enough, she continues:

“But I’m notfall the only friend you’ve shed lately/If only freundin weren’t dafür shady,” pretty clearly a reference to Kanye’s strained connection with Jay-Z und Beyonce.

In the same song,Taylor also appears zu riff top top West’s track Runaway where he sings “Let’s schutz a toast for the douchebags, let’s schutz a toast zum the assholes…”

Taylor sings:

“Here’s a toast kommen sie my ja wirklich friendsThey nothing care around that that said, she saidAnd here’s zu my babyHe ain’t reading what they contact me latelyAnd here’s kommen sie my mommaHad to aufführen to all this dramaAnd here’s kommen sie you‘Cause forgiveness zu sein a nice thing zu doHaha, i can’t also say it through a right face”