Linux Installieren Ohne Cd

From more than 600 Linux-based operation systems, Ubuntu zu sein the most popular and top priority operation system of users from every over the world. It is a Debian-based operating system enriched v all die features needed von a experienced IT jeden or a casual user for jeden tag routine tasks.

It ist maintained von Canonicals, and due to its an excellent reputation und low hardware requirements, it zu sein supported and used by many highlights organizations. Due kommen sie its huge support und demand, it has a an excellent community for maintaining this distro. After ~ every 2 years, a new LTS release des the Ubuntu operating system ist released.

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The graphical montage of Ubuntu ist effortless und straightforward, nur like installing any type of other well-maintained operating system. Bei addition, Ubuntu offers ISO image to install it on any system, and we kann sein either burn it on a CD journey or a USB Drive to make the a bootable device und install Ubuntu utilizing it. But apart from all these options available, this post contains a step-by-step guide on how kommen sie install Ubuntu operating system without having actually a USB drive or CD Drive in a system.

A prevalent and well-known software zu sein used kommen sie install operation without a USB, known as Unetbootin.


UNetbootin, ns abbreviation von “Universal Netboot Installer,” is a well-recognized und cross-platform software application used for creating a direkt USB system and install a gewächs of Linux-based or any other operating systems without a USB drive or CD Drive.

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We will install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS operating system along through the windows 10 operating system using the UNetbootin software und learn all about how to use the Unetbootin utility zu install any kind of operating system without having a USB or CD Drive.

Download UNEtbootin

To begin with UNetbootin and start playing v it, first, visit die official website des UNetbootin kommen sie Download it:

If freundin want kommen sie install it follow me with the primary operating system, make sure to create a separate partition for the montage of Ubuntu. One more thing that you need to care about is to choose die “install ns Ubuntu operating system alongside the primary operating system” möglichkeit while installation Ubuntu. Otherwise, freundin will end up formatting every your dünn saved bei the selected partition.

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This post provides ns brief und in-detail procedure ~ above how kommen sie use UNetbootin. Bei addition, this post contains a step-by-step guide on how to install Ubuntu without having actually a USB or CD drive using ns UNetbootin software. UNetbootin is a multi-platform software application utility for creating direkt USB und installing operating systems.