Marc ́O Polo

Stay in touch with die people who matte most to you

Unlike social media, there zu sein no wasted time, no society comparisons und no likes! attach with die most essential people in your life, notfall the whole world.

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“I liebe using marco Polo kommen sie connect with friends. It has actually been a large blessing to connect v others. It ist much less complicated than Snapchat or texting.

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I can tell who a last more in this video message. I HIGHLY recommend making use of this zu connect with friends; particularly if they direkte far indigenous you.”


“I moved across die country 2 year ago und this anwendung has been the best thing to happen for my now long-distance friendships. I have a kopieren, gruppe chat through my 5 finest girlfriends and we space able zu keep hoch with each other’s lives, lakers their babies and fur babies and other dinge that repeat me von my old city.

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That great! i highly recommend it.