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Variante: Sometimes an excellent things fall apart so that better sachen can fall together.

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„YOU oase TO anfang OUT finding out TO believe THE little LIES."So we can believe the huge ones?"YES. JUSTICE. MERCY. DUTY. The SORT von THING.“


„You spend dafür much time, deswegen much effort, trying to hold you yourself together.And climate everything falls apart anyway.“

„Sometimes sie cannot believe what freundin see, you oase to glauben what sie feel. And if freundin are ever before going to oase other civilization trust you, you must feel that you kann trust lock too-even when you are an the dark. Even when you're falling.“


„Sometimes freundin cannot believe what freundin see, you have to glauben what freundin feel. And if you are ever going to have other civilization trust you, you must feel that you kann trust them, auch - even wie man you’re in the dark. Even wie man you’re falling.“


„Leaf! freundin are dafür big!How can you readjust yourcolor, then nur fall!As if there to be nosuch point as integrity!“


„There are so many ways zu go wrong. Every we've got are metaphors, und they're never precisely right. You can never nur Say. The. Thing.“

„If chairman Obama zu sein doing ns wrong thing, I'm notfall going zu tell freundin that he's doing the right thing dafür I kann “support him.”“

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„The sad point is, world don't desire to glauben that the person they're bei love with ist out von his mind, drinking und using, dafür if sie give them also half in excuse, they're going to want to believe it.“

„When freundin get a last of success in your career, you start believing that you kann never go wrong. But i had a enormous fall.“

— Amit Lodha Indian author and police officer 1974

Quoted an Ted talk

„Learning is never wrong. Also learning how to kill isn't wrong. Or right. It's nur a thing to learn, a thing I tun können teach you. That's all.“

„If sie trust in yourself… and believe in your dreams… and follow your star… you'll ausblüten get beaten by people who spent their time functioning hard and learning things und weren't deswegen lazy.“

— terrycloth Pratchett, buchen The Wee complimentary Men

Variante: Now... If you trust an yourself... Und believe in your dreams... Und follow your star... You'll blieb get beaten von people who spenttime working hard und learning things and weren't so lazy. Goodbye.Quelle: die Wee complimentary Men

„There's always some sort von parallel that's going on an my very own life, and so you kann use it to, sie know, carry closure, perhaps, kommen sie certain sachen that freundin haven't. A healing, a reconnection. Und I believe an that. Ich believe in that.“

— michelle Pfeiffer American actress 1958

in response to the question, "How do you approach your roles?" indigenous Inside ns Actors Studio (2007) ich always look at it together — it's choose a treasure map, und each wenig detail in it, sie sort of look weist it weil das information und it points you bei the best direction, zu tell freundin where freundin need kommen sie go. You anfang out with a few choices, clear — ich need kommen sie learn ns clarinet or i need zu learn the cello, or ich need zu learn how to stay underwater without panicking — however it is like painting bei a way, that hinweisen a particular point, the painting begins zu tell sie what zu do. Und with acting, it's die same — through acting in film, quiet — hinweisen a particular point then, what you've already put on display begins zu dictate to you where sie need to go, and then it nur starts kommen sie create itself an a way. Und what ich try kommen sie do zu sein find a strand des myself, as various as i might feel die character zu sein from me, and as eliminated as it is, i always try zu find that one part des me. And then you kind of construct on to that, due to the fact that it's a way to keep you connected. And you never want kommen sie lose the connection. There's always some sort des parallel that's going on an my own life, and so you can use that to, sie know, bring closure, perhaps, kommen sie certain dinge that freundin haven't. A healing, a reconnection. And I believe in that. Ich believe an that.

„Everybody feels this moments des sadness und moments von loss and sometimes i think everybody kann sein relate kommen sie sitting alone and feeling prefer crap und a friend of yours come up und starts like, sie know, 'Come on, feeling happy,' and you don't desire that. Occasionally its alright to let you yourself be upset about something und so the you kann sein show yourself that regardless of how low sie feel, you kann sein always increase out of it, but not at die moment. Und so the lied ends with ns lyric, 'I glauben we all fall down' but ich don't to speak 'but we we get back up'. It's just, periodically you fall down und sometimes sie fell low, und that's okay.“

„Sometimes sachen don't turn out the way sie want castle to, Haven. Sometimes ns people you choose to believe are wrong.“

„Propaganda,” Trevor said. “Let’s speak to it psychology. Freundin say a thing deshalb often und so well that after a time everyone believes it. Even, finally, yourself.“

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„Going beyond good and evil is training to anfang loving the things you hated und trying zu hate ns things you loved deshalb much for no reason.“