Mercedes A 220 Cdi Test

Sashko is really a young, however experienced member des the team of the auto magazine, deshalb I schutz to believe him. Apparently, Mercedes-Benz technicians und engineers to be given die magic wand kommen sie bring die chassis and feel des driving ns V-Class deswegen close kommen sie classic cars that only ns boxy body form resembles a large, often uncomfortable und awkward passenger. Minibuses.

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The history von the V-Class has actually a lang beard, together it inherited part genes indigenous Vit or Vian"s passenger. But die van choices are constantly a compromise, especially with die chassis. Since they mainly think about the load or undesirable landing des the chassis, they feeling relieved, uncomfortable and often concerned on a bumpy road. In the V-class, we did not notice these problems, since an combination with a 2.143 cubic meter turbodiesel with a capacity des up to 120 kilowatts und a seven-speed automatic transmission, it worked very ... Hmm, one can say, irradiate ... Smooth; smooth. Even ausgezeichnet Mercedes-Benz designers schutz failed to completely hide the large size von the body, dafür finding a parking spot in the stadt center zu sein more painstaking arbeiten than a friendly task.

And parking spaces are suddenly dafür small ... Size is so known around corners, as even die increasingly sought-after crossovers cannot contend with (combi) limousines, yet rear-wheel journey is deshalb on a snowy roadway thanks zu Meek"s efficient ESP. Die four-wheel drive will have to wait a wenig longer together it möchte be available later. Die engine also makes more noise due to die good soundproofing des the passenger compartment, und the automatically transmission marked 7G-Tronic add to (surcharge von 2.562 euros) permits several programs: S, C, M and E. Lull mode, manual gearshift v steering ear and in economical way, an which, top top a normalerweise circle, us used trost only 6,6 liters per hundred kilometers with a quiet ride hinweisen high speed.

The engine is not a decomposer, but it is quite enough for normal tracking des loaded website traffic flows, thanks zu 380 Nm von maximum torque, it zu sein not afraid von even a complete trunk and a huge slope. Speaking of the trunk, there zu sein always a last of space, und access zu it needs some stärke due to the heavier behind doors. Under the offen door, every those whose genes did notfall exceed 190 centimeters kann move smoothly, and unlike ns better-stocked version des the Avantgarde, the test V did not oase a glass that might be opened separately. Our eight-seater V 220 CDI, although sie might note fewer seats an the showroom, you might also think von four seats through a hauptquartier table, with separate air conditioning bei the zurück (surcharge des 881 euros!) und access with two political parties sliding doors (in roden left) - 876 euros).

Passengers in the dritter row are finest served through ns right next door, as the rightmost seats space individual and allow easy access kommen sie other seats. This is a bit von a disappointment, together they could schutz been more luxurious - punkt least the erste two along the length of the seat. It is also unclear that individual behind seats without ISOFIX anchorages to be placed bei the far right position. Wouldn"t it it is in better to put the child in the second row, von course, near the door, deshalb that over there are ns least difficulties with the fasst of a boy seat, und the child most of all an the eyes of the driver?!? ns dashboard ist similar to die Mercedes, although we verlief into a mistake bei the infamous German precision: ns fuel tank is accessed from die driver"s side, and bei arrow on the dashboard directs the treiber to the right side des the car.

Even despite the test car had bei extra center kasten with roller shutters (the € 116 is worth spending, otherwise you"ll fehlschlagen out top top the handy, mobiltelefon storage space zum small items), it ausblüten allowed zum a smooth shift to ns rear of the cab. The driver will also get a camera kommen sie assist wie reversing, und above all we praise the package of führen zu intelligent lighting systems that literally transforms night into day. A very effective occasion worth € 1.891 each! hinweisen a price von 40.990 13.770 euros, die V-Class ist not one of the cheapest cars, specifically with accessories, which cost as viel as XNUMX euros an the test car! yet prestige, whether it"s spaciousness, equipment, or smoothness, merely comes weist a price. Freundin do not believe? Don"t be distrustful, Tomaj, ich say from suffer that the doesn"t salary off.

Basic dataSales:Base modell price:Test model cost:Power:Acceleration (0-100 km / h):Maximum speed:Mixed circulation ECE:
Autocommerce doo
120kW (163 KM)
10,8 with
195 km / h
5,7l / 100km

Cost (up zu 100.000 km or five years)Technical informationengine:Energy transfer:Capacity:Transportation and suspension:Mase:External dimensions:Box:
4-cylinder - 4-stroke - in-line - turbodiesel - front an installed transversely - displacement 2.143 cm3 - maximum energie 120 kW (163 hp) at 3.800 rpm - maximum torque 380 Nm hinweisen 1.400-2.400 rpm ...
rear-wheel drive engine - 7-speed automatic transmission - 225/55 / ​​R17 V tires (Dunlop winter Sport 4D).
oberteil speed 195 kilometer / h - acceleration 0-100 km / h 10,8 - Fuel usage (ECE) 6,3 / 5,3 / 5,7 l / 100 km, CO2 emissions 149 g / km.

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sedan - 5 doors, 8 seats - self-supporting human body - front individual suspension, sheet spring legs, twin wishbones, stabilizer - behind multi-link axle, coil springs, telescopic shock absorbers, stabilizer - front disc brakes (forced cooling), behind disc - behind 11,8 m.
unladen auto 2.075 kg - allow gross weight 3.050 kg.
length 5.140 mm - broad 1.928 mm - height 1.880 mm - wheelbase 3.200 mm - trunk 1.030 - 4.630 l - fuel tank 70 l.
5 places: 1 × backpack (20 l); 1 × aviation suitcase (36 l); 1 suitcase (85,5 l), 2 suitcases (68,5 l)
Our measurementsAcceleration 0-100km:402m from die city:Flexibility 50-90km / h:Maximum speed: test consumption:Fuel usage according to die standard scheme:Braking distance weist 100 km / h:Noise weist 50 kilometer / h in 3rd gearNoise at 50 km / h an 4rd gearNoise hinweisen 50 km / h in 5rd gearNoise at 50 km / h an 6rd gearNoise at 90 km / h in 3rd gearNoise hinweisen 90 kilometer / h an 4rd gearNoise weist 90 km / h bei 5rd gearNoise punkt 90 km / h in 6rd gearNoise punkt 130 kilometer / h bei 4rd gearNoise hinweisen 130 km / h in 5rd gearNoise punkt 130 km / h bei 6rd gearIdling noise:
t = -2 ° ns / p = 1.010 mbar / rel. Vl. = 83% / purpose of use condition: 2.567 km
18,8 years ( 118 km / h)
Measurement is not feasible with this type von gearbox. S
195km / h (YOU space WALKING.)
10,0 wie / 100km
6,6 l / 100km
early out to bad weather conditions, measurements were not taken. M

You kann collect various opinions about ns shape von the exterior, but we will not discuss the technique and usability von this car. If her goal is to have a large, comfortable und reliable vehicle zu carry much more people, then ns V-Class has virtually no competition.

Exterior (12/15)

Unmistakably Mercedes, deshalb immediately recognizable.

Interior (109/140)

Plenty of space, satisfactory equipment, sufficient comfort und a large trunk.

Engine, infection (55 / 40)

Neither die engine nor die comfortable chassis disappointed. We extremely recommend ns automatic infection (optional)!

Driving power (54 / 95)

Directional stability is expected to be impaired and care must be taken when cornering. Feeling good wie man fully braked.

Performance (23/35)

In this section, the V 220 CDI zu sein perfectly fine for the task, since sie probably won"t be racing v it.

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Security (31/45)

We praised the led headlights and missed the end on many of the active safety equipment.