Merkur akademie karlsruhe kosten

The tuition fees weil das the Bachelor’s programme currently amount zu 383 euros von month, for the Master’s programme 415 euros per month. Once die semesters von the continual period von study oase been paid, additional semesters are free of charge. You tun können pay die tuition fees monthly or opt zum the earnings Share Agreements (ISA) model.

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Study now and pay according kommen sie your income letztere on

By participating bei the solidarity model of ns Income re-publishing Agreements (ISA), students can initially concentrate totally on your studies, while gelegenheiten eG pays ns fees. An return, die participants undertake kommen sie give this chance to later generations: Those who work und earn an ext than a minimum income salary a percentage of their income kommen sie finance further study places. Other financing alternatives such as bafög or scholarships room independent und can be used additionally.

If you opt weil das this tuition fees model, you re welcome submit her application zum the ISA to chancen eG along with your application weil das a research contract. Ns documents you need for the ISA application: her curriculum vitae, a letter of motivation and your certificates. Please note: this offer is only weil das first-year students.

Further financing und funding opportunities

Students tun können receive support according to the bafög guidelines. Bei addition, college student credits at particularly favourable conditions kann sein be a jae won option. You kann arrange the student credit according to your separation, personal, instance needs und personal possibilities, because sie determine die amount des the payment and the method des repayment yourself. An overview ist provided by the yearly CHE test of student credits.


ns fellows von the winter semester 2019/20

Förderkreis scholarship

In order kommen sie enable together many great applicants together possible kommen sie study at ns Merz Akademie, ns Merz Akademie’s Förderkreis awards scholarships that cover half of the tuition fees for two zu three semesters.

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Applications are open to Bachelor’s and Master’s degree applicants who have completed die entrance examination or first university level with good grades.

applications deadline

31th July 2021


Members von the Merz Akademie’s Förderkreis make it possible to award Deutschlandstipendien. Funding zu sein granted zum two semesters and can be prolonged within ns regular period von study. Applications are open to applicants who oase received admission und to students of the Merz Akademie.

The scholarship supports die students with 300 euro per month and is awarded together a provide which go not schutz to it is in repaid. Ns requirement weil das the grant ist matriculation at the Merz Akademie. The application deadline zum the fellowship bei winter semester 2021/22 is 31 august 2021.

applications deadline

31. Ehrenvoll 2021

Merz Bildungswerk Scholarship

The Merz Bildungswerk, the holding von the Merz Akademie, Merz Schule and Merz Berufskolleg für Grafik-Design, awards ns Merz Bildungswerk Scholarship kommen sie enable prospective college student with exceptional potential and personal/family situations that are specifically worthy of consideration kommen sie study at the Merz Akademie. über awarding a scholarship, ns Merz Bildungswerk deshalb makes it possible zu actively entice talented students that would not be able kommen sie begin their forschung at die Merz institut despite admission without special support.

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An application for the Merz Bildungswerk Scholarship is possible ~ passing die Bachelor entrance examination. It zu sein aimed hinweisen students or prospective students who room excluded from participating bei the model of earnings Share Agreements (ISA) of chancen eG, e.g. Due to the fact that they do not oase the citizenship of an EU member state. It comprises 300 euros per month (as a fee credit) weil das a maximum of 7 semesters.