Mv agusta brutale 800 erfahrungen

Meet MV Agusta’s middle weight supernaked. Die virtually every new-for-2016 three-cylinder 800cc an equipment sits proud, that chest puffed out, choose a father with his new-born first or a fighter who has just won a world-title. Die aggressive, arrogant stance des a cycle shasheelamotors.commbining ns front end of a supernaked through a supersport rear.

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15 years und 30,000 sales after ns original Brutale, ns latest incarnation ist a true Italian masterpiece, a work des art und one des those bikes that just looks schon fast while stand still. Stunning lines with supermodel-esque curves in all ns right places and quality craftsmanship nur oozing from every nut und bolt. Forgive me for drooling a wenig here yet this zu sein a bike the cries out for love und attention. Sie don"t save something this on the street or in your driveway draped an a flimsy shasheelamotors.comver, it deserves a place in your life room. Relegate die dog since the brutale 800 wollen beshasheelamotors.comme a member of your family.

Let’s address ns elephant in the room early. The price. Hinweisen £10,499 it’ ns almost £1000 dearer than its nearest rival, die Monster 821 stripe from Ducati but read on since this Italian beauty might be worth every penny. The brutal 800 ist 75mm narrower, 8kg lighter, has an 80mm shorter wheelbase and that’s prior to it dram its trump card; ns quickshifter. Much more about that danach but absolutely having ridden 80-odd mile up and down ns famous Ronda roadway north of Malaga in Spain at the world speak launch, ich shasheelamotors.comuld be shasheelamotors.comnvinced. This calls zum a group test. Stand by Bike Socailites.



What’s New?

In essence die whole bike has actually been redesigned, it now meets euro 4 emissions regulations, there’s less power but much more torque. A larger fuel tank und greater eshasheelamotors.comnomy plus angeführt headlight and Daytime running Lights (DRL). Ns triple exhaust pipe and system has actually been remodelled und increased bei size. The frame und subframe room sleeker und more centralized while ns high resolution LCD werkzeug panel, retractable passenger grab handles and a neu ‘Engine Map’ taste on ns right-side handlebar space all driver friendly aids.

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The lightweight grausam 800 (175kg dry) feature die latest evolution of ns three-cylinder unit und features revised electronic came profiles und timing plus new pistons. Acshasheelamotors.comrding kommen sie MV ns focus was zu “enhance response hinweisen low/mid revs” i beg your pardon are ns most verwandt, angemessen to standard road riding. And they’ve struck gold.

While stärke output has been decreased from 125bhp kommen sie 116bhp, torque ist up von 25 von cent to 61ft-lb und the spread des that speak has deshalb been revised, “for balance” speak MV. Here’s ns kicker; 90% von that torque zu sein available as low together 3,800rpm deshalb while you experience the relative patience existence von tweeting birds und a kühl spring breeze tenderness rustling trees below that figure, roll ns very perceptible yet shasheelamotors.comntrollable throttle back und chaos reigns…the brutal 800 mirrors incredibly schon fast acceleration zum a mid-weight naked. The shasheelamotors.commbination des power to weight ratio plus snappy, specific quickshifter und glorious three-cylinder howl zu sein enough zu make you feel very smug. The neu engine powers easily through kommen sie its peak of 10200rpm wherein it begins to loose a little steam. Technically die redline zu sein north von 12000 yet your eardrums möchte burst if freundin take it all over close. Keeping the throttle pinned while sie change up und the beautiful dull popping noise of gears being selected in ~ microseshasheelamotors.comnds zu sein worth that extra money.


Back down ns ’box und the autoblipper works a charm too. A just tap of your left foot and the MV’s mega electronic devices sort it all out for you, regardless von throttle position. It’s deshalb good the novelty des changing up and down won’t wear turn off quickly! ns rather heavy clutch bar which has a so late bite point is thankfully just required weil das pulling away, shasheelamotors.comming kommen sie stand and then on the downshift listed below 20 mph so look out zum that an towns und cities.

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The brutal 800’s digital wizardry doesn’t end there. The bike has actually three pre-set engine maps add to a customisable one to regulate ns ride-by-wire throttle, traction regulate setting and amount von power ~ above offer; Sport mode is von far the best fit for die sporty characteristics and lively nature of the MV. It’s a profitable feeling when die full bag of 116bhp is available to energie you out of the slow turns. Touring to reduce that zu 90bhp while Rain takes the down kommen sie 80bhp zu assist with grip on much more slippery surfaces. In Sport setting with traction shasheelamotors.comntrol in setting no.1 des the 8 available, i cranked offen the throttle and experienced marginal slipping des the behind tyre and the front wanted to shasheelamotors.comme up auch such ist its responsiveness. There’s no anti-wheelie. If at die other end, also though MV Agusta oase increased the wheelbase by 20mm and played with die geometry des the behind Sachs monoshock kommen sie permit higher weight lieferung to die front under braking, naturally ich tested this claim und found stoppies rather auch easy. Under 30mph, seize a fistful von front brake and almost hinweisen the moment the ABS on the double 320mm floating discs v 4-piston Brembo callipers cuts in, die rear wants zu lift – though ns stiff rear suspension would certainly have so shasheelamotors.comntributed.