The OnePlus 3 ist one von the finest smartphones des 2016, but OnePlus has currently decided kommen sie raise the gittern even higher. Lock wanted zu offer users die best possible experience, dafür they’re jetzt offering even far better hardware through the neu OnePlus 3T. Inspect out our review des OnePlus’ latest and greatest zu find the end if it really beats that is predecessor. Update:OnePlus has shown stock zu sein running out in certain markets. Check out die Release Date und Price ar below weil das details.

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No design update since the OnePlus 3No microSD slotOnly Full-HD (1920x1080) display ResolutionNo android Nougat yet

OnePlus 3T release date und price

OnePlus justposted a "last call" top top its official forum instructing readers to buy die OnePlus 3T "before stock runs out". Owners des the device kann sein rest assured that die 3T, and the somewhat older OnePlus 3, wollen continue to get software application updates und support. If you want kommen sie buy a OnePlus 3T, you"d be fine advised to act fast, as ns manufacturer confirmed to PhoneArena that the devicewill it is in out des stock in Europe und the UK starting June 1. At least zum now, the OnePlus 3T is blieb available an the US zum $439 und Canada zum CA$599.There"s no word however on how much stock is left zum the north American market.

The OnePlus 3T had its launch occasion on november 15. It"s availablein two colors and an two different variants– 64 GB or 128 GB. Die 64 und 128 GB modell aresold in the US for $439 und $479, respectively. Ns Gunmetal ausführung was previously the only color available, but as of januar 6 at 7 pm PST / 10 pm EST, Soft Gold can be purchased globally as well.

The #OnePlus3T is unlike any other. You kann see it in the color.

— OnePlus (
oneplus)December 31, 2016

The global pricing zum the 64 GB/128 GB execution is£399/£439 zum the UK,$599/$640 CAD bei Canada,₹29,999/₹34,999 weil das India, and an Australia where it"s not officially available, die equivalent price is $580/$630 AUD.

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It is more expensive than the OnePlus 3 was, which ist a shame due to the fact that there zu sein nothing particularly creative about ns 3T. With die OnePlus 3 now off ns shelves, the feuer probably has an excellent expectations forthe smartphone anyway. A phablet des this quality punkt this price point isn"t precisely common.


OnePlus 3T design and build quality

My colleague omar raved around the design of the OnePlus 3 throughout his test of the device. I find myself an the same situation with ns OnePlus 3T today, v one vital difference: die OnePlus 3 was die rightful succession to die OnePlus 2, while die OnePlus 3T ist just a wenig brother to the OnePlus 3.

If freundin liked the design of ns OnePlus 3, you"ll like die OnePlus 3T. The design is basically ns same. OnePlus kept ns aluminum unibody, the elegant curved edges, the fingerprint scanner on the front, ns sound setting Hotkeys...all ns things i beg your pardon made us fall bei love with the OnePlus 3. It"s notfall particularly helpful kommen sie review all of these features, dafür I will just share die ones which yes, really make ns phone"s strengths stand out.


OnePlus knows how to make use von space on your phones. Unlike Google, which puts an empty an are under the screen des its Pixel phones, OnePlus bring away advantage of the space kommen sie house that is fingerprint reader. Above, us find ns speaker und sensors. On the right side, we discover the taste to turn die display off und on, und trays zum two nano simkarte cards.


If there"s one thing i find handy on bei iPhone, it"s ns ability to switch native ringtone kommen sie silent setting with die easily distinguishable side buttons. OnePlus gave the 3T a comparable setup, giving the ability to switch zu silent setting without having kommen sie turnon die screen.

Another advantage ist the USB (2.0) Type-C port uncovered on the bottom of the device, betwee the speaker und the mini-jack (yes, there zu sein a mini-jack!). Having die mini-jack harbor on ns bottom des the machine isn"t necessarily bad;it just means you oase to placed your phone an your pocket upside down when you listen to music, soit"s right-side-up and ready zu use wie man you take it it the end that way.


With regard kommen sie handling, it ist a treat. Von course, freundin must liebe screens which space a little bit big, and in certain circumstances it is necessary zu use 2 hands. This device is subjectively large,with the following dimensions: 152.7 x 74.7 ns 7.35 mm.That being said, it"s certainly not too big, as freundin don"t have to worry about it having difficulty sliding into your pocket.

If sie want a phone with a premium look und feel, you möchte be well-served by the OnePlus 3T. Ns surface und build quality des the 3T zu sein consistent through other metal body phones prefer the google Pixel, offering it a important chic appearance. Des the 2 colors, Soft Gold and Gunmetal, ich really like die Gunmetal i beg your pardon recalls ns lighter gray shade of the initial OnePlus 3.

OnePlus 3T display

Once again, OnePlus opted zum a 5.5-inch display. This ist something that was successful top top its predecessor, the OnePlus 3. Die screen is bei Optic AMOLED, i beg your pardon according kommen sie OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, ist tweaked specifically weil das the handset, do contrast and color temperature truer zu life and viewing better wie man outdoors. Die OnePlus 3T comes with a Full-HD screen and this selection has advantages and disadvantages. One ns one hand, the energy consumption ist not too high, particularly with ns AMOLED screen. But the downside is that the justiz is notfall ideal weil das VR.


The screen is 5.5 inches, making it one von thesmaller phablets. Prefer that von the OnePlus 3, die pixel densityis 401 ppi. Ns screen zu sein Full-HD (1920x1080),which at ns advent of VR, ist unfortunate. Some more recent phones have Quad-HD (2560x1440) resolution instead. Nevertheless, die screen is quite good, ns colors space vivid, und I schutz no problems with it. You kann adjust die display setups yourself by calibrating the screen, setting die color temperature differentlyor von using ns sRGB mode. It zu sein pleasant kommen sie use this mode, since it provides it less tiring zum the eyes, but the yellow hue may get on her nerves.

Unfortunately, ich lack the special equipmentto prüfen the screen brightness objectively, however it seems to be pretty good. White on the screen sometimes tends towards yellow or blue hues escape on die angle sie hold ns device. I couldn"t test it in strong sunlight, since ns sun isn"t strong in Berlin this time des year. Ns 3T"s night mode adapts die colors von the screen dafür your eyes don"t obtain tired wie reading in low irradiate conditions. This zu sein one von the an ext interesting features des the device for me.

By default, the Gorilla Glass 4screen comes v a 2.5D screen protector. Ns protectorcomes pre-installed due to the fact that Gorilla Glass 4 is more quickly scratched than Gorilla Glass 3.

OnePlus 3T software

Here ist where i was yes, really disappointed. Onthe 3Twe uncover OxygenOS 3.5.1, which zu sein based on...Android 6.0.1! android Nougat was officially releasedmonths ago, und new phones are currently being sold runningthe new version des the OS, however OnePlus opted weil das the tried and true Marshmallow version anyway. That being said, they already announced that ns 3 and 3T would certainly be able to update zu Nougat in December.


In short, the user interface is a gewächs like roden Android and it isn"t constructed upon the latest version von Android, which is a shame. That said, prefer with the OnePlus 3, the bild isn"t entirely black.Some von the the interface elements oase changed, like the quick bar settings i m sorry look an ext like Nougat, und the more intuitive options, in addition zu a weather app und voice recorder which also appeared.

On one hand, devotees des pure android will find it agreeable, despite some tiny differences likesmaller symbols here and there. On ns other hand, there is no bloatware. Die software provides some useful functions, like accessibility help for the visually impaired (TalkBack, different font sizes, zoom gestures) and the app Locker function which locks particular apps with a code through die "Never Settle" banner on the top left von the home screen.


This mode enables you kommen sie quickly accessibility your recent contacts, apps, und a statuspanel which offers you in idea des your remaining battery life, storage usage, und other widgets. Personally, i don"t discover this an extremely useful, since ich prefer kommen sie use google Now zu get weather und news updates, however I"m certain some wollen like it.

If you want kommen sie customize your menus, you have two options:light or dark. Plus, you can set a an additional color, like in all schwarze farbe menu through green text that will really gestanden out. Moreblack on in AMOLED is always good zum battery life. It"s notfall necessarily useful, but some möchte like having the color options.

OnePlus 3T performance

Before we get too far, let"s talk about die technical specs des this device. Die processor is a 2.35 GHzQualcomm Snapdragon 821.According kommen sie Qualcomm, it"s 10 percentmore an effective than its predecessor, the 820 through its 2.2 GHz. Zu complement this, us find ns improved Adreno 530 graphics chip, which deshalb boasts at least a 5 percentperformance boost und low battery consumption. In addition to all of this, we uncover 6 GB von RAM, to add 64 GB or 128 GB des storage, die latter von which zu sein only available an the Gunmetal color.


On die 3T, we discover UFS 2.0 (universal speed storage), i beg your pardon shouldallowfor reasonably quick loading von apps. An practice, I"ve found this to be true. Zum everyday use, die performance zu sein good: ns RAM und processor tun können handle multitasking und deliver a good experience consistently. Ich haven"t encountered any kind of crashes, slow downs, or bugs. Every little thing seems to be fluid. Die phone seems to get warmafter heavy use, but nothing abnormal. Die fingerprint reader can unlock ns device und take sie to ns home screen an 0.2 seconds.

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You kann use both nano sim karte trays on ns device, but OnePlus unfortunately didn"t provide us a MicroSD map slot.

As far as benchmarks go, ns smartphone jahrgangsstufen well, also against ns OnePlus 3 i beg your pardon sets the bar. You tun können find ns results of the test bei thetable below. Ns battery life prüfung was carried out with the screen at maximum brightness, a topic which we wollen return to in the ar on the battery.

Benchmarks - OnePlus 3T

3D unterschrift Sling Shot das 3.13D unterschrift Sling Shot das 3.0

3D unterschrift Sling Shot es 2.0

Geekbench 4 - single coreGeekbench 4 - multicorePC unterschrift Work performance 2.0PC unterschrift StoragePC mark BatteryGoogle Octane 2.0
OnePlus 3T235829833061018844394575946884h 54m6566
OnePlus 3229128622703817153972535536464h 52m8115

If you"re a VR aficionado, i have badewanne news. I am very downhearted about this phone"s VR potential early to die low resolutionof ns screen.

The OnePlus 3T has actually slightly elevated SAR level from die OnePlus 3, with the highest report levels being 0.995W/kg(head) and 0.645W/kg (body).

OnePlus 3T audio

Here again, we discover a einzel speaker located on the bottom von the phone, on die left side von the USBport, v regard kommen sie sound quality, the mono speak isn"t as great as a stereotype speaker you could buy bei a store, but die quality zu sein satisfactory zum what that is. The max volume is pretty high, but weist high volumes, quality ist degraded und sounds metallic.


Unfortunately, the phone doesn"t come with headphones. Most manufacturers offer headphones, even if they"re not the ideal quality ones. Together you kann imagine, die audio experience is better through headphones.

During calls, ich haven"t experienced any problems. I could hear and be heard plainly with no concerns around audio quality.

OnePlus 3T camera

On the back of the OnePlus 3T, we find ns same configuration as that von the OnePlus 3: a SonyIMX 298 16 mp (back) lens with an f/2.0 aperture, and a pixel size von 1.12 microns. That said, ns potential zu sein different. Our experte photographer, Robert, has actually examined die issue and found some differences between the alt model und the neu one.

The most notable difference is the edge-to-edge sharpness von the OnePlus 3T. Lens quality zu sein often prioritized weil das maximum sharpness in the center des the image area, since most people möchte ideally picture their subjects an that space. The areas around the edge can often it is in softer due kommen sie manufacturing or various other implementation issues an a lens. However, ns OnePlus 3T is sharper edge-to-edge compared to it"s predecessor. This wollen be many apparent an good shoot conditions, favor on a bright clear day, which ist when shutter speeds are in der nähe des enough to notfall diminish bild quality through blur.

The camera on ns 3T ist perhaps not the best on the market, however it go the job quickly with schritt detection auto-focus (0.2 seconds) und generally provides an excellent results. Its photos aregood quality, even wie man conditions aren"t very bright. Details show hoch well und there room no saturationissues. The said, if freundin zoom an a lot, sie will seen a sort des border or outline betwee black und white forms (like branches and the sky).


On the front, we have another 16 mp camera, but it ist not die same together the back one: it is a samsung 3P8SP. Die aperture ist f/2.0. The quality zu sein good, an ext than great enough for selfies. Die front camera can deshalb take videos in 1080p weist 30 fps, 1080p punkt 60 fps, 720p, and 4K. You can see die difference an quality bolzen the OnePlus 3 and the 3T: die colors room better and the details are crisper.

The image stabilization zu sein equally good, both optically and electronically. Ns camera apps is thesame as the OnePlus 3, both in terms des the interface und its options. Save Location, Shutter Sound, and save RAW Image are ns only possible settings, yet rest assured that you willfind the manual mode, panorama mode, und the video options, including slow motion und accelerated. The slow motion videos kann sein be shot an 720p. Und you can so save your photos bei .RAW format.


Hint: you kann launch ns camera apps with a double-tap on die camera button, just like ns OnePlus 3. It ist a shame that there weren"t any kind of revolutionary changes to die rear camera, provided that the competition doesn"t hesitate kommen sie up their game with a f/1.7 aperture. Weil das example, samsung increases theirpotential during low irradiate conditions und improved die Bokeh effect.

OnePlus 3T battery

The OnePlus 3 has actually a batter capacity von 3000 mAh, yet itdecided zu go a step beyond with ns OnePlus 3Tby giving 3,400 mAh. A larger battery bei the very same size device, there is no making design concessions, is very interesting.

In general, ns battery life ist good, but ich must admit that ich didn"t usage it auch heavily: just instant messaging, news, a bit des video, some music...In short, a user prefer me will oase the phone lasting a day and a geholfen easily. I made time to test it in the shoes von a demanding user, und spent time on that watching videos and playing games, and the call doesn"t disappoint. Overall, it zu sein longer lasting than its predecessor.

The Dash Charge system (5 volts 4 amps) allows weil das quick charging des the phone. The technology provides a stronger current while maintaining a low voltage, i beg your pardon can auslieferung energy and files quickly. Specifically, ich charged ns battery native 9 percentto 100 percentin around 75 minutes.

OnePlus has actually indicated the the system provides a entirety day"s worth des battery life in just 30 minutes of charging time. In practice, i went from 5 percentto 57 percentin half bei hour, v WiFi and mobile säule turned on. A heavy user would most likely not belastung a whole day with just 57 percent, realistically.

I went from 5 percentto 57 percentin half in hour.

We hear that in der nähe des charging zu sein extraordinary because it prevents heating up the device, and the user may thus continue kommen sie use their phone when charging without any danger. This ist maybe true, but we can"t i think everythingwill it is in cool. The charger itself wollen heat trost as well, and after a while, die phone starts zu heat hoch too. Admittedly ns situation ist under control, weist least according to OnePlus, however a hot charger would certainly panic anyone.

With ns PCMark 2.0 benchmark, ns phone got a 4h 54m score with maximum brightness und the WiFi rotate on. An comparison, die OnePlus 3 gott 4h 52m with the same conditions (WiFi on, max brightness, und no sim karte card).

Dimensions:Weight:Battery size:Screen size:Display technology:Screen:Front camera:Rear camera:Flashlight:Android version:User interface:RAM:Internal storage:Removable storage:Chipset:Number des cores:Max. Clock speed:Connectivity:
152.7 ns 74.7 ns 7.35 mm
158 g
3400 mAh
5.5 in
1920 x 1080 pixels (401 ppi)
16 megapixels
16 megapixels
6.0.1 - Marshmallow
Oxygen OS
6 GB
128 GB64 GB
Not available
Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
2.35 GHz
LTE, NFC, Dual-SIM , Bluetooth 4.2

The OnePlus 3T ist the flagship killer. Ns OnePlus 3"s crown ist being taken by the 3T. What was best about the OnePlus 3 ist now made even better über the 3T: in upgraded Snapdragon 821 processor, a bigger battery, in improved former cameraand various software adjustments. In short, the OnePlus 3T walk a good impression des aOnePlus 3 ausführung 2.0.

That said, if you"ve already got a OnePlus 3, don"t bother zu upgrade. Ns lack of android Nougat ist a failure on the part of OnePlus, bei my opinion. True, the update wollen be available bei December, but a phone through these specsrunninglast year"s version of android just isn"t right. Ns lack of a microSD map slot is deshalb regrettable, however that"s notfall a surprise, since die OnePlus 3 didn"t oase it either.

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In the end, the OnePlus 3 zu sein no much longer available and this will motivate people zu buy the OnePlus 3T, which is more high-quality but deshalb more interesting than die OnePlus3. However, ich wonder if the would have been easier to simply wait for the OnePlus 4. Could it be that ns young Chinese manufacturer wollen hold united state off with die OnePlus 3T, as a signal the it might be a lang while prior to we get the OnePlus 4? stay tuned.