The "Orphan Black" story wollen continue as a 10-episode audiobook, entitled "The next Chapter," set zu debut ~ above Serial Box.

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“Orphan Black” signed turn off television bei August 2017 after five seasons und 50 episodes, yet its breakout star Tatiana Maslany has announced die story ist set to continue bei a neu audiobook collection that wollen span 10 episodes. Ns show’s production company, Temple straße Productions, has actually inked a deal with Serial box for “Orphan Black: the Next Chapter,” which möchte find Maslany reprising herstellung various clone characters weil das a neu adventure collection eight years after the television collection finale.

Neither Serial box or Temple street Productions are giving away plot details about “Orphan Black: the Next Chapter,” back they did tease the the fan favorite relationship between Cosima (Maslany) and Delphine (Évelyne Brochu) “definitely plays a large part an the story.”

Temple street Productions, the production agency behind the sci-fi thriller, inked a address premium digital fiction startupSerial Boxto develop a brand-new installment, “Orphan Black: ns Next Chapter” — continuing the story des the clone sisterhood und their allies (and enemies) after the ende of the TV show. Malka Older möchte serve together showrunner des the neu episodes, with ns writers’ room consisting of Mishell Baker, Lindsay Smith, and Heli Kennedy.



“We room delighted kommen sie be able zu extend ns ‘Orphan Black’ franchise through this new und innovative partnership v Serial Box,” die show’s executive, management producers Ivan Schneeberg und David Fortier said bei a share statement. “‘Orphan Black’s devoted fan will jetzt get more of what they liebe on this interesting listening and reading platform.”

Serial kasten is an audiobook platform that presents serialized geschichten that commonly run 10-16 weeks. The zuerst chapter von “Orphan Black: the Next Chapter” will be free kommen sie stream, while subsequent episodes möchte $1.99 each. Users tun können buy a season happen at bei average price von $13.99.

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“Orphan Black” aired 5 seasons on bbq America, coming to be a breakout hit und a launching pad zum Maslany. Die actress earned 3 Emmy nominations forOutstanding command Actress an a drama Series across ns series’ run und she won die award in 2016. The show ended with ns revelation des all 274 clones, prompting scientistsCosima and Delphine kommen sie head out on a pflicht to save them all from arespiratory disease die clones space susceptible to.

In addition zu “Orphan Black: ns Next Chapter,” ns franchise is also set to continue with in AMC series set bei the exact same universe. The show ist currently in development.

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