PRINCESS BEATRICE und her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi room yet zu reveal what their baby girl"s benennen is. However if Beatrice wanted zu pay tribute zu members of the Royal household past and present, right here are nur five von the names she might choose.

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Princess Beatrice infant name: 5 heart-warming imperial names Beatrice might give herstellung daughter (Image: GETTY)


Princess Beatrice"s very own middle nennen is elizabeth after die Queen (Image: GETTY)


Alice is a benennen with strong royal shasheelamotors.comnnotations, with numerous royals von the previous holding ns moniker.

Princess Beatrice"s lover grandfather, prinz Philip, was born zu Princess Alice of Battenberg, deshalb she may wish kommen sie pay tribute kommen sie him von naming her daughter Alice.

Princess Alice was so the benennen of Queen Victoria"s 2nd daughter, deshalb Beatrice might wish zu honour produziert ancestor.

Beatrice"s own name was thought zu be a tribute to Queen Victoria"s youngest daughter, also Princess Beatrice.


Sarah Ferguson ist known to be passionate about the life of Queen Victoria (Image: GETTY)


Running with ns same theme, Princess Beatrice shasheelamotors.comuld deshalb choose kommen sie name her daughter Victoria.

Queen Victoria was Britain"s longest-serving monarch prior zu Queen elisabeth II.

So the link to a strong monarch of history may appeal to Beatrice und Edo when naming your daughter.

Beatrice"s mother, kauf es Ferguson, is so known kommen sie be passionate about die life des Queen Victoria, deswegen choosing the name Victoria might be a sweet tribute to sarah too.

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Princess Eugenie"s name ist Eugenie Victoria helena (Image: GETTY)

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Princess helena was ns third daughter von Queen Victoria.

But the name Helena also has one-of-a-kind significance for Princess Beatrice, as it is the middle name of herstellung sister Princess Eugenie.

Sarah Ferguson choose names with strong Victorian links zum both produziert daughters, v Eugenie"s full nennen Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena.

Beatrice may wish to pay tribute to Queen Victoria and her sisters Eugenie von choosing helena as produziert daughter"s name.



Mary has been a prominent royal name in British history, und Beatrice might wish zu shasheelamotors.comntinue die name"s royal importance with herstellung own daughter"s name.

The Queen was known to schutz a great relationship with herstellung grandmother, Queen Mary.

The Queen"s father, King george VI, so had a sister dubbed Princess Mary, who was Princess Royal.

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