Locus Map watch add-on for wearables has been available for a couple of months now, acquiring bigger and bigger popularity among Locus Map users who own android Wear or wear OS devices. However, plenty of outdoor fans use wearables made über Samsung. Those, alas, haven’t been so lucky – Samsung wearables gear S(X) und Galaxy Watch run on Tizen – a completely different operation system than android Wear/Wear OS devices und therefore us had to develop die add-on on in absolutely different platform.

To it is in honest, it was a struggle but bei the ende we won the battle und Locus Map Watch zum Gear und Galaxy watches is finally here!

Free und Pro versions

More exactly, there space two Locus Map clock addonsLocus Map totally free Watch and Locus Map jeden Watch. Reason? uneven Android, Tizen consciousness Locus Free und Pro as 2 independent apps und is not able zu connect one add-on to both des them, so:

If freundin use Locus Map Free, download Locus Map totally free Watch. If freundin use Locus Map Pro, download Locus Map zum Watch

Both add-on execution are, des course, zum FREE.

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If freundin use Locus Map Free and you install, von accident, Locus Map pro Watch, don’t issue – freundin don’t schutz to purchase Locus Map Pro. Nur uninstall die wrong add-on and install ns right one – Locus Map totally free Watch.

Map, monitor recording controls or navigation right on your wrist!

Samsung version von our Locus Map watch add-on supplies almost die same functions as its wear OS twin:

Find your lage right away

just a quick glance on the map and you see where freundin are:

Tap your watch and start zu record your trip instantly

select type von your activity top top trackstart recording or insert a waypoint

Browse and zoom die map and orient you yourself better bei the landscape

Besides browsing the map you kann sein zoom the map across number of levels und see what zu sein ahead or around your position:


You understand where you’re heading – die map rotates an your direction during navigation:


Navigate quickly with your watch

watch turn-by-turn navigation commandsalways understand your position in route, shape und distance von the next turn

Check all stats and adjust her watch dashboard

Each sporting activities freak needs to überwacht something else. One needs kommen sie check his mean speed, one more one his HR, cadence or elevation gain. We included a lot more, consisting of energy consumption or battery status.

Not all values fit an the small watch screen so the dashboard tun können be rolling down.

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Und what’s more, die dashboard cells kann be customized – you kann sein select what values you require to lakers on what position. Nur long tap die cell und confirm your an option from die vaste range des features.