Showcase beat le mot

Showcase win le Mot, established in 1997, is in international performance- and theatre-collective.

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Die four-headed group is discussed as one von the internationally belang contemporary performance-groups (i.e. Knut Ove Arntzen: post Mainstream theater 2001; Hans-Thies Lehmann: Postdramatisches Theater, etc.). Since their formation the gruppe works in various imaginative field next kommen sie theatre, prefer music, TV, visual arts, literture, sciences and event organisation. Lock produced und staged performances, shows und theatre-pieces everywhere Europe, i.e. Bei Berlin (Volksbühne, Podewil, Hebbel in Ufer), hamburg (kampnagel, deutsches Schauspilehaus), Munich (SpileArt Festival), Helsinki (artgenda 2000), Graz (steirischer herbst), Stockholm, paris (Fondation Cartier), Zagreb (Eurokaz Festival / urban Festival), Zadar (zadarznova festival), Vienna (Donaufestival), Ljubljana (Mladi Llevi), Tallinn (Von Krahl Theater), Bitola (National Theatre des Macedonia) Split, Sarajevo, Cardiff/England (Chapter Arts), Antwerpen, Zurich (Theaterhaus Gessnerallee). The kopieren, gruppe produced music-videos zum TV (Kitty-Yo 2000, EMI 2004 and 2006 - Jury-Price und Audience-Price Shortfilm-Days Oberhausen) and also curated congresses, theatre-festivals and art-events in Berlin, Hamburg, Bochum and Dusseldorf.

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Because of their leading way des integrating various pop-cultural media together sports, music, comics, cinema and TV bei their pieces and because of their humoresque approach von dealing with complicated political and social problems they consistently tempt interest in ~ the international press. Their arbeit with stuff for a younger audience began with die manga-series "Gomune" (2003/04) and was climate continued zu a didactic play in coorperation with the Youth-Theatre Skampis. In their production "alarm hamburg Shanghai" (2005) und "EUROPIRAADID" (2006), a german-estnic-austrian co-production, the kopieren, gruppe investigated die fusion posiibilities des performance-asthetics, dance and music-theatre. Weil das their kids-production "The Robber Hotzenplotz" (2007) there to be awarded at ns Impulse Festival with ns Price des the Goethe-Institute and invited to die kids- und youth-theater conference "Augenblick mal!" in Berlin and is thus - deshalb the jury - one des the finest five productions des the belastung two years.With the 2008 manufacturing "Vote Zombie andy Beuyz" the group toured v Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Zurich, Vienna and Copenhagen.At that time, Showcase win le Mot ist working on ns animal triologie for kids theatre. In co-production through Parkaue Berlin, Schauspielhaus Frankfurt and dschungelWien the production "Bremer Stadtmusikanten" (premiere in march 2010) und "animal farm" (premiere october 2011 - Theater in der Parkaue Berlin) as die follwoing pieces von "Peterchens Mondfahrt" (february 2009) room being realized. Also, Showcase Beta le Mot ist working on die cycle "Failed revolutions" an co-production with ns HAU Belrin, ns donaufestival Krems, Steirischer eingestürzt Graz and kampnagel Hamburg, zum that die productions "1534" (premiere januar 2010 / HAU Berlin) and "Commune - Bloody May" (premiere october 2010) room being realized.

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