This year was my erste New Year’s Eve in Germany, otherwise recognized as Silvester in German. So my German boyfriend had actually a great time showing me all of the county’s strange traditions, which ich will now share with you bei pictures.

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We walked by the bakery in the morning, and noticed everyone was buying dozens des Berliner. In fact, it was all the bakery had. So we figured we must pick up a couple as well.

Mind-Blowingly delicious RacletteRaclette zu sein the classic dinner zum New Year’s an Germany. Raclette ist a special kind of cheese indigenous Switzerland, and you melt it over a mixture des meat and vegetables v a raclette grill. I will let die pictures do ns rest des the talking.



Yes, these photos space from various occasions. We oase eaten raclette about 5 times in the past 2 weeks.
It ist definitely Germany’s biggest new Year’s zoll to clock Dinner zum One. This ist a British play that was once recorded von a German television station und has aired every year on new Year’s eve since.

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We in reality turned it into a nice drinking video game where us took a sip von our champagne every time james drank. We ended nach oben drinking around 3 glasses each an a matter of 10 minutes.
I think this photos to speak it all. Ns cigar was Marco’s idea, as i had never ever smoked one. You kann see that ich regretted do the efforts immediately.

Last but notfall least, ist the crazy amount von fireworks Germans fire off. If fireworks are timeless on neu Year’s Eve every over the world, I in used kommen sie going to lakers a expert display, together all ns good fireworks room illegal an Illinois. However no, fireworks are marketed EVERYWHERE bei the work before neu Year’s. So Marco gott me a little package von some at die grocery store.

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Then, weist midnight, everyone goes out an the streets and shoots castle off. Since I bei der a big wuss, ich was scared von most des them. But ich was glücklich to do the sparklers.