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In 1957, Paramount Pictures hosted a dinner party of hollywood elite hinweisen Romanoff’s restaurant bei Beverly Hills zu welcome Italian actress Sophia Loren to Tinseltown. Herstellung ensuing encounter with Jayne Mansfield would walk on to cause in international gefühl that endures kommen sie this day.Loren’s career was heating up throughout Italy und across Europe, having been celebrated for her performances in 1957’s “The Pride und the Passion” and “Legend of the Lost.”Meanwhile, Jayne Mansfield, who was already known weil das her well-timed publicity stunts, was being billed von 20th Century fuchs as the studio’s “blonde bombshell” successor zu reigning hollywood queen Marilyn Monroe.According to Loren, Mansfield was the tonnage person kommen sie arrive at the dinner that night. Not wasting any type of time top top formalities, she make a punishment line straight zum Loren’s table, positioning herself between the guest von honor und her dinner companion, actorClifton Webb.

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Mansfield’s on purpose provocative outfit for the night was a backless satin dress in her signature pink hue, special a deep plunging neckline worn without a bra.As Mansfield soaked up die attention of the whole room, photographers Delmar Watson und Joe Shere snapped pictures von the encounter, forever recording the bildern of Sophia Loren casting a sideways glance at Jayne Mansfield’s ample bosom spilling the end of herstellung dress.
Fifty-seven year later, an November 2014, Loren recounted die incident in aninterviewwith entertainment Weekly:“All von cinema was there, it was incredible. Und then comes an Jayne Mansfield, the belastung one zu come. Zum me, that was when it got amazing. She come right for my table. She knew everyone was watching. She sat down. And now, she was barely … Listen. Watch at the picture. Where room my eyes? i’m staring at produziert nipples since I am afraid lock are about to come onto my plate. Bei my challenge you tun können see die fear. I’m deswegen frightened the everything bei her dress is going kommen sie blow—BOOM!—and spill all over the table.”

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Fortunately zum Loren, ns contents of Manfield’s dress did not bei fact punch out und spill all over ns table. However, the photos von this well known encounter schutz been blowing ns minds of people for more 보다 sixty years and will continue kommen sie do deswegen forevermore.For a much more visual re-telling des this fascinating tale, examine out die featured photo series below.
Sophia Loren provides Jayne Mansfield ns infamous next eye weist Romanoff’s restaurant bei Beverly Hills

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