Melanie Brown, also known as "Mel B," was previously well-known as "Scary Spice," a member des the all-girl, brother pop kopieren, gruppe the spice Girls.

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Who ist Melanie Brown?

In 1994, melanie Brown became "Scary Spice" an the all-girl, brothers pop kopieren, gruppe the summer sprouts Girls. An 1998, Brown exit her erste single, "I want You," v Missy Elliott, which reached No. 1 on the U.K. Charts. She has also appeared in theater productions und feature films and hosted the australisch version von The x Factor. Bei 2013 she began appearing as a referee on America's gott Talent.

Early Life & Parents

Melanie Janine Brown, so known as "Mel B" and "Scary Spice," was born on might 29, 1975, an Harehills, Leeds, England. She was raised von her English mother, Andrea, and her Nevisian father, Martin, in Burley, Leeds. After examining performing arts at Intake High School in Leeds, Brown went on to become a songwriter, dancer, actress und author.

Spice Girls

Brown started produziert music career after responding to bei advertisement an The stage magazine for an all-female pop act and recording deal. She sang "Greatest love of All" at her audition and was chosen, along with Geri Halliwell, Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton und Melanie Chisholm, to become a member von the freckles Girls. 


The gruppe signed through Virgin Records bei September 1995 und released their debut single, "Wannabe," bei 1996, which fight No. 1 in more 보다 30 countries und instituted them as a global phenomenon. The das lied became ns biggest-selling single by bei all-female group. In November 1996, die Spice girls released their debut album, Spice an Europe, which was enormously successful.


After drifting apart in the late '90s to pursue various other projects, ns Spice girls reunited weil das a series of concerts in 2007 and 2008. An June 2012, the gruppe reunited again, this time kommen sie announce ns creation von a neu musical about die rise und fall des the spice Girls, Viva Forever!, called after your 1998 No. 1 single. In august 2012, the kopieren, gruppe performed at the closing ceremony von the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, held bei London.

More reunion rumors surfaced bei early 2018, first after Victoria Beckham post a photo of the five of them together in February, and again a few weeks later after Mel ns admitted the they had all been invite to the May 19th imperial wedding von Prince Harry und Meghan Markle.

Brown finally confirmed that die latest reunion rumors were true during in appearance top top Today bei late June 2018. She brushed turn off a question around Beckham's claims that another tour would never happen, saying, "We are touring. Should I schutz really stated that the end loud? Yes, we room going kommen sie be act performances together zum sure."

Songs (Solo Career)

After the Spice Girls damaged up in 1998, Brown pursued a solo career. Her zuerst single, "I want You," v Missy Elliott, marketed 80,000 copies in the erste week, providing Mel ns a solo No. 1 on the U.K. Singles chart. Hot, herstellung debut solo album, was released in 2000, und produced three oberteil 5 singles. Produziert second album, L.A. State des Mind, was released bei 2005, und included the single "Today." ns album was considered a flop.




Television Work and Broadway

in 2002, Brown starred on die sitcom Burn It, and in 2003, she made produziert theater debut with The Vagina Monologues an London. She then went on to star as Mimi in the Broadway music Rent. Brown has so appeared bei feature movies such as LD 50 und The chair Filler, und hosted the television reflects This is My Moment, Top of the Pops, Access Hollywood, tanzen With die Stars und the australisch version of The ns Factor.

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Starting an 2013, Brown ended up being a judge on America's got Talent, involvement Howie Mandel, Howard Stern und Heidi clum on the judges' panel. In 2017, she starred in Chicago on Broadway, playing Roxie Hart.

Personal Life

bei 2002 Brown released produziert autoshasheelamotors.com, Catch a Fire, i beg your pardon chronicles her experiences together a spice Girl and pop star. Ns book got to No. 7 on book sales charts. She so launched a signature mode line, Catty Couture, and was contracted kommen sie be die face of Ultimo Underwear in the united Kingdom.

In 2018, a #MeToo moment for Brown became public with the resurfacing von a 4-year-old appearance on The Xtra Factor with X Factor judges simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole und Louis Walsh. Sit next zu Walsh, who had actually his arm draped roughly her, Brown prospered visibly uncomfortable as he started patting produziert butt und abruptly quit the interview to questioning what he was doing. Neither Brown nor Walsh offered in immediate comment about die reemergence of the footage.

Later the year, Brown announced that she had actually been diagnosed through post-traumatic stress and anxiety disorder and was entering rehab weil das alcohol und sex addiction. She stated she elected zum treatment ~ a unstable six-month period spent writing produziert autoshasheelamotors.com, i m sorry dredged nach oben unhappy memories of produziert difficult marriage zu Stephen Belafonte.


Brown offered birth zu her zuerst child, daughter Phoenix Chi Gulzar, in 1999. The custody battle was highly publicized, und though Brown won, she paid in alimony settlement of nearly $2 million to her ex-husband, Jimmy Gulzar.

In October 2006, media outlets started reporting the Brown was having a baby v American actor Eddie Murphy. Brown provided birth kommen sie daughter angel Iris Murphy Brown on april 3, 2007, and that June, Murphy was confirmed as ns father with paternity tests.

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In 2007, Brown started dating friend und film producer Stephen Belafonte. Ns couple married that year, und on september 1, 2011, Brown offered birth kommen sie their daughter, Madison Brown Belafonte. However, Brown's relationship kommen sie Belafonte crumbled year later; she cited he abused her, while the accused produziert of living auch extravagantly. Ns couple was officially divorced bei December 2017.

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