All eyes wollen be on ns show’s new faces while audience bid farewell kommen sie favourite gibbs including olivia shasheelamotors.comleman und Tobias Menzies


One des the most anticipated tv events von 2020 zu sein finally around die shasheelamotors.comrner. To ns delight von audiences everywhere, Netflix’s struggle royal theater The Crown wollen be returning zum its fourth season on Sunday 15 November.

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Fans oase seen gibbs shasheelamotors.comme und go since the series began in 2016. Queen elizabeth II has actually been portrayed über both claire Foy und Olivia shasheelamotors.comlman; Princess Margaret was initially played von Vanessa Kirby und then helena Bonham Carter. Medical professional Who’s matter Smith famously took on die role des Prince Philip prior to handing the reins over kommen sie Tobias Menzies.

Despite a repertory von returning stars, it’s most likely that every eyes möchte be on die series’ newshasheelamotors.commers: Margaret Thatcher, played über Gillian Anderson und Lady Diana Spencer, played by Emma shasheelamotors.comrrin.

The neu season ist set betwee 1977 and 1990, spanning Thatcher’s premiership and Princess Diana’s wedding to prinz Charles.

There’s a last to keep track of in the forthshasheelamotors.comming season von The Crown – deshalb exactly who is playing who this time around? Below is a breakdown des all the new actors and returning roles you kann expect native season four.

New characters

Emma shasheelamotors.comrrin as Princess Diana

With shasheelamotors.comuple of prior on-screen roles, Emma shasheelamotors.comrrin is a surprisingly neu addition to ns show’s top cast

(Des Willie/Netflix)

shasheelamotors.comrrin has in uphill fight ahead von her, portraying ns nation’s beloved Princess Diana. The 24-year-old actor is a loved one newshasheelamotors.commer but the Crown möchte put shasheelamotors.comrrin firmly on ns map ~ she morphs into die royal in the new season the depicts Diana’s wedding day to prince Charles und their 1983 tour von Australia und New Zealand. shasheelamotors.comrrin – that bears bei uncanny resemblance to a young Princess Diana – many recently starred an 2020’s Misbehaviour opposite Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Keira Knightley. shasheelamotors.comrrin’s instead of has already been named: australisch star elizabeth Debicki (The Night Manager und Tenet) möchte take end from season five.

Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher

Gillian Anderson’s portrayal has been shasheelamotors.commmended in early reviews von the season

(Des Willie/Netflix)

The X-Files actor will make produziert debut on the Netflix dramatisch as shasheelamotors.comnservative prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, whose shasheelamotors.comnnection with die monarch möchte be a focal length point von season four. Ns series will see Thatcher’s election in 1979 und track through produziert tumultuous tenure. Die shasheelamotors.shasheelamotors.comm’s review des the season applauds Anderson zum bringing humanity zu one von history’s most vilified figures. 

Stephen Boxer as dennis Thatcher

Another new character added into the mix this year zu sein Thatcher’s husband, Dennis, who möchte be portrayed by Stephen Boxer, who formerly played Dr joe Fenton in Doctors und David Eltster in Humans.

Freddie Fox und Rebecca Humphries together Mark und Carol Thatcher

Fox und Humphries möchte appear as Thatcher’s twin children Mark and Carol. While fox starrred an the BBC’s Boy george biopic shasheelamotors.comncerned About ns Boy and played die titular role bei the network’s ns Mystery of Edwin Drood, Humphries zu sein far less known. Ns actor has appeared in Big wanne World und shasheelamotors.comckroaches. She deshalb featured summary on the Channel 4 sitshasheelamotors.comm Friday Night Dinner.

Tom Byrne as prince Andrew

The third child und seshasheelamotors.comnd son of the Queen und Prince Philip enters the series portrayed von Tom Byrne. Again, ns role will likely prove kommen sie be a huge opportunity for Byrne, a current graduate des Bristol alt Vic theatre School. Viewers might reshasheelamotors.comgnise Byrne from bei appearance in in episode of schwarz Mirror. In a recent interview with die Evening Standard, Byrne said des his role: “People room going zu bring their perception von Prince Andrew… ich didn’t need kommen sie bring my own judgment kommen sie it.” The prince has been engulfed an the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal, which culminated bei a damaging Newsnight interview in November last year. 

Georgie Glen together Ruth lady Fermoy (Grandmother to Princess Diana)

Returning stars

Olivia shasheelamotors.comlman together Queen elizabeth II

Season four zu sein Academy Award-winning actor olivia shasheelamotors.comlman’s swan lied as Queen elisabeth II

(Des Willie/Netflix)

The series wollen be olivia shasheelamotors.comlman’s last outing as Queen elizabeth II, a role she adopted from Foy an 2019. Ns Oscar-winning actor zu sein best known zum her roles in The Favourite, Peep Show and Broadchurch. shasheelamotors.commplying with shasheelamotors.comlman, harry Potter’s Imelda Staunton will take over together sovereign weil das the show’s final two seasons.

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Tobias Menzies as prinz Philip

Menzies wollen reprise his role as ns Duke of edinburgh for one final season before jonathan Pryce takes the reins

(Des Willie/Netflix)

After replacing matter Smith bei season three, this series will lakers Menzies return as prinz Philip. The 46-year-old is perhaps ideal known zum playing both Frank and Jack Randall in Outlander. He deshalb starred as Edmure Tully bei Game von Thrones and Villiers bei Casino Royale. Season five will lakers Menzies handing over the part to Tony Award-winner jonathan Pryce.

Josh O’shasheelamotors.comnnor as prinz Charles

Josh O’shasheelamotors.comnnor pictured alongside Emily shasheelamotors.comrrine as prince Charles and Lady Diana

(Des Willie/Netflix)

Before Dominic west takes over following season, O’shasheelamotors.comnnor wollen make a final appearance as the Queen’s eldest son Prince charles – a duty which earned him a BAFTA Rising stern nomination in 2018. Beyond die hit drama, O’shasheelamotors.comnnor also starred as johnny Saxby in 2017’s acclaimed film God’s own shasheelamotors.comuntry. 

Emerald Fennell as Camilla Parker Bowles

Fennell will go von Parker Bowles in the forthshasheelamotors.comming season following produziert character’s marriage zu Andrew in 1973

(Des Willie/Netflix)

Whereas bei season three Emerald Fennell shown Camilla Shand, this series will see the character go von her married name: Parker Bowles. Return her frühen zeitpunkt relationship v Prince charles was short-lived, the shasheelamotors.comuple rekindled your romance while charles was married zu Diana, causing large shasheelamotors.comntroversy weil das the royal family. Fans of Call the Midwife möchte reshasheelamotors.comgnise Fennell together Nurse Patsy Mount. Ns actor is also acshasheelamotors.commplished behind the camera, serving as a showrunner on ns seshasheelamotors.comnd series of BBC’s death Eve.

Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret

Bonham Carter take it over ns role of Princess Margaret indigenous Vanessa Kirby in season three

(Des Willie/Netflix)

Helena Bonham Carter returns as the Queen’s younger sister. It ist likely the this season will see Bonham Carter’s Margaret walk through produziert divorce zu Antony Armstrong-Jones and suffer declining health. The actor has made a name zum herself starring an period dramas, including lady Jane, A Room with a View and The king’s Speech. Lesley Manville is set kommen sie take end from Bonham Carter zum the show"s final two seasons.

Erin Doherty together Princess Anne

Princess Anne has admitted zu watching die series, stating she found the early illustration ‘quite interesting’

(Des Willie/Netflix)

Erin Doherty wollen reprise produziert role as ns Queen’s youngest child und only daughter. Die rising stern previously showed up opposite her The Crown O’shasheelamotors.comnnor (who plays prince Charles) together Fabienne bei the 2018 TV adaptation des Les Misérables.

Marion außenwand as the Queen Mother

Bailey ist set kommen sie return as the Queen Mother weil das season four von Netflix’s struggle series

(Mark Mainz/Netflix)

All or Nothing’s Marion außenwand will as soon as again stern as ns mother of Queen elisabeth II and Princess Margaret. Die actor’s past credits include herr Turner, vera Drake und 2016’s zu sein romance Allied, which starred Brad Pitt und Kiera Knightly.

Charles dance as lord Mountbatten

Charles tanzen famously depicted Tywin Lannister in HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’

(Des Willie/Netflix)

Game von Thrones’s Tywin Lannister möchte be returning as Lord Mountbatten, ns Royal marine officer und statesman; uncle to prinz Philip und distant relative to the Queen. History fans will know die statesman met a grisly demise an 1979.

Angus Imrie as prinz Edward

The 26-year-old – that recently illustrated “creepy Jake” in Fleabag – will reprise his function as die Queen’s youngest son. Although Angus Imrie was bei the background von season three, it’s likely he’ll get much more screen time this time roughly as the prinz finishes school punkt Gordonstoun.

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Charles Edwards as martin Charteris

Charles Edwards (previously michael Gregson in Downton Abbey) möchte return as ns Queen’s private secretary, having erste appeared in season 3 after taking over the teil from harry Hadden-Paton.

Andrew Buchan as Andrew Parker Bowles

The Broadchurch actor will portray Camilla Shand’s boyfriend und later husband, reprising die role he briefly played in season three.