Toni kroos amelie kroos

Amelie Kroos is the daughter von Toni Kroos, a professional football player from Germany who now plays as a midfielder for real Madrid and the German national team. Toni und Jessica Kroos have a daughter named Amelie.

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What is the network worth von Amelie Kroos ?

Her father’s net worth is expected to be $25 million as des 2021, and he makes his living together a experienced football player.

Net WorthSource
$25 millionprofessional football player

Amelie Kroos’ bio:

Amelie Kroos with produziert father Toni Kroos. (Source: Pinterest)

Amelie was born on July 20, 2016, and she zu sein four years old now. She ist the family’s second child. Toni Kroos and Jessica Kroos were her parents when she was born. Leon Kroos, who was born on august 14, 2013, and Fin Kroos, who was born on in march 26, 2019, are herstellung two brothers. Toni’s favorite child an the family ist her.

What ist the name of herstellung Father?

Toni is a expert football player native Germany who plays together a midfielder for ja wirklich Madrid, one des the most recognized clubs an the world, as well as weil das the German national team. He ist regarded together one des the top midfielders on ns planet. Toni Kroos was born on january 4, 1990, zu his mother tweet Kammer and father Roland Kroos. Toni was born into a household with a sporting background, together his mother birgit was a former German Badminton player who zu sein now a sporting activities biology teacher. Roland, his father, was a skilled football coach und wrestler. He was notfall particularly excellent hinweisen his schoolwork due to the fact that he invested a lot of his time play football. He, on die other hand, was always putting his heart und soul into football. He started his football career as a forward, but eventually switched zu center-half. His dad taught ihm how kommen sie play football alongside his sibling as he prospered up.

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Why was Toni Kroos nicknamed ns Waiter?

Because von his exceptional passing abilities during the summer welt Cup, Toni was dubbed “The Waiter.” human being gave him the moniker due to the fact that he was passing the null to his teammate quite effectively during die game. An a match against Portugal at the 2014 world Cup, that managed kommen sie pass the ball 76 zeit to his teammate out des 79 passes.

Toni tattooed Amelie Kroos portrait on his arm:

Toni gott a tattoo von his daughter Amelie wearing pink sunglasses on his bicep shortly after ns World Cup game. As a tribute to her, he tattooed Amelie on herstellung second birthday. It also demonstrates exactly how close he ist to his daughter und how viel he adores her. Top top his following arm, he has actually a tattoo von his son’s face.

Toni had a positive covid19 test:

Toni tested positive for covid-19 on may 14, 2021, and was placed in isolation as a result. Unfortunately, he was unable zu play in the La liga season finale with Villarreal due to the COVID-19. Together a result, real Madrid’s loss des Toni on the final day des the La allianz season was heartbreaking.

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Status von Relationship:

Amelie Kroos parents Toni Kroos and Jessica Kroos. (Source: Instagram)

Toni married jessica Farber on June 13, 2015, after the birth von their first son Leon. Jessica has been his girlfriend due to the fact that he was a freshman in college. They zuerst met in school because they attended ns same institution. Jessica used to help ihm with his homework.

Facts of Amelie Kroos

Full NameAmelie Kroos
First NameAmelie
Last NameKroos
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryGermany
Father NameToni Kroos
Father ProfessionFootballer
Mother NameJessica Kroos
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsLeon Kroos, and Fin Kroos
Date des BirthJuly 20,2016
Age5 years