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It"s been practically 10 years since Hailee Steinfeld"s breakout role in True Grit, but ns actress und singer remembers it choose it was yesterday.

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"It was such a grausam experience," Steinfeld freshly told ET"s katie Krause, looking rückseitig on her role as Mattie Ross an the acclaimed Coen brothers" Western."I do feel like ich freaking won die lottery through that entirety thing. Ich mean, that role was incredible, die writing was amazing, ns filmmakers obviously. Everything about that whole thing was perfect."

Steinfeld was nur 13 wie man she was selected from bei open spreading call des thousands zum the teil -- i beg your pardon would at some point score her bei Academy compensation nomination weil das Best supporting Actress. While she admits now that "so many of those moment were deshalb pivotal weil das me," at ns time she was most excited about jene like getting zu dress up und get her makeup done weil das the press junkets.

"I cried my eyes the end the tonnage day des shooting ns movie, because ich literally thought the world was coming to in end," she recalled through a laugh. "Both Jeff Bridges und Matt Damon looked punkt me und they weretotally kind oflike, laughing under their breath. They to be like, "Kid, it"s nur the beginning,"meaning, "We"re gonna see deswegen much of you, you"re gonna be sick of us," und I was like, "I"m never gonna lakers you again, what bei der I gonna perform tomorrow morning when i don"t schutz a call time?""

In the film, Bridges and Damon pat aU.S. Marshal and Texas Ranger, respectively, v whom Steinfeld"s character embarks top top a aufgabe to avenge her father"s murder. While they"ve kept in touch over die years, ns actress claimed there"s a bit von that True Grit influence bei every arbeit she"s had since.

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Watch Hailee Steinfeld’s Response kommen sie Being inquiry Whether she’s Joining 'Hawkeye' (Exclusive)

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Watch Hailee Steinfeld’s Response kommen sie Being request Whether she’s Joining 'Hawkeye' (Exclusive)

"They"re amazing, those guys," she marveled. "Just being an their presence, Ilearned deshalb much. Und Istill, if I"m ~ above set, Ifind myself act something or an additional that reminds me of them, and Iknow that I"m doing the because ich learned it from them."

"I couldn"t oase dreamt von a better place zu start," she added, noting that some von the best advice she received was to schutz fun with her work and not take jene too seriously. "At the point bei my life, Ihad never been top top a movie set like that before, Ididn"t know what was coming... It was deshalb amazing to lakers how wonderful und kind and professional they to be constantly --and they schutz fun, i will tell you that."

"I think sometimes, "If Icould go back and make that movie now,"you recognize what Imean? i wouldn"t execute that, because i wouldn"t want zu touch it, yet Ithink that would certainly really teach me what it ist I"ve learned in all this time."

Steinfeld"s recent project is another critically acclaimed duration piece -- die actress theatre renowned author Emily Dickinson in Apple TV+"sDickinson. As her first television starring role, die experience has actually been one more learning process zum the actress, together it"s ns most time she"s invested with a einzel character.

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"I"ve had actually one various other experience, where I"ve do a sequel kommen sie a film,but the was ns only other time Iwas able to direkte with the same character weil das a much longer period of time," she noted von returning weil das the second season, which wrapped filming before the coronavirus pandemic led to significant shutdowns throughout Hollywood. "We kind ofpicked up right where we left off, und it was just in amazing experience kommen sie be able zu do that. Ich didn"t feel favor Ihad the chance to do that before."

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"The showis quite wild," she said des the series, i m sorry takes a few creativeliberties through the einzelheiten of ns famously reclusive und eccentric writer"s life. While season 2 doesn"t yet have bei official release date, Steinfeld claimed she"s excited for fans to lakers what"s zu come."There"s a last of twists und turns. There"s a last of unforeseen and there"s just a mach das licht an of a gewächs more of that bei season 2. I"m excited to lakers it all come together myself."

In addition to her film and TV projects, Steinfeld also just released herstellung second EP, Half composed Story,at the beginning von May. Many fan have speculated about feasible references to produziert split v Niall Horan on ns album, however, die actress and singer remained diplomatic, saying ns only an answer she"s received deshalb far is"a gewächs of fans showing me love."

"The other geholfen of mine story is still being composed --I"m still figuring the end what that is," she said of the EP"s title. "Just life my life. Taking my time, doing me. Whatever happens happens, und I write around it."

As weil das her message kommen sie fans in this unprecedented time von public shutdowns und social distancing, Steinfeld shared,"Stay positive. Breathe. Be kind to yourself. This zu sein a difficult time, i think a last of us room being really hard on ourselves appropriate now, due to the fact that we can"t execute a last of the things we"re typically able zu do, and a lot of us room alone throughout this time...Be patient und know that with each day the goes by, we figure more und more out about what our future aussehen like, und hopefully whatever is rückseitig to everything our new normal möchte be very soon. But Iwill nur say the you"re not alone und I"m with you. We"re in this together."

See an ext from die actress and singer in the video below.

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