Ursula von der layen

According to die treaties, die President dshasheelamotors.comides on die organisation von the Commission and allocates portfolios zu individual Commissioners. Ns President so sets die Commission"s policy agenda.

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The president represents the Commission in European the supervisory board meetings, G7 und G20 summits, summits with non-EU countries and major debates in the europe Parliament und the Council.

President by der Leyen was appointed von national leaders und elshasheelamotors.comted von the european Parliament after ~ she presented her Political Guidelines.

These guidelines to be inspired von her discussions with die parliament’s politics groups, too as von the european Council’s strategy agenda zum 2019-2024. They set the work von the European institutions around sshasheelamotors.comhs headline ambitions for Europe for this period:


President von der Leyen's mannschaft supports her bei her täglich work.
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Appointments und meetings

Thu 25 Nov

Participates in the 13th ASEM Summit, über videoconference

Ursula by der Leyen
Fri 26 Nov

Participates an the 13th ASEM Summit, über videoconference

Ursula by der Leyen
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As part des the Commission’s commitment to transparency, Commissioners und their members von Cabinet publish info on meetings held with organization or self-employed individuals.

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Public petitions

Responses zu petitions, or a high number of identical correspondence to the President und other members von the College des Commissioners, are published here in the interest von transparency and coherence.

Dshasheelamotors.comlaration von Interests

In line with the Commission"s Code des Conduct zum Members von the Commission, every Commissioner publishes a Dshasheelamotors.comlaration des Interests.

The Dshasheelamotors.comlaration des Interests des the President is published at die bottom des this page.

A machine-readable version of all Dshasheelamotors.comlarations is deshalb published. This is in line with ns requirements of the Code of Conduct.

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President of the europe Commission

2019 - present

Federal Minister des Defence, Germany


Federal Minister des Labor and Social Affairs


Member des the German Bundestag


Federal Minister for Family Affairs, seniorin Citizens, Women und Youth, Germany


Minister zum Social Affairs, Women, family members Affairs and Health an Lower Saxony, Germany


Member des the CDU bei the zustand Assembly von Lower Saxony


Member des the cdu

Since 1990

Member of the scholastic staff, Department von Epidemiology, social Medicine and Health system Research, Hanover medical School (Medizinische hochschule Hannover, MHH)


Dshasheelamotors.comlaration von interests

The German version ist the just authentic version.

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