That was the headline of a minneapolis Police niederdrücken release on might 25, 2020, in the hrs after bei unnamed man in his 40s died. Absent from the nearly 200-word post ist any mention of officers restraining er on die ground, a knee ~ above his neck, or any kind of sense von how lang this "interaction" lasted.

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Thanks to video indigenous a 17-year-old bystander, we now know what yes, really happened: Former police officer Derek chauvin murdered george Floyd, a 46-year-old schwarz man, über using excessive und unreasonable force when he kneeled ~ above Floyd"s neck und back zum 9 minutes and 29 seconds. Chauvin was convicted Tuesday on 2 counts of murder und a count von manslaughter in a Minnesota criminal court.
In light von his conviction, the original press release ist worth revisiting to understand ns ways that police statements can hide die truth with a mix of passive language, blatant omissions und mangled sense von timing.
The link to the post now redirects kommen sie the minneapolis Police website, however its text remains easily accessible through the internet Archive.


The polizei were responding zu report des a einer using a suspected counterfeit $20 bill. Floyd was under die influence of fentanyl und methamphetamine at ns time, according to a toxicology report. He did physical resist offizier when they tried to get him into ns squad car. They were able to get er into handcuffs.
The offizier did notice he appeared zu be in medical distress, and they did speak to for in ambulance. No tools were "used," hinweisen least bei the feeling that lock did not shoot him or beat him with a weapon.
But take away together, die post ist deeply misleading and works kommen sie obscure ns officers" role bei his death.
It flips die timing of the handcuffing, hiding the fact that floyd was an handcuffs nearly from the anfang of their interaction.
It notes the he was put in handcuffs und "suffering clinical distress" in the very same sentence, even though lock occurred about 20 minute apart. Most importantly, that ignores what polizei did in between those two events.
There zu sein no mention that polizei restrained him bei a prone lage on the ground or that chauvin kneeled ~ above Floyd"s neck. That does not mention that chauvin remained in that lage for in extended period -- 9 minutes and 29 seconds. It does not mention that floyd repeatedly said "I can"t breathe" und called weil das his "mama" prior to he shed consciousness, stopped breathing und lost his pulse. The does notfall state that chauvin stayed ~ above his neck till paramedics motioned zum him to get nach oben off Floyd"s limp body.
It also does not mention that former officer Thomas lane pointed his gun at floyd while that was in his vehicle, which tun können be construed as "using" a weapon.

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We know the truth of all des this because von a remarkable amount des video mirroring what really happened that day.
The 17-year-old, Darnella Frazier, posted produziert video to Facebook, which was seen von people across die world, including the minneapolis Police chief. Genevieve Hansen, bei off-duty firefighter who was rebuffed from er hob aid zu Floyd, so filmed parts von the scene from a slightly various angle. An additional high college student used her friend"s call to film the incident, she testified.
A stadt surveillance camera from throughout the straße showed the restraint of floyd from a distance. A 911 dispatcher that watched the live feed of that videos called produziert supervisor to voice her concerns around what she had actually seen. Other videos from inside the Cup foodstuffs store, exterior a Chinese restaurant and from a bystander in his automobile showed what occurred prior to ns fatal restraint.
Finally, three des the officers" human body cameras proved their expanded interactions with floyd up close. Chauvin"s camera fell underneath die squad vehicle prior to ns restraint so does not show everything, however it expose his come to ns scene and his attempt to verteidigung his actions afterward.
Upon zuerst learning a einer had been hospitalized while in police custody, minneapolis Police chef Medaria Arradondo alerted the minnesota Bureau of verbrecher Apprehension and called die mayor, the testified in Chauvin"s trial. He climate watched video von the arrest indigenous a stadt camera across the street, however nothing jumped out about it, the testified.
Around midnight, a communications member contacted ihm to show ihm Frazier"s bystander video, giving ns chief in up-close view von the incident, that testified.
On may 26, as Frazier"s video went viral und sparked extensive outrage, the minneapolis Police press release was updated with another vague line: "As additional die info has to be made available, it has been established that the Federal Bureau of Investigations (sic) wollen be a part von this investigation."
A teen with 'a cell phone and sheer guts' zu sein credited for derek Chauvin's killing conviction
Chauvin was arrested und charged v murder on might 29, and the three other officers were arrested und charged with aiding and abetting on June 3. They oase pleaded notfall guilty und are meant to stand trial this summer.
Elder, the police spokesman who sent out die alert, told die Los angeles Times tonnage year that he based the anfangsverdacht release on die info from sergeants that work in the area and computer-aided dispatch, which did not mention the use des force. The hadn"t reviewed ns body-camera footage yet.
"This had literally zero intent kommen sie deceive or be corrupt or disingenuous. Had actually we well-known that this (situation) was what we experienced on the video, the statement would schutz been completely different," Elder said the la Times.
In response, ns Minneapolis city Council voted tonnage summer kommen sie move die Public die info Office the end from the police department and under ns city"s control, according to affiliate WCCO.

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On Wednesday, george Floyd"s brother Philonise floyd said it was ns presence of cameras that opened doors zum the "historic" verdict an the chauvin trial.
"To me, Emmett Till, he was the first George Floyd," referring to ns 14-year-old schwarz boy who was tortured and murdered an Mississippi bei 1955. "It nur wasn"t any type of cameras around. That"s ns only thing that readjusted — ns cameras, die technology. It helped open up doors since without that, mine brother just would have been another person on the side of the road left kommen sie die."