Was bedeuten die ganzen zeichen bei whatsapp

Whether you chatting with ns community, asking questions, or obtaining clarifications from shasheelamotors.com engineers, the sich entschuldigen shasheelamotors.com Forums space a great place zu learn and share die info about apfel platforms.

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The forums schutz a ton des great content, und we want kommen sie help freundin get the most out des your visit. Examine out part tips and tricks kommen sie discover how you kann sein post prefer a pro, trost your reputation, quickly find the best answers, und more.

Personalize her profile

While anyone kann sein view and browse die forums, you will do it need to sign in with your sich entschuldigen ID if sie want to ask or answer questions. Once freundin register, you kann customize her profile through a preset avatar, add your ar if you comfortable act so, und share a verknüpfung to one of your apps on the anwendung Store.

Just monitor a couple of simple steps:

Sign into your account.Go to your profile silhouette in the upper best corner des the screen.Click or madness on her silhouette.Click or tap Edit Profile.

From there, you kann sein change every little thing you’d like to change, and also choose kommen sie show information like how lang you’ve been on the forums. From her homepage you can deshalb keep bei eye top top threads you’ve authored and watched, and favorite schild you’re interested in following.

Tag, she it

Tags are provided on every post in the forums: You kann view all of the most recent questions filed under a provided tag von clicking or tapping on it — and check out any relevant technical documentation or information zum that tag.

You can deshalb personalize your homepage with tags und threads the you’re most interested in. Zum example, you tun können add ns “WWDC21” tag to her “My Tags” list so you can quickly watch all the discussions happening.

See all available schild on die forums

Search swiftly

Available on every court page, ns search bar lets sie look weil das questions, tags, and profiles. You can supercharge your search queries v a couple of quick advice — this is how.

Keyword search Type in a word it is three personalities or longer und hit return to get concern titles or descriptions connected to the word (or words) did you do it typed.

Tag searchWant zu search weil das a tag? form it in brackets, like so:

This query möchte return information on tags with die word “Mac” in them. Type in the name of a specific tag, and you’ll go right to die tag’s landing page, which has a briefe description von the tag and a list des recently tagged questions.

Combination searches If you know the name of a specific tag or many tags, you kann sein combine them through a keyword zu further refine her search. Zum example:


This search wollen return all concerns that schutz “Catalyst” in their location or description and are tagged with both “macOS” and “Beta.”

Find a person Want kommen sie take a look hinweisen someone’s profile? Use die following:


Replace “username” with ns person’s username the you’re looking zum to get a list von matching civilization (or, if did you do it entered an exact match, you will do it visit the person’s profile).

Quickly spot shasheelamotors.com Recommended answers

When browsing gericht threads, you tun können use colors and shapes zu quickly find out a bit much more about the post. If making use of a computer mouse or trackpad, you can also hover your pointer over any boxen to obtain more information about the post.


All unsolved questions appear with a blue kasten to the left of the object title, with die number des replies inside the box.

Once a question has been marked “solved,” that box turns green. And if in shasheelamotors.com shasheelamotors.com forums admin has marked that prize “shasheelamotors.com Recommended,” ns post’s green box gains a darker border around it.

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Tip: be a problem-solver

Our community has a wealth von knowledge von both apfel platforms and products. If sie spot a concern on ns forums that freundin think you tun können answer, you kann reply zu that post with your suggested solution. If the helps ns author des the post, they kann mark her answer as die solution to their problem, und you obtain reputation points for providing the best answer. If one of the shasheelamotors.com staff members agrees, they may promote her answer to sich entschuldigen Recommended — netting you even an ext reputation.

When you"re viewing object themselves, you tun können spot answers significant as shasheelamotors.com Recommended along ns left side des the screen: They’re represented with a schwarze farbe circular icon with a white shasheelamotors.com logo inside des it.

You can so add comment on questions and answers zu provide paper definition or ask zum clarification.

Rep her reputation

Great community members space key kommen sie a an excellent experience — and on the shasheelamotors.com shasheelamotors.com Forums, you can help your ar surface necessary questions and earn reputation with constructive participation in threads. Moderators may review gericht posts to ensure a safe and secure platform for you und other shasheelamotors.coms. As soon as a post has to be approved, however, ns community tun können rank und promote posts to ns front page or top des a tag.

The forums use a points-based system: Participating bei threads und constructively providing answers kann sein help sie gain points und privileges.

Here are some of the perks you kann sein gain on the forums zum participating actively:

When freundin provide a advantageous solution, the author kann sein mark her answer together “Accepted” und your profile lists ns number des accepted answers did you do it provided.When you provide a equipment that admins mark as “shasheelamotors.com Recommended,” freundin receive in “shasheelamotors.com Recommended” argorial on your profile.You kann sein report posts for being duplicates or spam. (Requires hinweisen least 50 point out reputation)You kann downvote concerns or replies. (Requires weist least 100 points reputation)

Gain clues by:

Providing a reply the gets significant as “shasheelamotors.com Recommended”: 25 pointsProviding a reply the gets marked as "Answered" von the author: 15 pointsAsking a inquiry that it s okay upvoted: 5 pointsProviding a reply that gets upvoted: 5 points

Lose clues by:

Having in upvote rescinded zum your inquiry or reply: -5 points (neutralizes the previous upvote)Providing a question or reply the gets downvoted: -2 pointsHaving spam or inappropriate/ abusive content that freundin posted removed: -15

Share replies within a post

Want to link out kommen sie a forum thread bei Messages, email, or elsewhere? You can share die original post or any kind of reply von going zu a thread and tapping or click on the Share button, discovered inline to ns right des the post.

You can also use rss support zu keep hoch with forums sie are interested in with her favorite rss reader.

Post prefer a pro

Ready to ask a question or share her thoughts? this is how to make your post look great.

Content ist crucial wie posting a question, take into consideration what you kann sein provide together background to help world understand her issue. Try kommen sie mention any type of limitations, assumptions, or simplifications. If sie forget something or make a typo, you kann edit your inhalt for nach oben to 15 minutes after posting.

Tag it up You kann add up kommen sie four tags to any type of post. Pick stichworte that relate directly kommen sie your question, and consider whether you’d want to see your post listed in ~ that tag if it were being made über someone else. You tun können see tag descriptions wie choosing tags zum your question deshalb you tun können quickly select die most suitable ones.

Mark the down ns forums take it advantage des the Markdown language zu quickly and easily format your text without cumbersome formatting, including:

HeadersOrdered lists, tasks, und unordered listsBold und italic textLinksCode and syntax highlightingBlockquotes, code, und text quotes

Attach in image or a file Upload an image kommen sie your inquiry or answer zu provide supporting visual details.

Attach a log If your post would benefit from attaching log in content, click or madness on the attachment icon bei the buchstabe editor. Include a title, dough your log in content, and click add Text. This text will it is in linked in the body of your post.

Mark together Accepted If who provides sie with a good answer on die thread, nothing forget to unterschrift the answer together Accepted. You kann only markierung one reply as solved, und it can’t be unmarked. (You deshalb can’t resolve your own question.)

Event excitement

At WWDC21, the forums are giving several event-specific schild to explore. Everyone kann view and read all WWDC-tagged posts. When you sign in with your shasheelamotors.com ID, freundin can so share her thoughts using die WWDC21 Community tag or request aid around conference logistics with the WWDC21 Support tag.

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Have an ext thoughts on die forums? You tun können provide feedback über contacting sich entschuldigen shasheelamotors.com assistance or by creating a post and adding ns Forums Feedback tag.