Wie Lange Geht Der Neue Star Wars Film

(shasheelamotors.com) - It"s to be a while since star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker premiered and arrived on Disney+. It"s meant zu serve as in end to the sci-fi saga (that currently ended twice), but if you think Disney zu sein done printing money bei the form of neu Star battles content, you’d better think again.

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At Disney Investor day 2020, ns company revealed new projects set in the star Wars Universe, including numerous Disney+ shows und films. Bei the year since those announcements, we"ve seen the premiere des a couple des shows. An additional one - ns Book des Boba fett - ist right around ns corner. Clearly, Disney is banking heavily on stern Wars, specifically after it struck oil with die Mandalorian.

It also has plans weil das future star Wars films. Here’s everything we know about these upcoming projects und the future des the star Wars Universe.


Upcoming stern Wars movies und shows: every little thing confirmed


The Book des Boba fett (TV series)

Release date: 29 December 2021 ~ above Disney+

The end of die Mandalorian"s second season brought an additional surprise: ns announcement von a standalone show zum Boba Fett, i m sorry will so release at ns tail-end von 2021. The zeigen will pick nach oben where we left Boba fett at the end of ns Mandalorian"s season two end credits scene - as he seeks to rebuild Jaba ns Hutt"s verbrecher empire for himself.

Check out ns trailer zum The Book des Boba fett here.


The Mandalorian - Season 3 (TV series)

Release date: 2022 top top Disney+Disney+’s quit hit wollen return zum a der dritte tag season bei 2022. Ns announcement was made weist Disney"s Investor day 2020. Whether the talismanic Grogu ist anyone"s guess weist this point, but we"d very much assume the the hauptsächlich character, our iconic bounty hunter, wollen return.


Andor (TV series)

Release date: most likely 2022 top top Disney+We"ll forgive sie if freundin don"t instantly remember Cassian Andor as die rebel spy native Rogue One. He passed away helping to steal die Death stern plans.

Disney ist currently working on a prequel series that sees gibbs Diego Luna return as Andor. Alan Tudyk wollen return, together well, as die droid sidekick K-2SO. Ns series should serve together a way zu fill an the at an early stage days of the Rebellion - between the rise von the Empire bei Star battles Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Star battles Episode IV: A neu Hope - much like ns Mandalorian fills ns gap betwee the initial trilogy and the more recent sequel trilogy.

Disney revealed a behind-the-scenes look hinweisen Andor, finish with neu footage weist Investor job 2020.


Ahsoka (TV series)

Release date: UnannouncedAhsoka Tano was Anakin Skywalker"s apprentice an the man series the Clone Wars before she became disenchanted with ns Jedi order and left it behind. She reappeared bei another man series, stern Wars: Rebels, fighting with the Rebels against ns Empire. She lastly made her live-action debut, played von Rosario Dawson, in the season two episode of The Mandalorian.

Now, the character ist getting produziert own series.

It möchte be set an the same time as the Mandalorian and produced über showrunners Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, who created ns character while working on Clone Wars. Disney claimed this series möchte crossover with the Mandalorian and the following entry in our list weil das a finishing "climactic" event.


Obi-Wan Kenobi (TV series)

Release date: 2022 ~ above Disney+Obi-Wan Kenobi zu sein returning for in all-new adventure, and the series will deshalb see the return von Hayden christensen to reprise ns role of Darth Vader. The series wollen be collection 10 year after the pair dueled ~ above Mustafar in Revenge von the Sith. Deborah Chow möchte direct Obi-Wan Kenobi, und Joby Harold wollen be die head writer. A behind-the-scenes look at the series was released weil das Disney+ Day.

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Acolyte (TV series)

Release date: notfall announced, yet it"ll kommen sie to Disney+Disney revealed Acolyte hinweisen its Investor day 2020 event. We recognize it will be set 200 year before the events von the initial trilogy - weist the end of a time well-known as ns High Republic era, when Jedi were hinweisen their strongest. It"s described as a secret thriller that will feature a rising threat from the Dark Side des the Force. Leslye Headland ist writing the new project.

Kirilloparma | Wikipedia

Untitled stern Wars project by Taiki Waititi (film)

Release date: 19 December 2025If you"re unfamiliar with Taiki Waititi, he"s ns writer and director behind the films Thor: Ragnarok und Jojo Rabbit, zum which that won an Academy Award. He so voiced die assassin-turned-babysitter droid IG-11 in the zuerst season of The Mandalorian. Bei addition to that role, he directed die final episode of that season. Now, he"s creating a neu Star Wars film that that will deshalb direct.

The film will take place after the events von the sequel trilogy and explore uncharted territory. Waititi will share composing duties with Krysty Wilson-Cairns, that wrote 1917 und One Night in Soho.Of course, this movie isn"t slated zu premiere till 2025, so we"ve gott a way kommen sie go prior to we lakers it.


Lando (TV series)

Release date: not announced, but it"ll kommen sie to Disney+Lando Calrissian is in iconic star Wars character the debuted in The empire Strikes Back, whereby he was portrayed by Billy Dee Williams.

The character went back recently bei Solo: A stern Wars Story, but he was played von Donald Glover. But nearly a year after ~ Lando was initially announced, neither of those actors are confirmed zu be in the series, and there"s little in the way of news about the series.


A Droid Story

Release date: notfall announced, but it"ll come to Disney+Two sections des LucasFilm that normally don"t arbeiten together often - the visual impacts experts hinweisen Industrial Light and Magic and Lucasfilm computer animation - möchte work together zu create this new animated movie starring R2D2 und C3PO as they endeavor on a journey with in all-new hero.

Marvelfan2017 | Wikipedia

Untitled stern Wars project von Kevin Feige

Release date: UnannouncedDisney announced an September 2019 that Kevin e - ns president des Marvel Studios - will work with Lucasfilm chairman Kathleen Kennedy top top a neu Star battles film. There room no einzelheiten on when the film will be exit or what it will be about, however this seems prefer a no-brainer move.

Feige assisted turn the Marvel Cinematic Universe right into a huge commercial success. So, die only question we oase is: wollen Disney lug on e for a one-off stern Wars movie, or is he going to become the defacto showrunner zum the stern Wars Universe, similar zu what the does for the MCU?

Upcoming stern Wars movies und shows: every little thing delayed or canceled


Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Release date: DelayedRogue Squadron was supposed to lakers Wonder woman director Patty Jenkins helm a film about a new generation von fighter pilots under ns call sign Rogue Squadron, which was made famous in the initial trilogy together the group of fighter pilots Luke Skywalker führen zu into battle versus the zuerst Death Star. Disney exit a heartfelt video featuring Patty Jenkins explaining why do this film means deshalb much kommen sie her.

IBut, it was ultimately announced die movie would be delayed indefinitely. Back it"s notfall officially canceled, reports have suggested it"s the latest stern Wars film shelved because des creative differences bolzen the director und studio.


Rangers of the new Republic (TV series)

Release date: CanceledSet an the exact same time frame as die Mandalorian und produced by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, Rangers von the neu Republic was supposed kommen sie interweave with die events of Ahsoka und The Mandalorian by centering approximately Gina Carano"s Cara Dune, who was featured an The Mandalorian. Thanks zu some controversial comments from Carano, she was removed from every upcoming stern Wars projects.

As a result, Rangers des the new Republic was canceled.


New stern Wars trilogies

Release Date: CanceledOne von the initial moves von Disney ~ acquiring star Wars was kommen sie bring bei creators kommen sie make their own star Wars trilogies.

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First hoch was Game of Thrones creators, david Benioff und DB Weiss, that signed a profitable deal kommen sie create your own stern Wars trilogy. It was promptly canceled soon after. Then, there was Rian Johnson, who directed The belastung Jedi. That had long been rumoured to be in line zum his very own trilogy, however that has due to the fact that been shelved together well, as he"s relocated on to new projects.

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Writing über Maggie Tillman. Initially published ~ above 24 januar 2020.
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