14% von bloggers earn their salary über blogging.

Du schaust: Wie verdiene ich geld mit einem blog

 Not dafür many, right? And it’s great news, together it means you have a wahrscheinlichkeit to take it your place at ns market and leave you nine-to-five job.

This time we wollen be talk specifics, numbers and real examples trying to present the ja wirklich picture, without myths about billions of dollars und belittling that says it’s impossible to money make blogs .

How viel you kann sein earn native a blog

It might be hard zu believe, however several years ago the situation on blog market looked somewhat choose this:


Not really optimistic, as more 보다 a für hilfe of all bloggers who took part in the survey didn’t do it up zu $100 .

The data from 2016 reflects a much more promising picture:


As you tun können see, the situation improved significantly, und it looks like die question of How to make extra money online? is no much longer that complicated. But, why?

The era of paid advertisements started means back in 1994 wie man the erste ad banner appeared, yet it just with the rise des social media platforms, the we gott to know what’s over there valuable for us, simple internet users.

Starting with 2010, companies like Mashable und BuzzFeed began kommen sie provide neu opportunities to connect advertisers and their audience with paid ads . A couple von years prior to that MageNet started kommen sie grow as a platform that permits users kommen sie monetize their websites using contextual ads.

Is it currently late zu join this club? No, certainly not! Marketing is moving to its pique, und it’s a perfect time zu learn how kommen sie make money online and prosper as a successful blogger.

Factors of success wie man make money blogging

We might make in endless list here, as, really, there is no limit zu perfection, however the hauptsächlich three would be the following:

 Content and its topic; Number des blog visitors; SB Rank of the blog;

You may currently be tired des this, but content continues to be number one in your priority list. Good inhalt on belang subjects notfall only draws visitors und forms a devoted audience, yet eventually, makes die blog attractive to search engines und advertisers.

This makes the second aspect logical – ns more world like your blog, the more they wollen choose zu come rückseitig to that or re-publishing it with friends.

SB Rank here serves notfall to promote your blog top top Google, as this goes there is no saying, but to prove your reputation to die advertisers .

Strategies to earn money from the blog

Okay, deswegen it’s notfall a lied – sie can, bei fact, do money on your blog, but how not to gain lost in the variety des monetization options? Some strategies that can help in making selection are below. However, we covered many von these and others in previous write-ups about blog monetization and ways zu make money by writing blogs .

Cost über Click Advertising. As straightforward as it kann be: freundin agree zu place ads on your blogs’ pages, and when someone clicks top top them freundin get ns money. It’s really easy to anfang getting money from this type of advertising if you have high regular traffic to die blog.Cost per Mille. This one is very similar zu CPC, however, you get the money zum every thousands impressions viewed von users.

Google Adsense is a famous choice zum both CPC und CPM. At MageNet we have developed another system that helps freundin get money for ad placement as soon as every month no matter how numerous clicks the gets. There space two plugins that will help sie here: WordPress Plugin and   Universal Plugin .

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 If sie haven’t tried them yet, or you are pertained to it möchte be difficult, do sure zu read our Installation Guide zum Universal Plugin and check Installation tab zum WordPress Plugin .Affiliate Program. If you join one des them, climate you’ll get ns money zum every purchase made after her recommendation. The wisest thing wie man participating in any affiliate program zu sein to care around your readers’ needs und wishes und promote die products that room relevant and useful. This way you’ll be sure not to shed your audience in search weil das money.MageNet Referral Program. You can actually earn more on a regular basis without searching zum new monetization programs und systems. Our Referral Program allows you kommen sie get money easily von simply referring her friends to MageNet. When they start earning through us, you möchte get 10% commission zum each dollar they make. Every month. Just prefer that.Sponsored posts. When your readers to trust you, freundin both can benefit from together monetization type: readers will get some helpful advice around a product, und you will get paid zum that. Always try kommen sie make the win-win weil das all of you, don’t encourage a product of wanne quality, remember that your success has a last to carry out with your travellers and, eventually, through their satisfaction.You kann search weil das brands yourself, use freelance web page or some platforms design specifically for these needs. The latter ones typically simplify ns process des search weil das advertisers. Adsy is, probably, die easiest one to use – sie add her site, pick a category for it, and get orders for sponsored short articles with the preis you name yourself.

Premium Content. Of course, you will anfang with free inhalt for everyone, but as freundin become a echt professional an a field or get some an important experience or skills, sell them, there’s nothing wanne about that. Another great thing here is that when you create premium content, there zu sein no need for you kommen sie collaborate through advertisers or ar ads on her blog.


Lastly, when you obtain sick von your blog or decide kommen sie do other new, you oase a chance to sell it and get money to follow your new dream . Weigh your accomplishments wisely, do some calculations and set a reasonable price. For example, if her blog makes about $10,000 a month, you could expect to get $200,000-300,000 . However, it möchte depend a gewächs on you dealing v a skilled broker who kann get you such price.

What advertisement Formats zu Use kommen sie Earn money?

In general advertisement formats kann be gift this way and you tun können keep it an mind when you collection a place weil das ads using MageNet Plugins .


There room actually tons von horror geschichten about ad layouts that will scare away die visitors of her site, yet which von them are really true?Let’s take pop-up and pop-unders , zum instance. Though countless say the their presence affects the popularity of a site, experiment like this show that there isn’t viel correlation there:


It doesn’t typical that pop-ups and pop-unders must appear everywhere on the site, of course, yet such info gives sie more freedom when choosing options kommen sie monetize your site.

Another survey offered a curious result showing that the majority von users like banner ads to sponsored posts – an additional thing to consider before committing kommen sie these monetization ways.


When us examine the way users treat different types von ads , as whole Interaction rate makes huge Rectangle ns obvious winner. By interaction, an this case, we typical expanding die ad, do it complete screen, moving a computer mouse over it weil das longer 보다 a second und clicking ns ‘Close’ link.


It’s possible to earn ja wirklich money from your blog

It yes, really is! The numbers möchte differ indigenous one niche zu another as you kann sein see below, but any type of well-though monetizing campaign möchte be fruitful.


If sie want to seen more numbers, check real-life examples des people who chose MageNet to monetize their blogs in our Success geschichte section . Some des them give their useful advice, and it’s a valuable die info from people, who schutz already achieved an excellent results an monetization.

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Your blog tun können help freundin make money online starting this month, use MageNet website Value Calculator to lakers the exact amount des money you can earn and the most suitable monetization methods for your details case.