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Du schaust: Windows 10 mobile support
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( - Microsoft acknowledgedback in 2017 that it would certainly nolonger it is in developing windows Phone. And now it"s time for us kommen sie say goodbye completely (as if us hadn"t already) because Microsoft is now withdrawing support zum the mobile OS, which stays one of Microsoft"s biggest failures.

Tuesday 10 December zu sein the date wie man support wollen be withdrawn. It zu sein important, sincesecurity updates schutz continued kommen sie be make available. Deshalb many businesses und some consumers schutz continued with ns mobile devices they bought number of years back.

Ironically, many von those companies und users bought windows Phones because von the compatibility through Windows und the ease of deploying hundreds or thousands von units.

According to Microsoft"s assistance page, "Windows 10 Mobile, ausführung 1709(released October 2017) is the last release of fenster 10 Mobile und Microsoft will end support on December 10, 2019.

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The ende of support day applies to all windows 10 mobile products, including fenstern 10 Mobile and Windows 10 mobile Enterprise."

Users des theWindows 7 laptop und desktop OSwill deshalb find support cut off this time following month - 14 january 2020 zu be precise. Just enterprise customers wollen be sustained after that.


My Take über Dan Grabham combine editor
Let"s notfall mince indigenous - Microsoft totally stuffed up fenstern Phone, or fenstern 10 Mobile as it was later known. At one allude it was a promising neu mobile ecosystem.

The forerunning fenstern Mobile software was poor and lagged means behind ns emerging iOS and Android zum around three years after the iPhone launched in 2007.

But Microsoft surprised everybody punkt Mobile world Congress bei 2010 with a genuinelyinnovative und usable mobile OS an Windows phone call 7.

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There to be two significant problems; die world"s ideal software firm miserably failed zu improve on ns software, while it so didn"t attract enough developers or partners. Devs understandably wanted Android"s approach and Windows Phone never gained enough traction.