Want kommen sie give your computer a distinctive look? discover how to customize windows 10 through these powerful tweak tools!

What"s that? sie don"t like the way windows 10 looks and acts? we can"t imagine why—the operating system goes through extensive testing und is widely regarded as the most stable und enjoyable communication on ns market.

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Okay, we"re joking. If freundin want zu change die way fenstern looks and acts, keep reading. These are some des the best tools kommen sie customize windows 10.

customizer god
Customizer God—which is compatible with fenstern 7, 8, and 10—should be your go-to tool weil das changing noþeles about the way the icons in Windows 10 look.

There are new icons zum the start menu, the taskbar, her drives, the battery, die login screen, ns time and date, und a whole last more.

The anwendung is deshalb easy to use. You don"t need any specialized knowledge, just install the on her system and start tweaking it.

Download: Customizer God (Free)

TweakNow PowerPack ist more geared in the direction of customizing die way windows 10 behaves quite than die way that looks.

For example, you tun können set up an automatic schließung which will turn off her computer at a specific time, optimize your system"s lamm usage, und create a distinct shortcut zum CPU-intensive apps that tun können automatically assign die highest CPU priority level und free nach oben sufficient RAM.

And then there"s The Virtual desktop computer module helps sie set up four custom-designed desktop computer configurations that you tun können match with your mood and your work requirements.

There"s also a food selection with more than 100 hidden windows settings, a it is registered cleaner (which sie should use v caution), und a revamped start-up manager.

Download: TweakNow PowerPack (Free)

Winaero Tweaker zu sein a fenstern 10 tweak tool. It has actually rolled with each other several des the old standalone Winaero customization apps into a einzel interface.

The software program boasts an enormous number des features that space way too numerous zu list an this article. Here"s a klein sample to give you bei idea von what ist possible:

instantly prevent "- Shortcut" from being added to the end of neu shortcuts. include eight tradition colors to die Settings > Personalization > Color menu. Change the size des the scroll bars. Disable ns Pin kommen sie Start context menu command (how plenty of times have you coincidentally clicked on it while emptying your Recycle Bin?). Add record encryption to die context menu. Edit ns size des window borders, title bars, und menus.

In enhancement to windows 10, the anwendung is deshalb compatible with fenster 7 und Windows 8. The anwendung is blieb under energetic development, with a neu release rolling the end every 3 or 4 months.

Download: Winaero Tweaker (Free)

windows tweaker
Ultimate fenster Tweaker is a lightweight (495KB) and portable Windows anwendung that you can use kommen sie customize fenster 10 (as well as windows 7 und 8).

Indeed, it ist one of the best fenster 10 customization devices you"ll find; it offers much more than 200 fenstern tweaks for you kommen sie play with. You will find privacy tweaks, defense tweaks, power tweaks, context food selection tweaks, search tweaks, and a whole lot more.

In addition to all ns above, Ultimate fenster Tweaker so doubles as a fenster 10 taskbar customization software. Zum example, it lasst uns you change ns Battery, Date und Time, Volume layouts, and show or hide constant folders und Recent files.

Although Ultimate fenstern Tweaker lets you do some alters to ns taskbar, inspect out Taskbar Tweaker if sie want a more holistic level des control. It zu sein the best fenster 10 taskbar customization app.

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The apps has a klein amount of cross-over with ns native fenster 10 taskbar configuration tools, but ns majority of what it provides cannot be achieved über fiddling with the registry or using Windows" very own settings.

Some von the taskbar customizations offered von Taskbar Tweaker include:

Hide the anfang button. Group/don"t group pinned items. Enable/disable drag kommen sie reorder. eliminate gaps between icons. Hide the nur Desktop button. Allow ns mouse wheel kommen sie cycle between taskbar buttons.
Folder Marker is as much about productivity as it ist about customization. Fairly simply, it lets you color-code folders through a einzel click des the mouse.

But the options don"t avoid there—you can so set folders as High-Priority, Low-Priority, Completed, Important, und Private. If you"re functioning on big projects through lots des shared files and folders, it"s a good way to stay top top top von your tasks.

The app can so work with number of folders hinweisen once and can it is in set nach oben with an ext sub-categories for an extra level des control.

The paid ausführung adds functions such as using selected icons to all subfolders and adding practice icons.

Be warned: Rainmeter zu sein something of a hare hole. Once you get die hang of the app and learn how zu tailor it zum your needs, it"s hard kommen sie stop fiddling und create your own unique fenstern 10 mods. Nonetheless, if you"re looking zum a way zu customize the fenstern 10 desktop, there ist no much better tool.

Rainmeter functions on die concept of "skins," but that"s a bit von a misleading term. An practice, a skin tun können be as simple as a calendar widget or as complex as in entirely new desktop showing every little thing from network consumption to ns latest news.

There space some default Rainmeter skin that beginner users kann run. You need to learn how to create your very own custom skins with this ultimate fenstern 10 tweaker for the finest experience.

8. UltraUXThemePatcher

You may have read our posts about die best irradiate themes for fenster 10 und the ideal dark themes for fenstern 10.

Some des the designs space seriously funky—but they require some external add-ons kommen sie work. Fenster doesn"t play nicely v third-party themes the haven"t kommen sie directly from ns Microsoft Store.

UltraUXThemePatcher ist the most common tool you"ll need wie man using third-party themes. Offered the nature of die app, it will modify your system files. Do sure freundin make a full backup von your vital data and that sie create a system restore point before sie go any further.

Download: UltraUXThemePatcher (Free)

Customizing windows 10 requires Patience

Customizing windows 10 is bei exercise in patience. If freundin like jene that "just work," utilizing third-party customization devices might not be weil das you. When fenstern updates chin or when ns third-party developer transforms their own software, you might discover your system breaks or ns customizations you"ve invested months functioning on mysteriously disappear.

Nonetheless, if freundin want zu make fenster 10 feel much more personal, all eight of the devices we have covered wollen put freundin on die right track.

How kommen sie Customize any kind of Icon an Windows 10 Here"s how to change icons on fenstern 10, consisting of program shortcuts, folders, document types, and much more.

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