What happens wie a company that make its name with remarkable values tries kommen sie build a phone through every function imaginable?You get die impressive yet imperfect xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. This ist Xiaomi"s 2nd ultra-branded phone however the zuerst one the takes extremist to heart. From specs to entwurf to camera hardware, everything around this phone ist truly ultra... Except die battery life.

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SoC Snapdragon 888
Storage 256GB/512GB
Main Display 120Hz 6.81” 3200x1440 OLED
Secondary Display 60hz 1.1" 126x29 OLED
Battery 5,000mAh
Camera 50MP GN2 wide, 48MP ultra-wide, 48MP 5x optical telephoto. 20MP take self camera.
Software MIUI 12 based on android 11
Measurements 164.3 x 74.6 x 8.38mm, 234g
Price £1,199.00 / $1200 USD import

die GOOD

Display This ist the best, brightest, und smoothest display I"ve watched on any type of phone, ever.
Camera The hauptsächlich sensor ist capable von some impressive things, even with some software program bugs.
Design the ceramic and sheer heft of this phone feels amazing, also if it zu sein heavy.
Software MIUI continues to be one des the most herbal feeling android skins

the NOT dafür GOOD

Bluetooth audio the audio tuning defaults zu video which to add a monster echo whenever using Bluetooth audio products.
Camera HDR Sometimes die camera certain fails weist HDR and results in horrendous photos.
Battery zum 5,000 mAh, die battery life is weirdly bad. That barely lasts a day through moderate use.
Software again A future MIUI 12.5 update have to contain some important fixes, but it"s acquisition forever kommen sie roll out.
Design again This call ismassive with a camera module the sticks the end a mile.

Design, hardware, what"s an the box

The xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra"s design and material are much better than virtually any other android phone. That feels for sure fantastic kommen sie hold. Xiaomi kept die same grundlegend front entwurf of ns Xiaomi Mi 11, with a display screen that curves down on all sides, making it much more comfortable zu hold. The Mi 11 Ultra kann sein use all die help it tun können get in that department—it"s huge. The phone ist a little bit thicker than the Mi 11 und the zurück material ist ceramic instead von glass. Die ceramic panel ist uber-scratch-resistant und feels smooth there is no being auch slippery, but it boosts die weight compared kommen sie glass. It"s a lining 234g, 38g heavier than ns Mi 11.

Ceramic ist a much stronger zutat than glass, so you shouldn"t yes, really need kommen sie worry around the rückseitig being scratched or cracked. Ns display is ausblüten glass, yet does use the newest and most durable Gorilla Glass Victus, deswegen that should hold up well. The frame des the Mi 11 extremistin is aluminum, but i would schutz liked to see titanium or stainless steel provided here zu earn that ultra branding.

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There ist a substantial camera bump real estate three high-resolution sensors, plus a secondary 1.1-inch display. Die display is a nice addition but ich haven"t offered it more than two or three times in over a month since there"s not much you kann sein do through it. Ich understand die camera hump needs zu be beefy because von the massive camera sensors but it"s just too big with ns display as well. Although, that gives the phone a distinct look.

The screen is, quite literally, ns best I"ve seen on a smartphone. Ns 6.81-inch 120hz OLED display screen has a resolution des 3200x1440, und it has ns best colors und brightness you"ll get an a 2021 smartphone. There"s so a fast, specific optical fingerprint scanner underneath it. It has a 1,700 nit peak brightness, which zu sein 200 nits an ext than ns Galaxy S21 Ultra. It also has ns same 480hz touch sampling price as ns Mi 11 for class-leading responsiveness. The Mi 11 extremist is one of the only modern android phones that supports the HDR10+ standard bei addition kommen sie Dolby Vision. Regrettably Dolby Vision inhalt is still rare on Android.

Xiaomi did part incredible arbeiten with the audio as well. You get not one but two full-sized speakers in this phone. There"s one at the top and one at ns bottom like other phones, but instead of being in earpiece speaker that blasts tinny music, it"s a full-size speaker capable von passable audio reproduction. This provides music sound richer und more balanced, and videos are much more immersive. However, there are ausblüten some annoying audio bugs. For instance, die phone frequently defaults to ns video preset wie connecting zu a Bluetooth audio device. It renders music echoey and distorted, requiring you zu go zu settings und toggle the smart or Music mode. Yes, annoying but not a deal-breaker.

The consisted of 5,000 may battery zu sein on par for a flagship phone des this size. To charge it, xiaomi supports 67W in der nähe des charging und 67W schon fast wireless charging. Contained a 67W schon fast charger in the box along v a USB-C zu 3.5mm audio adapter und a cheap plastic case.

Software, performance, and battery

The Mi 11 ultra runs MIUI 12, which is based on android 11. MIUI 12.5 is still rolling out, and just rolled out to europäische union units, through a couple of UI tweaks and under the hood renovations . MIUI 12, bei my opinion, is ausblüten a an excellent experience weil das everyone. There could be a discovering curve if you"re neu to MIUI, though.

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MIUI 12 has cheerful, funny animations, particularly on ns home screen. When you remove an app, the anwendung explodes into bubbles und the haptics möchte vibrate kommen sie match it. Wie you drag in app, part von the icon trails behind with some entertain physics. Everything aussehen like it was well designed und belongs together. This animations space great and look prefer something integral to the OS. Even if sie like zu disable animations, you should keep these on.

Outside des the gimmicks, xiaomi thankfully uses stock google apps weil das almost everything. Die default phone is the google Phone app, texting app is android Messages, und the browser is Chrome. It almost feels prefer a Pixel experience, minus die Pixel attributes like contact Screen or now Playing, which stay a large selling point. The phone also came greatly bloat-free, with no third-party apps pre-installed. It was honestly refreshing.

When xiaomi does include its own different app, it has a an excellent reason. Weil das example, xiaomi has one des the many robust picture editors on Android. It has actually all ns classics favor exposure, brightness, contrast, etc, but also things like sky replacement and a substantial collection des filters zum almost any situation. It also has in eraser tool to remove specific jene or people from photos. The sky and eraser devices aren"t perfect über any means, yet really fun to mess roughly with for a lot of photos.

Performance on ns Mi 11 extremistin is an excellent thanks to ns Snapdragon 888. Die phone go heat hoch a bit much more than i would schutz liked under load, yet that"s par weil das the kurse with die Snapdragon 888.If die heat isn’t a problem, you kann run hefty apps und games on this device; it’ll tear with Genshin Impact, Fortnite, and anything else that strikes your fancy.

Battery life, on ns other hand, was not so great. I schutz only to be seeing around 3 hours of screen-on time through auto-brightness over the course of die day. I think this ist due to cell signal issues because this call isn"t meant zum the US. Luckily, the Mi 11 extremist supports 67W wired and wireless charging. Die 67W wired charging was lightning fast, filling up the phone bei under 45 minutes.

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The camera on ns Mi 11 ultra is one des the best und worst parts von this phone. The hauptsächlich sensor is the Samsung-made ISOCELL GN2 50MP sensor. It"s absolutely massive at 1/1.12-inches, scary close zu a complete 1-inch sensor. It collection ample light, resulting bei detailed photos in almost any kind of environment. Night photos are particularly impressive on die Mi 11 Ultra. Ns one concern isn"t with the hardware however instead ns HDR processing, which kann sein sometimes totally fail to merge bilderrahmen together. It"s so wanne I once had actually it layer die sky end a tree. This isn"t a constant issue, but it need to be addressed bei a pending MIUI 12.5 update.