Yahoo De Mail Deutschland

With more than 71 million active internet users, Germany ist one of the most mature und attractive markets weil das the internet service providers (ISPs) und telecoms of the world.

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Email is one von the many popular dienstleistungen companies offer bei this market. There space dozens of e-mails providers bei Germany, but what are the most popular email services there? According zu a inspection done von Statista, titled Leading 10 briefe providers in Germany in 2015, these space the email providers with the most users:


10. ICloud

Apple’s emails service zu sein used by 0.4% des users an Germany.


9. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail, one von the most popular service of die big american company, ranks in ninth place. It zu sein used von 1.19% von German internet users. Yahoo has been an the news recently since it is looking to sell its internet businesses, i beg your pardon include service such together Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! News!, and Yahoo! Mail.


8. 1&1

1&1 ist one des the world’s leading web hosting providers. It right now offers a wide range des web hosting products, including email solutions und high-end servers in 10 different countries. It is owned von United Internet, a German internet service provider.

2.68% des German individuals have an email account v 1&1.


7. Gmail

Gmail ist the most popular emails service in the world, with an ext than 1 billion energetic users monthly.

In Germany, 4.08% von those surveyed use Gmail.

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6. Freenet

The telecom und web inhalt provider Freenet AG uses a powerful emails service too. It is used von 4.37% of German internet users.


5. AOL

This American company, which was acquired von Verizon weil das $4.4 billion in 2015, has much more than 9 million monthly visits in Germany. It is used von 5.17% des users.


4. Outlook

Microsoft’s email service enjoys great health in Germany. That ranks in fourth und is used by 8.15% of the world surveyed.


3. T-Online

This German telecom company’s emails service zu sein used über 11.63% von German internet users. Email is certainly a an useful service zum the Bonn-based company, which is working hard to be “the top European telecommunications provider,” according kommen sie its CEO.



The internet portal, owned über 1&1, zu sein one des the many popular emails providers in Germany. In fact, emails is ns company’s most recognizable service, used über 26.44% des German email users.

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1. GMX

27.34% of people surveyed von Statista stated that their e-mails provider is has much more than 13 million users bei total and, like its rivals and T-online, pays special attention kommen sie its service’s security.

It’s key kommen sie highlight that die top three emails providers—,, und—are die companies that launched ns “Email Made an Germany” initiative, an initiative based on a set von measures zu increase customers’ account security.

According to deutsche Telekom und United Internet, “GMX, T-Online, and users automatically encrypt data over all transmission paths,” und the suppliers offer “peace von mind that säule is handled in compliance through German data privacy laws.”